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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Dogs — to Paradise, Man — to Hell…

Essays on the Main/Dogs — to Paradise, Man — to Hell…

Dogs — to Paradise, Man — to Hell…

Two nice young dogs run in the forest path towards me. As soon as they saw me — they immediately started to fawn.

When they ran up — I praised them for their friendliness. I told them kindly:

“What are your fine tails!”

… They — in response to kind words and love — have turned into an entire happy wagging!

I wanted to add even more happiness to them: to pat and hug.

… But suddenly — the menacing cry of a fat aunt walking behind them, whom I did not notice at the turn of the path:

“Stop that! Forward march!”

… The tails immediately had lowered, a brief episode of happiness was rudely concluded…

The owner — a clot of spite that was hard to be restrained and ready to spill out at any moment — passed by me, not greeting (although it is customary to do it at meetings with strangers in the forest) and without even looking up at me.

* * *

My readers already, I believe, understood what I wanted to say to them, describing this episode:

The mistress made herself a devil in the flesh. Its destiny is hell: the “rubbish heap” of the Evolutionary Process…

But the dogs, if they do not allow her to kill their love, will be the inhabitants of paradise: the layer of multidimensional space that adjoins the Creator. Most likely, they will soon be back on the Earth — in human bodies. And they will intensively develop in themselves the qualities that — in addition to love — will lead them to the Divine Perfection.

Good luck to you, dear friends!

* * *

Those, who undertake the upbringing of other people or animals, must understand that the main thing, by which we can help them, is the development of love in them. This quality will lead them to paradise and will indicate the path of further correct evolutionary development.

But the development of evil qualities ensures hell.

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