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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens

Essays on the Main/Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens

Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens

God has planned the “manifested” world in such a way that some animals are predators, and others are their potential victims.

Hunting for their victims, predators improve their qualities in the evolutionary aspect, among which, at the first place, is the intellect. Let us recall, for example, group hunting of packs of wolves, killer whales, and some other mammals.

Potential victims of predators also improve themselves, participating in ensuring their bodies and bodies of their cubs and friends.

Just like, many modern people either choose for themselves the role of predators — or they unwittingly become victims.

That, how God plans our destinies, is determined, first of all, by how we ourselves see our meaning of life and where we direct our attention in life. For example, many see the meaning of their lives in pursuit of earthly riches and a “social position”, or in pursuit of satisfying their greed, aggressiveness, sexuality. In others — on the contrary — dull passivity dominates…

… But people, who are sufficiently developed in the evolutionary sense, switch their attention from the sphere of interaction with other people on the principle of “predator-prey” — to God in the Aspect of the Creator. And after that, they acquire the fullness of the Protection from the Holy Spirits and actively grow — as souls — under God’s Guidance, obtaining the Divine qualities. In my opinion, only these people deserve the title Homo sapiens — people who are namely reasonable. Yet the rest — so far — just homos erectus — people upright.

… The meaning of life of both all the diverse beings, and of specifically each of us — consists in the evolutionary development, that is, at the end, after many successful incarnations in material bodies, having reached the Perfection, to flow into the Creator, enriching Him with ourselves.

It is for this reason that God has placed each of us in the world of matter, having embodied in the human bodies.

Two major stages of this development of each human soul can be distinguished: a) unconscious, that is, similar to the creatures of the animal level of development, and b) conscious, that is, when God has already become the Main Object in the worldview, the Main Goal for personal comprehension and the Main Personal Teacher. (It is also possible to bear in mind the intermediate, transitional stage. These are people with developed intelligence, but not yet have acquired the true religious knowledge, following in their lives the atheism or religious primitivism.)

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