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Spiritual Self-Realization — It Is Easy!

Essays on the Main/Spiritual Self-Realization — It Is Easy!

Spiritual Self-Realization — It Is Easy!

Yes, it’s easy, if one knows — how.

It is necessary to start with mastering sattva — that is, harmony, purity in one’s own worldview, in the way of life, in the state of the soul. For this, we must, among other things, learn how to merge ourselves-souls — with the harmony and purity of the surrounding space in the world of the Creation. Especially effective is to study it — in nature on the early spring mornings.

From the completeness of sattvicness, that is, from a sufficiently stable paradise state here on the Earth, — there is just one step to direct cognition of the Creator.

When we have already learned to be in unity with the original harmony of God’s Creation — we will be able to begin mastering the next large stage, which consists in the direct cognition of its Creator.

For this, one can do, including:

We will feel the world of sattva — as if it is resting on the palms of my (i.e., of each of the practitioners) love. I will caress and nurture with my love all the kind incarnate and non-incarnate beings!

And under the world of sattva — there is the Ocean of the Creator.

Sattva of the Creation is located as if on the surface of the Ocean of the Creator.*

We explore this Ocean, moving in Him with the help of our own hands of consciousness, consubstantial to the spiritual heart.

We also dive deep into the Ocean, trying to get into the most subtle of His Light-Fire. Thus we can cognize the extraterrestrial state of the Holy Spirit, Who once was entrusted with the creation of our planet and life on it. His name — according to His European Incarnation — Adler.

Gradually we learn to be His Light-Fire.

And then — being Him — we return to our bodies, we try to get rid of all that is not the Light-Fire of the Creator.

… You can find the details of mastering the above — in our books and films.

* * *

Let no one think that the author has already mastered all that has been said here.

I have mastered not all yet, but I know how to finish it. For a day or a month — it is not possible to do it.

If you manage to get to full Self-Realization prior to me — I’ll be sincerely happy for you!

I feel myself in the Oneness with the Universal Flow of the Evolution of Consciousness. And I do all my best for Its harmonious current.

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