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Is There Life on Other Planets?

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Is There Life on Other Planets?

Yes, of course, it is both on planets (and other cosmic bodies), and inside them, and around.

The only question is: what we mean by life.

Most people put into this word the meaning that there is (or is not) just material organic forms of life.

But non-incarnate souls of different quality and God in His various Manifestations are also forms of life.

But for people, who do not have sufficient spiritual experience, intangible forms of life are invisible. That’s why such people are afraid of non-embodied forms of life, endowing them with awesome qualities of ghosts and poltergeist performers. And God is also thought by many as a punishing sinners Fright…

* * *

We all really live in a multidimensional space. But other dimensions are not visible for ordinary vision.

Although those people, who have developed themselves as consciousnesses, are able (even during the lifetime of their material bodies) to enter into those dimensions, to see, hear, touch, and participate in the events occurring there.

But such people — in percentage terms — are not many.

How can the rest — understand this by the mind, imagine?

We discussed this in different angles in our books. But I’ll try once more.

… Let’s imagine our planet in the form of a ball. It — from the point of view of multidimensionality — is multi-layered. External layer is the denser dimension: the world of matter. And, the deeper to the center of the Earth the spatial dimensions are more subtle. All of them are nested one into another — inside the ball. In the very depths of the planet is almost the most subtle state of the energy of the Absolute. And the deepest layer — on the scale of multidimensionality — is the extra-planetary state of the Absolute, from Which the creation of the Earth was begun.

Once again: inside the ball there are non-material layers of multidimensionality, and, the more subtle is the energy that exists in each layer, the deeper this layer is located on the scale of multidimensionality.

And the deepest layer is the Primordial Consciousness of the Creator and the Holy Spirits, emanating from Him.

This energy Layer of the Living Divine Consciousness is omnipresent: it evenly exists in multidimensional Depths in the whole universe. And also — inside the body of each of us.

This situation takes place, including, in every planet. That is why we can rightly say that the Divine Life is inherent in each of the planets.

And are there really incarnate forms of life on those planets? This is a completely different topic, less important than what we are now discussing.

Why? But on the basis of what has been said, it is entirely possible for everyone to build a plan for direct cognition of the Creator! It is necessary just to learn — under the guidance of the Holy Spirits — to dive into that multidimensional Depth. How? With the help of methods of modern developed Hesychasm. That is, through the mastering of the depths within one’s own spiritual heart with the parallel subtling of consciousness.

A lot of details can be found in our books and films.

Passing and mastering by developed consciousness the path from the world of matter to the Primordial Consciousness is the Straight Path of the spiritual ascent.

At its end, the spiritual seeker flows into the Creator, becoming His integral Part. And already from there, He or She helps in the development other embodied beings.

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