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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


On Reaching Nirvana

Written by Anna Zubkova.

Edited and translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation
— Hiero Nani.

Bodhisattva* Avalokiteshvara introduced us to Himself two years ago. He promised that, when the time comes, — He will help to revive the true Buddhism on the Earth.

And now — He began to slightly open His ideas to us.

He led us to one of His favorite forest places, which we visited before. Here He is seen as the Solvent Transparency.

Avalokiteshvara briefly showed us His Appearance: the deepest Tenderness in His eyes, which were like dark agate… They involved into His Depths, plunge into the Infinite Primordial Calm… His smile, slightly touching His lips, shined from the Depths. It was — internal, not external…

Avalokiteshvara again dissolved the visible outline of Himself. Only the clear sense of His Presence, blessing Touch stayed… Care — soft, and hugging from all sides, but touching… a little bit, like a gentle breeze in the heat, the warmth of the morning sun, a smooth quiet flame of a campfire that burns already for a long time… And everywhere in His Depths — the total Transparent Peace of full Uniting into One with the Primordial Consciousness of the whole universe…

… When we had united with Him in His Transparency, He began to say:

“How it is simple to live, following the Path of inner peace and fulfilling only acts of Good!

“True Buddhism is to carry in oneself the purity, calm, and peace.

“The word shanti is much more comprehensive — in comparison with the words peace and tranquility. Including, shanti does not mean either idleness, or lethargy, or laziness or waste of time.

“Restructuring life to stay in the bliss of sattva — it is the work of the transformation of both ourselves and a world around. But this transformation is carried out not through the struggle against the world by the way of ‘I want’ — but through the changing in ourselves to the extent that many people around desire to stay in the same harmony. That is the non-violence.

“Conscious harmlessness (ahimsa*) and giving away of love, harmony, peace — it is important to begin the spiritual journey of the soul. And yet — we need the clarity of both goals and ideals, of thoughts and states of the soul.

“True Buddhism is the Path of justice and compassion, loving-kindness, silence and peace of the soul.

“Buddhism teaches to live without causing unnecessary anxiety to anyone in the universe, but in loving, gentle caress. And should one live so, the self-soul gradually learns to dissolve itself in the Real Life, that is, in the Infinity of God’s Existence, the Existence of the Creator of all ‘manifested’. As a result, one should disappear as an individual ‘I’ — in the great state of Mergence with the Divine Primordial Consciousness, feeling oneself as only Him. Then the feeling comes that there is nothing besides Him, Who lives in everything, including all the material bodies. And He receives into Himself all the worthy Consciousnesses at the end of Their long journey Home.

“This state of ‘burnt I’ is called Nirvana. Such the Ascetic becomes Part of the Primordial Consciousness and may manifest the Will of the One.

“Nirvana — wherein one is completely dissolved in God. This One has no other life, but the life of God!

“A Life of God is Love and Care for all beings: their development and perfecting.

“My Teachings of Bodhisattvas was exactly this.

“In preparation for the state of Bodhisattva, the ascetic acquires the ability to wait in patience and peace for that unique moment to act — to act when the time is revealed in the universe for this particular action. Patience — that is part of the great Wisdom of Bodhisattvas.

“I’ll talk on this Path in short parables.

“I hope that My Love, expressed in the moment in the style of laconic wisdom, will cover a large number of people who have the patience to read or hear My thoughts.

“Let My words, as a bell in clear air, help to awaken from sleep those souls who are ready for it!”

Parable of Patience

The Master was sitting motionless in a lotus position.

The disciples asked:

“How can You sit here and do nothing when so much troubles are on the Earth?!”

“I do not increase them, and this is already much…

“And, being in a state of Calm, I see those rare moments when My word or action may bear benefit and reduce suffering and distress.

“Then — I act.”

Parable of Small and Large

One day, a man reproached the Master:

“You could lead all humanity to Liberation, but You only teach people to love all beings and to do no harm. But this is — so little! That which You do — as a drop in the sea!”

“Yes, but the sea is made of drops! All great deeds start from small beginnings! To light a flame — it is necessary first to make a spark…

“The transformation of souls is similar: it starts with simple efforts. The Great Path to Nirvana becomes possible only after a small flame of love is kindled in the spiritual heart of the spiritual seeker!”

Parable of Doubts

Someone asked the Master, how to conquer doubt and uncertainty. The Master replied:

“All that one has, one can use for benefit — or for harm to oneself.

“If you do not believe in success, then you should not even embark on a journey! Why start the way, where at the end you visualize only defeat?

“You should also not start any deed, if you consider it meaningless. This is a waste of precious time of life in the body!

“But, if to not subject to critical analysis the correctness of your own steps on the selected road, — so it is possible to get lost, which then will oblige you to backtrack for a long time. In particular, if you do not think about what good or bad your deeds will bring to the world, you can cause a lot of troubles for others and for yourself!

“Indecision and fluctuations are inherent to a disturbed mind. Learn to immerse the mind in the heart peace! Only in the developed spiritual heart, you can feel the Truth! Only in it, Bodhisattvas show you the right choice!

“When you learn to keep your mind in the silence of the spiritual heart — then your own critical view will help you.

“Doubts then will turn to the ability to discern good and bad, right and wrong. This will help to avoid mistakes and strengthen a confidence on the Path of Love and Goodness!

“Only the heart love will allow you each time to make the right choice!”

Parable on the Help from the Master

Students and simply curious people every day came to the Master and listened to His instructions and explanations. Day after day, He not only told them the commandments of kindness, compassion, and the nature of the world order, but also taught them how to dive into inner silence, and how to master meditations.

But one day, the Master said:

“I have taught you everything that was supposed to be taught. Now everyone must continue to develop oneself!”

“Did You tell us everything You Yourself know? Do You have nothing more to teach us?” — some disappointed listeners asked, expecting that by only listening to speeches of the Master and being in His presence, — they are perfecting…

And many of these listeners went to seek other gurus… to listen and listen to the words of wisdom…

Only a few have stayed with the Master — for helping others: His new students-beginners.

And they, in so doing, discovered for themselves the further steps of the Path and received the help of the Master.

They — had succeeded!

However great were the skills of a Master, every student overcomes the Path oneself! No matter how great was the Teacher — it will not make disciples Enlightened!

The task of a Master consists only in specifying the Path and explaining how to walk it.

Parable on Conceit

One student said to the Master:

“I have finally overcome pride!”

“This is not so, my friend! If this happened, you would not tell Me about this! But you would prefer to remain in the happiness of existing in the Divine Fire of Nirvana — instead of boasting your successes!”

Parable on the Victories and Defeats

One man asked the Master, how to not be sad from failures and not proud of the victories over rivals.

Master said:

“When you master yourself — you will no longer have any failures or rivals!”

Parable on the Wisdom

One student argued all the time, discussing the statements of books with other students — instead of meditating.

Master gently chided him:

“Instead of opening your mouth once again, better open your mind — for wisdom, and the soul — for inner calm!

“In the excitement of thoughts, easily disappears clarity of understanding. But in calm of the mind — the truth becomes apparent!

“You will not gain wisdom through only books! You have to open the wisdom in yourself, becoming that soul, which has cognized the Primordial Consciousness! Only then the wisdom will be — and your own wisdom!

“Only then — the wisdom of the Attained will become your own wisdom!

“I would like everyone to be endowed with one’s own wisdom. But to give it away — no one can!

“But you can find it in yourself — through your own efforts!”

Parable on the Past, Present and Future

Students wanted to get from the Master predictions about the future. And they also asked to tell about their own past lives. He replied:

“Whoever in a continuous bustle is overly concerned about one’s future or worries about one’s past — this one is missing the present!

“But it would be right to learn to live in the true present, that is, in the true Divine Existence!

“Events come and go…

“Past borders with the future in every moment of now. Of such moments, life consists.

“Human life in its every moment, at every moment of now, — let it be filled with peace, love, tenderness, and beauty!

“It will make every new moment — even more beautiful and saturated with the true happiness!

“This is life on the crest of the carrying wave of the Ocean of Divine Consciousness! Or — the diving into the Depths of Its Infinity!

Parable on Rock and Avalanche

One Master with His disciples was in the mountains. One student pushed from the edge of the gorge a small stone by his foot — to see how it would fall to the bottom… Stone, colliding with other stones, caused a collapse. The roar sounded over a long distance.

Discouraged student guiltily looked up at the Master.

“Why have you broken the peace and quiet?”

“I did not want to do that… I’m sorry! I — just out of curiosity… I wanted to see how deep it is…”

“Well, let it be an example for all: even a small action, devoid of a quality of good and, at the same time, which disturbs, — can lead to large consequences:

“One small stone thrown into the abyss — could cause a collapse in the mountains.

“Little quarrel between two people — can escalate into hatred and make them enemies for life.

“Revenge of some people on others — can grow to enormous bloody wars between nations.

“Like an avalanche, the effects of any action can amplify. Therefore, never break in vain the calm, peace and harmony!

“You should never throw a stone without considering the consequences of such action!

“And all learn to not make big mistakes after you have seen — on the example of a small error — possible consequences!”

Parable on Molestation

A beginner-student of the Master had a bad quality: he always pointed out to all others their shortcomings. He lectured and reproached, not even noticing that he was not wanted to be heard! By his homilies, he caused irritation and resentment among the people on which he often poured his edifications. But he himself considered it as his advantage, thinking that this helps others…

The Master was waiting for an opportunity to help this student see his problem.

… Once an annoying fly buzzed and circled around this pupil, when he sorted out berries for jam. The fly sat on the hands covered with berry juice, on the face… He could not get rid of its annoying presence!

Master noticed how much it annoyed the student:

“You should be calm, my friend!”

“But what must I do?! I fell into a rage! I even want to kill it!…”

“Do not rush: through it, God is teaching you a lesson, explaining the urgency. It points you to a problem in yourself!”

“What problem?”

“You’ve heard the saying that when you point a finger at the defect of another — the remaining fingers at this time point to thyself!

“You yourself are — often quite out of place — reproaching others in their imperfections! Your comments are intrusive and not beneficial because they are made out of time! It’s always better, when you see the defect of another, to turn your critical look at your own similar faults! Transform yourself — and then other people will want to follow your example!”

… When the student understood the Master, a little bird deftly caught the fly. And harmonious birdsong filled the space…

Parable on Ability to Listen and Speak

Once a disciple asked the Master:

“How can I learn the art to converse properly?”

“Remember two simple rules:

‘To listen carefully — it means to show love to the other person!

‘To speak, taking care that you are understood, — this is a manifestation of concern for the interlocutor!”

Parable on How to Lose Weight

One fat man asked the Master:

“How do I cope with the constant desire to eat? I force myself to go hungry — but then again I understand that I think only about food… My thoughts are consumed by only desires associated with food! I’m so tired of fighting with my vice!…”

“This is very easy! Try only to turn your attention to the care of others!”

Parable on Sufferings of Mankind

One day the Master was asked:

“Why so much time has passed since then, as the Buddha Shakyamuni proclaimed to people the Teachings of Truth, of reaching Nirvana, of the state of the Buddha — yet the lives of people are still full of misery and sorrow?”

The Master answered:

“If you ask people, do they want to get rid of suffering, most will answer ‘yes’. But then we must ask them about why they do not fulfill His Teachings in their lives?…”

Parable on the Non-Action

One man thought that he mastered the non-action. For this, he tried to do nothing, believing that it is a high manifestation of spirituality…

One day he came to the Master and expected to hear praise to his perfecting.

But the Master said to him:

“Those, who are waiting for perfection to come by itself, without committing their own enormous efforts, — they are wrong!

“The non-action is not idleness!

“Meditation is namely work — the work of the soul, consciousness!

“You — not yet started even an ethical self-cleansing, but already expect to receive… the praise!

“The one, who is lazily lying and contemplating others going on the Path, is not equal to those who persistently go to their Goal!”

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