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Once again about Karma

Essays on the Main/Once again about Karma

Once again about Karma

This essay is about how karma is formed and realized, as well as how one can live with pure karma, how one can not be afraid of threats from the beings of hell, but be the direct disciple of God and serve Him.

* * *

Once I had taken for myself such a vital principle:

“Try to do no harm to anyone, not even to grieve. On the contrary, following the example of Jesus Christ, to strive to help all in all good, even to the detriment of oneself.”

So I lived many last decades of this life on the Earth. And God constantly showed me the further Way into Himself and has let me into Himself.

* * *

Probably, almost all people of the “Western” mentality heard the word “karma”, but only few people went into the understanding of the mechanism of its formation and realization.

In general, the “law of karma” can be formulated, including, as a reward for the good — by good; and for evil — by evil. The destiny (karma) of each of us is controlled by Holy Spirits, but sometimes They shift the realization of concrete events to spirits not Holy, even of hell.

Atheists and primitive believers do not understand that we cannot hide anything from God. If someone is sure that he or she has managed to hide their crimes from people, this does not mean that those crimes will remain without an adequate response from God.

God is interested in people to become perfect, including, first of all, ethically. That is why He manifests His Love in relation to everyone — namely by different methods (sometimes — very painful), trying to wean from ethically inadequate actions.

In particular, it also happens so: people and animals, offended in one or another way, when they, having been disembodied, easily find their offenders! And those who have been offended can start revenge (not all are adherents and executors of the Teachings of God, offering us not to take revenge; see “The Teachings of Jesus Christ” about our meaning of life and how to realize it).

The vengeful spirits have many opportunities to “spoil life” of incarnate offenders. For example, it is possible to prevent successes, foster failures, “spoil the mood” from day to day, cause illnesses, including mental diseases, as well — cancer, settling in a human body.

This relates, among other things, to the topic of killing animals for the sake of eating their bodies.

Stupid “clairvoyants” will in such cases seek and blame someone who allegedly “has imposed a generic curse”… Although the patient oneself was guilty. And he or she must seek and find the fault in oneself. And — sincerely repent! That is, to repent so that such sinful deeds become impossible in all subsequent life!

Clearing the soul of the very ability to sin is the only task of repentance!

If we simply heal someone without analyzing the causes of suffering and, even more, if we look for guilt in someone else, — then from such “help” often there is only harm.

* * *

It’s possible to observe also the opposite. I mean the protection of the righteous people from troubles, carried out by the Holy Spirits.

It is necessary, for it to be clear to readers, to mention how the dossier was formed on me. It was composed — mostly or completely — of lies.

For example, it says that I have not worked anywhere for many years. Although I could easily prove the opposite on the basis of the entries in my “workbook”.

Or — that I conducted “group sex” classes. But this in my life was never, even in my thoughts. This diametrically contradicts my convictions!

On this, I digress a little from the main theme of the essay: for us together to laugh.

Some decades ago, I conducted classes on cleaning chakras and “opening” the spiritual hearts.

At those courses, including, two adult daughters of one of the professors of the university participated.

One day, the eldest of them calls me on the phone and anxiously asks for an urgent meeting.

We have met. She explained:

— How it’s so? — you, it turns out, are conducting also “group sex” classes, my sister told me about it, she herself took part! But I did not miss a single lesson from you! How did it happen that I did not know anything about this?!”

I had to console her:

“I’ve heard from you about this kind of classes for the first time. I’ve never been in them either!”

… In the city where I live, a few years ago there were 12 of my full namesakes, including the patronymic. One of those men had become a banker. He, possibly, has committed some kind of delinquency. In the messages on the radio, it sounded that the police arrested him in Latvia, then in England.

Of course, we had different passport data, also he was half my age, was fond of, unlike me,… football.

But the information about his possible bad actions was served as the basis for accusing… me of “money laundering”…

… I saw my dossier once in the prosecutor’s office. Although I did not read it. It looked very voluminous! How much dirt was fabricated on me in it! How else to explain the hatred to me, which several times “spilled out” of it?! There — including, was that I even had been treated for alcoholism, was kept in the “psychiatric hospital”, also that I am a leader in the activities of different sects…

* * *

Members of the gang, which I mentioned in other publications, planned to rob my apartment — for collecting discrediting evidence on me.

Specific performers were given the address: the house is so-and-so, the apartment is so-so, on the first floor immediately to the right.

But “immediately to the right” were two apartments. In the dark at night, the robbers were mistaken — and “have cleaned” the neighbors’ apartment when the tenants were not at home. The robbers took everything from the apartment, including the furniture.

I saw then, returning home, how from that apartment they took out and loaded furniture into the truck. But I did not attach importance to this fact: what is so special about it if the neighbors move? It does not at all concern me…

Of course, the criminals “were not found”.

I’ve got to know about the fact that the robbery was committed only after about six months.

In the stolen — the criminals did not find any traces of Antonov. And then — about a month after the crime — a stream of emails with only one theme came to me: “For God’s sake, tell me, is Antonov alive? If so, how to contact him?”.

I did not answer such emails.

… Then the bandits decided to at least partially “correct the mistake” by arranging a fire — under the “right” apartment. And I saw the preparation for this crime: one of the members of the gang, consisting of only the hatred, photographed my apartment windows, protected with outer iron-barred, and windows of the cellar under it (he followed the surveillance of me and until recently — insolently, openly, to scare!)

Having broken a cellar window at night, they threw a fiery mixture into it. The fire had begun, which, according to the plan of the criminals, was supposed to spread, as is usually the case, up the house.

But… again, “it did not work out”! Someone managed to call the firemen — and the fire was extinguished in time.

… Then they decided, finally, to kill me. They caught in the yard at night — and… again wrong: they killed not me, but a guy from our front, also wearing a beard…

The criminal case on the fact of murder was not created, despite the insistence of the mother of the deceased…

… Sometimes I was asked:

“Why did not you complain to the police?”

“But those honest police officers, who would take up the investigation, would be killed!”

… I was ready to take only on myself the responsibility for my serving God. “To hide behind” others — nothing shall induce me! My mentality was, on the contrary, to fight for others, and not hide behind anyone. So hide — criminals. But I’m not a criminal. Criminals — they are! And I — with a clear conscience — rely on God, serving Him!

… It could take a long time to talk about the crimes of that gang.

For example — to mention a balloon with nerve gas, caught in the hand of the murderer who once killed me (I told about this in the book “How God Can be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied God”). Such balloons are not sold in stores, but they are in service of employees of one of the organizations.

Or — about emails with threats to “cremate alive” me and cripple all my colleagues… The last — also once was attempted. But… again it did not work!

Even the threat of murder is a criminal offense. But… there are those to whom… “everything is allowed”…

The eavesdropping, intrusive surveillance, lasting not years but for decades, not only in the city, but sometimes in the forest, when collecting mushrooms, and on the country seashore… I could laugh a long time with you about some of their methods, but this… is prohibited by law…

And they feel themselves… the makers of the destinies of concrete people and history! And — with impunity! What a wonderful occasion it is for the development of vanity! How primitive, stupid — those “makers” were…

We already spoke about the illusion of “impunity”. Those criminal will also find out about this later. But, unfortunately, too late…

* * *

I, as a scientist, have managed not only to study God and tell people about Him, about the Way of cognition of Him, about the importance of our lives on the Earth. But I grounded the inadmissibility of using drugs, told about how to live without diseases and heal both oneself and others. I also explained the perniciousness of the concepts of sects, called destructive (destructing psyches of adepts). Also, I repeatedly expressed in the press a negative attitude towards nationalism and nazism (fascism). Including — with regards a modern sect, born in a Muslim environment, where it is claimed that the paradise is comprehended through… killing “infidels”.

I am sure that no reasonable person will deny the high importance of such activity.

And those who fight against me — they, it turns out, secretly support all this filth, isn’t it?

* * *

This question of readers is pertinent: what kind of people are they who are capable of hating so much one who lives in accordance with the ethical principle indicated at the beginning of this essay?

This is a very important topic.

Why did some people hate Jesus Christ, Who tried to teach them the Law of God about spiritual perfecting, in which the main essence is love?

Why did those, who only called themselves Christians, but were ardent enemies of God, torment and kill during the following centuries other people, including true Christians, disciples of God?

Why, in general, even outside of the connection with religion, people are divided into those, who like to taunt others, enjoy by their pain, beating, torturing, to intimidate, to kill, — and, on the other hand, those, who aspire to exist in love-harmony, love-tenderness, love-caring for others, even risking themselves?

Has the answer already become obvious? Or not?

So, people are divided into those who aspire to hell — or to paradise.

Yes, there are non-embodied and embodied souls — both paradisiacal and hellish.

And God cares, first of all, about the paradisiacal souls.

* * *

To fight against crime, there are special state structures: the police, the prosecutor’s department, etc. What concerns precisely me, I do not have any sense of taking revenge on human abominations for the committed crimes: all those people will necessarily get from God what they deserve!

And different tasks are in front of me.

As for my attitude towards them, it is calm. I’m not distracted by them, but continue to do the work that God assigned me.

Am I afraid that they will kill me for this essay? No. I lived already enough in this body: already over 70. And to die by the body, it can be said, I already “have got used to”. For me, it will be simple: I will forever merge with Him — and continue my service without interference from the world of matter.

However — it’s not for me to decide this, but for Him!

… I hope that this essay will help some number of people to choose their way to paradise and then to the Abode of the Creator!

The rest are guilty themselves…

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