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On Traffic Laws for Pedestrians

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On Traffic Laws for Pedestrians

In Russia, right-hand traffic for transport and pedestrians is the accepted norm.

But, according to quite reasonable “Rules of the road”, if a pedestrian is forced to move on foot along the road or along a street where there is no pedestrian sidewalk, then the pedestrian should go exactly on the left side in relation to the carriageway — that is, facing the approaching motor vehicle traveling along the right side of the road or street.

This is written in the publicly available “Rules of the road”, it was read by everyone who was preparing for the exams to obtain a driver’s license, this is over and over again repeated on television in connection with road traffic accidents involving pedestrians.

But it’s one thing — to read or listen.

And it is quite another — to understand, remember, accept for execution. But this requires at least a minimally developed intellect!

And it happens that, for example, on a narrow roadside of a highway with intensive traffic, two streams of pedestrians interfere with each other…

Those who go on the right side, with occiputs to the rushing cars, we’ll call conditionally “stupid”. And those, who move on the left side, are “reasonable”.

“The stupids”, it happens, internally boils from malice to “the reasonables”: “What a lack of culture! They do not know how to walk! They walk — not how we all walk!”

* * *

But this happens the same in the sphere of religious life…

… Psychologists subdivide all people into, including, leaders — and the guided.

But leaders are both clever — and stupid. And even — devils in the flesh…

How does one, who really wants to find for oneself a leader, make a choice?

I can offer only one advice: compare, what the leader says, with what God teaches us.

* * *

Someone may be interested in the question: “And how does the author of this essay behave in those narrow roadsides of the highways? Does he hate the ‘stupid’? Does he walk, pushing them aside?”

No. I do not know how to hate. And I walk, trying to give way to all.

That is, I try to live without conflicts.

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