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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

A Little Bit about the Passed Path

Essays on the Main/A Little Bit about the Passed Path

A Little Bit about the Passed Path

Once, now a long time ago, I made the right decision for myself: I should not pray to God for “salvation”, but actively transform myself in accordance with His Teachings.

God “had taken” this decision — and became for me the very real Main Teacher. In particular, seeing my sincerity, He gradually began to reveal His Essence to me. In the end, it allowed me — with His Blessings — to present the knowledge, received from Him, to people inhabiting the Earth.

It was the knowledge, first of all, about His structure, Evolution, about the role of us — people and all beings inhabiting the world of matter — in His Life. Also — on the methodology of people’s spiritual development; including intellectual, ethical and meditative aspects of development.

All this has been told in many of our books, films, and other materials by the scientist-biologist and colleagues — in an accessible for readers form. It was the description of both what needs to be understood by the words God, Trinity, and why the Creator needed to create His Creation, and the principles of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, and the differences between people, and how a person can grow up in foreseeable time from the state of “ordinary man” — to the Divinity.

The main attention should be paid to the ethical component of development on the spiritual Path: God needs in us, above all, the ethical purity; otherwise He puts on the way of seekers for the cognition of Himself — insurmountable obstacles.

Such my study under God lasted for decades. (Now my age in this body has already exceeded 70). In particular, God tested me in loyalty to Him — through allowing hostility towards me from primitives who had found for themselves comfortable conditions for satisfying their criminal vicious passions in the state structure. There were both slander and threats of reprisal, and attempts at murder, and the murder, and much more, about which it would be possible to publish a whole book. But I do not intend to do this: both because I do not want to upset the reasonable and decent members of that organization, and I have other tasks, another mission.

One of the erroneous outcomes of such a test might be for me the opportunity to get involved in the fight against that abomination — and get bogged down in the battle against them, having lost the Main Goal of my life — God.

God — through the Teachings of Jesus Christ — advised us not to take revenge, not to enter into conflicts, but to devote wholly our lives to the practical aspiration to the Perfection and helping others on this Path: “Seek the Kingdom of God, and everything (the rest) will be added to you” (Luke 12:31).

And I did not get involved in confrontation — but directed all my energies to further cognition of our Creator and to serve Him through spiritual help to other people.

Now this knowledge has been translated by enthusiasts into many languages. And it’s nice to realize that we have managed to help very-very many people to avoid such fatal mistakes as drug addiction, suicide, crime, “stumbling” in sectarian stupidity and psychopathology, motion to hell because of elementary spiritual ignorance…

On the contrary, so many people, when they study our works, successfully advance towards the spiritual Perfection!

* * *

How can I help you now, my readers, precisely those of you who are not familiar with our other books, but only with this collection?

On the intellectual and ethical components of development — I advise you to read in detail in our books, as well as watch and listen to the films.

But I will tell you more about the esoteric component of development.

How much people fantasize about it?!

Many people are sure that on the spiritual Path, on which Jesus offered us to become Perfect, as God is Perfect (Matt 5:48), it is enough only to “put candles” in the temples and report to pastors their committed sins — so that these sins are “absolved”…

But God taught through Jesus: “The Kingdom of God is preached, and everyone by (personal) efforts enters It” (Luke 16:16)…

Others, in order to “go to paradise”, are trying to kill as many “infidels” as possible, although God offers us to learn not to kill, not to hate, but to forgive, love, help…

God is disgusted with rudeness, cruelty in people! Hell becomes the future of just such!

“God is Love” (1 John 4:8, 4:16). That is why those who develop in themselves not love, but opposite qualities, including, above all, gross emotional states, — turn out to be “in the darkness of outside” (Matt 8:12), that is, in hell.

Some devote their “spiritual efforts” to the “contriving” of ever new “chakras”, fantastic techniques of “lifting Kundalini”, “cleaning the energy of the body” by jumping over campfires, waiting for an “instant enlightenment” due to practice of “permissiveness” in emotions and behavior…

… But what does it mean “to become Perfect like God”?

It means:

— to cleanse yourself, first of all, from all ethical shortcomings,

— to understand the Essence of God, to find one’s own place in the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness,

— to strive to become as big as possible: because He is the universal in size Consciousness,

— to become extremely refined soul-consciousnesses: because He — in the Aspect of the Creator — is just like that.

The subtlety of consciousness leads a person to paradise and then to the Abode of the Creator. But accustoming oneself to emotional rudeness programs into hell. And no prayer can change this situation: its changing through prayer is not foreseen by God.

Life on the Earth is given to man, for him or her, having attained the Perfection, to merge into the Creator and become the Holy Spirit. In other words — to become the Oneness with the United We, Who, in the whole endless history of the Existence of God, becoming Perfect, have merged into the Creator.

But it is only possible to merge — in the emotions of tender mutual love. For this, it is necessary, in particular, to be already able — being apt to learn this during life in the body — to love emotionally, to fall in love, to weave in one with hands of love, to unite with souls consisting of developed spiritual hearts.

And there is an opportunity to learn this, only by loving the worthy incarnate ones, embracing with them, merging souls.

Therefore, it must be recognized as the main direction of spiritual perfecting — the work with the spiritual heart, which is adequate for both adults and children.

“God is Love!” — and in order to get close to Him, we, too, need to become more and more perfect love!

And this can be achieved only through the development of oneself as the spiritual heart: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God!” (Matt 5:8).

It is in the depths of the developed spiritual heart — man finds the Creator: “The Kingdom of God is within you!” (Luke 17:21).

This was and is taught by the Messenger of the Creator — Jesus. Also now, all the Holy Spirits teach this. But people massively ignore these Teachings of God, substituting true spiritual efforts — by pseudo-religious surrogates…

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