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Conversation with Native American Chieftain Hugh

Essays on the Main/Conversation with Native American Chieftain Hugh

Conversation with Native American Chieftain Hugh

Hugh is now the incarnate Divine Teacher, the leader of the Native American tribe residing on a reservation in the United States.

Similarly to, including, incarnated in India Babaji from Haidakhan and Sathya Sai Baba, He demonstrates the ability to communicate easily — intangible and at any distance — with His incarnate disciples, being Himself now embodied.

… Once we were invited to visit the working site of the now-Divine Disciple of Jesus Christ — Martha, Who once invited into Her house and fed Jesus and His companions.

Martha greeted us with the deep joyous and blissful silence inside Her Mahadouble.

From this silence, Hugh showed Himself.

He reminded us how, together with Surya, He once gave us one of the most important meditations, about which He will mention later.

And now, He asks to convey to incarnate people His Appeal:

“The tradition of mastering the inner silence is not an invention of Christianity. This tradition already existed much earlier. One of the examples you know is the Chinese Tao-Te-Ching. Pythagoras also taught this stage of spiritual growth. This was, too, one of the most important training points for the students of the ancient Atlanteans, as well as in the spiritual schools in the territory of ancient Russia. And this was the basis of the Native American spiritual culture in North America.

“Glad, all We are glad — that our Native American spiritual tradition was close to you! I mean that true religiosity is most successfully realized precisely in pristine natural purity — so close to its Creator!

“It is in it — so dear for you silence is most successfully cognized. It is within it the worlds of the Holy Spirits and the Creator become apparent!

“I will pay attention to the fact that the silence must be mastered in both tonal and nagual.* Between the tonal and the nagual, there is an inclined plane that separates them; Surya once compared for you this plane with a very large deckchair.

“This silence (hesychia) is achieved only by working with the spiritual heart. Both the tonal and the nagual let be covered by the spiritual heart developed to a huge size; the spiritual heart has to possess immaterial hands emanating from it and consubstantial to it.

“Only with this ‘starting position’ of being a developed spiritual heart, inside which is the silence, — one can move deeper into the multidimensional Absolute, including cognition the Creator.

“Everyone can trace in oneself that, which prevents the attainment of this silence. It can be the aspiration to fame, to material enrichment, self-admiration and other egocentric tendencies, including such vile soul qualities as aggression, violence, the desire to deceive and humiliate others, to profit from robbery.

“And there are those qualities that take away one’s personal power. Then — the spiritual heart, which should be developed by everyone in breadth and depth, is even more wrinkled… These are qualities such as fear, anxiety, ‘compassion’ for oneself. Everyone must keep track of the slightest signs of these qualities of the soul and immediately suppress them.

“When you understand the whole Path quite clearly, then there are grounds to feel yourself in the state of anticipation of the Victory!”

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