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My Treasure

Essays on the Main/My Treasure

My Treasure

The Holy Spirit named Kayr suggested me to set out for the readers the following thought:

For someone, their treasure is money, real estate, cars, lands, other people, including spouses, etc.

But for a true monk or nun his or her Treasure is God.

Such one — as a result of committed appropriate spiritual efforts — seeks to embrace one’s beloved God — and dissolves in Him!

* * *

This thought coincides with Jesus’ words: “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Luke 12:34).

And it should not be understood allegorically, but literally: one should seek to place oneself — as a developed spiritual heart — in the Primordial Consciousness, Which has become for one the Highest Treasure.

Such aspiration aims at finding and mastering the ways of rapprochement with the Primordial Consciousness in the quality of oneself-soul, also in the cognition of Him and Mergence — in the end — with Him.

But in order to realize what has been said, one must have knowledge of what God is, where and how to seek Him.

You can get acquainted with exhaustive information about this in our books.

* * *

Yes, it is very important for a spiritual seeker to have enough information about his or her Goal on the spiritual Path. This Goal is God in the Aspect of the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao, Ishvara, Jehovah, Rod, Svarog — these are the different names in different languages of One God).

If one does not have this Goal — he or she is doomed to wander in the existing confusion of various pseudo-religious concepts, sometimes very dangerous and even obviously harmful. I mentioned many such examples in my books.

An alternative to God as a true Goal — is one’s egocentrism.

For example, my familiar physician argued that everyone is a “closed system”, and therefore it is necessary to perfect oneself only within one’s own body…

He died in this “closed system” of brain cancer…

On the basis of such a worldview, miserable mystics try to isolate themselves in every way — from the influence of any non-embodied and embodied beings…

Here it is — one hundred percent self-centeredness, which opposes God-Centrism!

And for God — such pupils, clearly, are useless! He needs us, who do not know how to hate, get irritated, be afraid, — but who know how to love, that is, to give their love!

What else, in addition to self-isolation, do esoterics-egocentrics seek? This is — first of all — “personal power”. It means, mainly, the ability to dominate psycho-energetically other people, to subordinate them to oneself, to “conquer” in any conflict situations. And practice shows that, the rougher the energy of such a soul, the more “success” such a person-devil can achieve in a spiritless society.

So people doom themselves to hell.

* * *

It’s so easy to understand: the roughness of the soul (which is expressed in the predominance of namely gross emotions) is the path to hell, whereas the subtle tenderness, affection, willingness to give but not to draw to oneself — are paradise properties, leading to paradise and revealing the road to the Abode of the Creator.

This is what God taught and teaches through Jesus Christ, those Messiahs, Who incarnated before and after Him, and through all the Holy Spirits.

The truth is to “turn from evil” (Rom 12:9) — and open up oneself to God! Only in this case, it is possible to cognize Him and merge with Him!

This is achieved through the development in oneself of the ability to love!

Learn to sincerely love everything beautiful in the Creation and then all the Creation as a whole, master through this the ability to emotionally love — and then you will be able to learn to love the Creator, Who will allow you to get close to Him, to cognize Him and merge with Him!

* * *

But there are among people those who wish to live not in accordance with the Teachings of God, but in their own vicious opinion, cultivating crude “personal power” in themselves…

There are variants for teaching such a diabolical “science”… One can imagine an image where the creatures of hell scream: “Come to us to learn, we will save you!”.

… There cannot be people with advanced intelligence among the creatures of hell. And those who are called stupid — they can behave very aggressively. These are called aggressive primitives.

For example, one of them, a fascist leader and maniac-murderer several years ago proclaimed the “truth” that the word God (in Russian — Бог) means “There will be only One Head” (in Russian — “Будет Одна Голова”)… One can brightly imagine a happy idiot, fully wreathed in bliss because of possession of this “higher knowledge”…

But such idiots in reality are around a lot…

Another example. The physician and companion of the just mentioned aggressive primitive, has grown himself into a powerful embodied devil. And he was not ashamed to publish his photo on the Internet: a disgusting piercing and enslaving look, capable of plunging into hell any weak soul…

… A lot of people in our country mix the notions of spirituality and power. They become admirers of that “personal power”, which devil-people possess. They consider such power… an indication of spirituality! And they strive to receive from such “devils in the flesh” “blessings”, go to them as pupils, paying money for their own complete fatal failure…

… The strength of the soul on the spiritual Path is needed. But it must be strength in subtlety — a subtlety of consciousness! It — in practice — is approximately proportional to the size of a concrete soul.

… The just mentioned physician for many years conducted courses, teaching mystical fear and means of “repelling attacks of dark beings”. For this, it was necessary to become even stronger in hatred — in relation to those “beings”…

Such “courses” should inevitably lead to the development of psychopathology among followers — in the type of schizophrenia. But he justified by the words that the cause of those mental disorders was in his victims… were under the influence of Antonov, who “opened” their “protective shells”… He put a lot of effort into damaging the activity I was doing under the guidance of God.

I note that for all those monsters, God was not the Supreme Reality, but only a “way to speak”. They did not suspect that they were committing their crimes in the Sight of God and accordingly built their fates for the future. God was not accepted by them in their world outlook.

… Another member of that company, who called himself a healer and at the same time practiced surrounding his body with “angry” creatures of hell, has become a pathogenic pseudo-healer: only talking with him was enough to become sick…

He was stabbed to death in the bath of his own apartment — probably by either a victim of his “healing”, or by someone from her relatives or friends.

All these and other members of that “esoteric gang” fought against me for decades: they slandered publicly, condemned me for preaching the Teachings of God! Murder of me and the subsequent attempts of reprisal — it was all the actions of the same gang.

I will not continue to talk about their other crimes. And I will not name the organization for which they “worked”. There is no point in teasing aggressive primitives, it’s better not to look at them at all — and continue to do your own deed, entrusted by God!

And I did not answer and do not answer with hatred — to their hatred and dirty deeds! On the contrary, I am grateful to them: they were — like one of the Hands of God, with Which He drove me, forced me to perceive every day of the life in the body on the Earth as, perhaps, the last one. And, after all, as a result, I managed to do a lot for people and God!

* * *

Yes, non-embodied and embodied beings of hell do exist. And God sometimes uses them to create “troubles” for those incarnate people who do not heed His Instructions. Meaning? — to make those people stop on their way and think about how to prevent their undesirable fateful actions.

What should we do or not do, so that small and large “troubles” in our lives do not happen?

There can be two general solutions.

The first — false — striving to acquire such strong devilish qualities so as to become more powerful than all creatures of hell!

But this means “submergence” into hell…

Another solution is to turn away from evil and cling to Goodness (Rom 12:9). And the Highest Goodness is our Creator!

On this subject, the Apostle Philip spoke fine in His Gospel (we published it as a separate booklet, then in the books “God Speaks” and “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”): striving — by the quality of the soul — to God. And then you, as the soul, will become invulnerable — in relation to the creatures of hell!

The essence of this phenomenon becomes quite understandable if we include in our worldview the true knowledge of the multidimensionality of space and the structure of the Absolute (see in our books).

And then — the Holy Spirits become quite concrete Standards of Divinity, to Which we should strive!

* * *

God does exist! And there is an opportunity to cognize — what He is!

And if so, then it means that it is appropriate to study what He wants from us — and fulfill His Will!

His main desire for each man is his or her practiced aspiration to the spiritual Perfection!

Let’s remember that Jesus Christ taught us to become perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect (Matt 5:48)!

And “only love can… cognize Me in My innermost Essence and merge with Me!” (Bhagavad Gita 11:54; see in “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”).

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