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How the Earth Was Created

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How the Earth Was Created

“42. Once One came out from Tao; after a time, He had invited two Others; and those Two invited Three more. And all They then engaged in the creation on the planet of various forms of life.”— so in the Tao Te Ching, Lao-Tse told about the exodus from Tao of several Holy Spirits (Te), Which were to create and then supervise the evolution of incarnate souls on our planet.

The name of the first of Them is Adler (according to the last of His European Incarnations). This name He uses now — in communication with worthy disciples of God. In translation from German, this name means Eagle. Adler’s story about Himself is published, including, in the book titled “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”.

At first, Adler once created — by compacting Part of Himself and involving the cosmic protomatter resources — the Core of the soon-to-be planet.

In this Core, He initiated reactions of thermonuclear fusion, similar to those that take place in the Sun, in other stars and in the cores of other “living” planets.

The processes of thermonuclear fusion in the Core gradually led to the formation of all elements of the periodic table.

At first, the Core roughly coincided with the size of the modern Earth. But — as the process of synthesizing elements gradually decreased and the temperature decreased accordingly — it diminished. This led to the formation of the crust and mantle of the planet.

The modern Core of the Earth now warms the planet for us from within, and the Sun — from outside.

The Core of the Earth is seen for a successful spiritual ascetics — as a quiet, gentle and not scorching (for righteous persons) Divine Fire. This is one of Adler’s Fire Manifestations.

Other mightiest Holy Spirits helped Adler in the creation of conditions on the surface of the Earth for the existence and evolution of organic bodies, which were necessary for the development of souls in them.

And then They assisted the spiritual growth of successfully developing souls.

Then those People, Who had reached the Perfection already on the Earth, also joined in providing spiritual help to incarnate beings and gradually formed around the Core of the Earth another — also appearing Fiery — Lump of a much larger size — in comparison with both the modern Core and the whole planet. This is the United We of Holy Spirits, actively participating in the process of the Evolution of Consciousness on the planet. It is like the Fireball that dwells within the corresponding layer of multidimensionality (eon, loka), and usually extends beyond the planet and its atmosphere from all sides.

Hermes-Trismegistus in His “Emerald Tablet” advised spiritual ascetics to seek this Divine Light-Fire both above and below the planet. Cognizing It in this way, one can then fill with oneself the whole Ball.

This Ball was shown to us and we were taught to fill it by Isida and Master M. So it appeared among us the term: “Isi — M Ball” (Isi is a gentle derivative of Isida, so She introduced Herself to us in the first conversation. The name of M is pronounced as [em].)

… And the outer layer of multidimensionality in cosmic lump under the name the Earth is represented by what people call matter.

* * *

The human evolutionary task is to go through the outlined path — in the opposite direction: that is, to its Source.

And as the driving force in this process, can be only love developed in the earthly life: the love for God as the United We of all Holy Spirits.

The development of this love begins from love for the concrete components of the Creation: in order to be then turned — having been already developed — to the Creator.

The conditions for the successful development of the emotions of love are the establishment of benevolence towards all beings, also the victory over one’s own egocentrism, and the growth of oneself as the spiritual heart, tenderness, caring, and affection in relationships with concrete kind beings.

It is in the developed spiritual heart that emotions of tender love are born, it is in it we find the calm which is necessary for the cognition of God.

The Holy Spirits respond very vividly to our love for Them. They can be seen hugging, dissolving in Their Divine Love Their incarnate disciples!

And let us learn to love Them — the same way!

Love — connects.

But the fear of God, inspired in different bad sects, — separates, detaches!

The firmament of standard prayers, in which adherents of such sects are assured of their hopeless sinfulness and imminent repayment for it, is the way in the opposite direction from God!

And those who preach fear of the terrible “God-Fright” are the enemies of true God! And they themselves are guaranteed to become the inhabitants of that hell, by which they intimidated others!

Yes, hell really does exist. But not God sends people there! People themselves settle in hell, accustoming themselves — when living in material bodies — to hellish emotional states!

… But those who love God — those, having cleansed their ethics, in particular, having learned to love the Creation and never hate anyone, also not despise, not wish evil for anyone and not cause it to any of the kind creatures, — let those seek and find at first concrete Holy Spirits as the Focuses of their love, then — Their United We in the “Isi — M Ball”, then Adler in the Core of the planet, and then — even deeper — His Extra-Planetary Component. And — from here — there is only one step to the Calm of Tao (Abode of the Creator), where you can rest — to then once more strive for the Supreme Welfare of other worthy people!

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