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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.



A human spiritual heart is the place where two worlds can meet: the material one and the Supreme one.

A human spiritual heart is the gateway to the Heart of God* — to the Creator.

The Universal Flame of Love can unite a human spiritual heart with the Heart of God!

God speaks with those who stay in the silence of the heart. Yet this silence does not only mean that one should stop talking idly. To learn not to talk idly is just the first lesson of silence, while the real silence is cognized in the space inside the developed spiritual heart filled with Love.

… When a soul is in confusion — it becomes obscure and heavy.

When peace reigns inside it — the clarity reigns there as well.

To obtain the clarity and peace of the soul, it is necessary to have pure intentions and thoughts, as well as peace of mind.

To master this peace, one should surrender the mind to the power of the spiritual heart.

The spiritual heart of a person should become subtle and vast like Heaven. Only then this person can become like the Creator and walk through the gate to His Home.

God always comes to the call of those who love Him. Call Him in this way:

“The Master of the world, my heart belongs to You!

“With Your Gifts of Bliss, You satiate and quench the thirst for You!

“You are the Tenderness of Love of the Father and Mother for those who know You in their hearts! On the contrary, those who do not know You remain orphans even if they have their parents…

“Your Name alone is like a gulp of water for the thirsty!

“Come into my heart, I am cleansing and expanding it for You!

“I breathe You in like the Blissful Air of Freedom!”

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