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About Satanic Destructive Sects

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About Satanic Destructive Sects

Destructive religious associations (sects) are those that contribute to the disorder of the physical and mental health of their adherents. These can be, for example, those sects where they preach mystical fear, mutilate bodies and “torture the flesh” on “religious motives”, use special methods that destroy the intellectual function, use drugs, prohibit children from receiving elementary school education, etc.

One of the signs of destructiveness is that, against the backdrop of suggested fear of an almost imminent hell, the demand is “to pray and only to pray”… Whereas a reasonable decision is precisely a meticulous study of the Teachings of God and its fulfillment — both in everyday life in the world of matter, and in direct relationship with Him. (This can be found in detail in almost all of the books published by us).

* * *

A special group among destructive sects are those in which the devilization of adepts is preached and implanted, that is, the coarsening of souls through training to stay in rough emotional states. Such trends lead to a guaranteed continuation of the lives of the victims of such sects — in hell. And yet — that is, even while living in material bodies — the most powerful of them are called devils in flesh.

I emphasize that this is catastrophic not only for the victims of such tendencies, but also contradicts God’s Plan for us, people.

* * *

The reason for the existence of any sect can be seen in the religious-philosophical ignorance of the masses of people. God has already tried many times to bring to humankind the Truth about what He wants to see in us (“Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”), but people, headed by self-seeking and aggressive fools, very soon distorted this Knowledge — sometimes right up to the opposite (“Spiritual Heart — Religion of Unity”).

I heard such motivation for the adherence to satanism: “God is far away. And the devil is close. Therefore, I will serve the devil.”. What is behind these words? The desire to “lean” on at least some force — anyway, on what — for the sake of one’s own defense…

But God does not “live” on some earthly mountain or on another planet, but in a multidimensional depth, including inside the body of each of us! He is the universal in size Ocean of Primordial Consciousness! And to find, to cognize Him — it is very simple! This is achieved through spiritual work on oneself, consisting in the ethical purification of oneself and the development of the spiritual heart. And it is in the multidimensional depth within the developed spiritual heart, we cognize God in His different Aspects and Manifestations — and can even join Him forever!

For the study and practical application of this knowledge, we developed and described in books the new branch of namely modern science, called the methodology of spiritual perfection. It represents — in the historical perspective — the modern developed Hesychasm.

* * *

All people are prone to make mistakes. And, including, by mistakes we learn not to be mistaken in the future!

But the reasons for errors can be different.

It is possible to be mistaken in lack of knowledge when we for the first time find ourselves in new for us situations. In such cases it will be necessary to repent, apologize and repair the damage, if possible, — and never again repeat such actions.

But mistakes can be self-serving. For example — for the sake of appropriating someone else’s, for the sake of glorifying oneself before other people, for the sake of satisfying one’s own egocentric desires that leads to the sufferings of the victims.

The mercenary of the committed acts is an important sign that such actions are not just errors, but crimes.

* * *

In the sphere of religion, there are many such mistakes-crimes. And they may be grotesque!

Before concretizing, let us touch upon the question: why did God send us to incarnate on the Earth? (More in detail — in our other books).

He sent us to the Earth so that we could develop and improve ourselves.

But such perfecting cannot occur quickly, in short durations of time: its speed depends, first of all, on the usually slow dynamics of the development of the intellectual function of each embodied soul. And without a properly developed intellect, a person is not able to understand even the essence of the ethical precepts offered to us by God. And even more so — for such people it is still too early to learn the deep levels of meditative work on themselves: they will get lost!

Let’s look at some examples:

— The “clairvoyant” of one of the sects announced that it had flown from the planet Venus and drowned in the swamp near their settlement a certain cylinder with a message for the inhabitants of the Earth. We must find it, because it has an extraordinary value for the restoration of spirituality on our planet.

In which of the venereal languages is written that message and how to read it — she did not specify.

But the most important thing here is that the members of that sect do not care about the fact that God really exists in absolute nearness to each of us! He is inside the body of each of us — and tries to draw our attention to Himself! But no! On the contrary, it is necessary, according to the opinion of those spirits-jokers who “lead” that “clairvoyant”, to try to divert the attention of the members of the sect from God!

— Members of the same sect are carried away by the “revival” of our planet by burning in some “acupuncture points” of the Earth the ritual campfires. They are very proud of being the “saviors” of the Earth and humanity on it — by their selfless labor…

… I do not have a diploma as a psychiatrist, therefore I do not consider myself entitled to publish a psychiatric diagnosis to these and other sicks, which we will talk about… Let the readers think it through on their own.

— In the memory of modern Russians, there are still grotesque predictions about the forthcoming transition of our planet to the “fourth dimension”, when all the worthy will be “elevated” to that “dimension”, and the unworthy will suffer a sad fate. Those who drank urine (it was then in fashion — as a method of spiritual work — and was called “urinotherapy”) were enjoying themselves with dreams about the “fourth dimension”.

Of course, no “transition” happened… The real mastering of spatial dimensions is completely different: it may be received not by idle and unclear chatter, but through quite real spiritual efforts that we have already discussed.

Think about the diagnosis also in this case…

— As for the destructive intellectual function of “urinotherapy”, I expressed my opinion in the book “How God Can Be Cognized. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied God” and in other books. The weak-minded of people, carried away by “urinotherapy”, destroyed the remnants of the ability to adequately think …

— People become addicted to drugs by two main reasons: due to a lack of understanding of the meaning of their lives and by “religious” motives, namely — because of the desire to “fly out” of the body and travel in “other dimensions”. But such drugs cause destruction of both physical health and consciousness.

I remember one of the sects where the “guru” and his students drank vodka during classes — to try, stupefied, to keep, however, a sense of self…

But one of the truths in the spiritual science is that the perfecting of the soul must be accomplished with a completely clear consciousness. Even the bodily eyes should not be closed during almost all meditative trainings: otherwise the genuine work on the improvement of consciousness is replaced by “head” images and there are only illusions of progress!

— In some religious traditions, it is customary to “sacrifice to God” parts of the genitals of both sexes. Boys and men cut off for this purpose the foreskin, and the clitorises are cut out for the girls. Such an absurd tradition exists, including in many African countries, but not only. This is especially harmful to the female half of humanity. For so many women, the clitoris is the main erogenous zone; without affecting it, such women are not able to experience orgasm. Sexual relationships can turn for them into lifelong torment… Here is the brightest example of destructiveness in the sectarianism!

— There is one convincing, but malicious technique that I have seen in various sects trying to work at the level of Raja Yoga. To do this, all participants stand in a circle and join hands. All must enter the concentration of consciousness in this or that particular chakra — and move together in a circle of energy into one and then to other side. Due to this, the presence of these energies becomes quite convincing, proven for each as fact.

But this should not be done categorically! The fact is that the levels of students’ advancement in any sufficiently large group can radically differ. Some make extra efforts to improve themselves, they have already cleared their chakras and are ready to move on. But others — are lazy or can be sick sometimes with very dangerous diseases. And also there are those who come to classes not for the sake of self-improvement, but only to see: what they are doing here?

With the application of this exercise, the energies of chakras of all participants are mixed up to some intermediate level. And this can cast the most successful participants far back in their development. And also diseases can be transmitted, especially those of them which have a bioenergetical basis.

— There is a very dangerous delusion based on the misinterpretation of some of Krishna’s words in the Bhagavad-Gita. Krishna advised to pay special attention to cleansing the chakra ajna with Atmic Energy. The problem is that this chakra is often the most rude — in comparison with the rest of the chakras of a person. This is particularly unfavorable when ajna functions in conjunction with the chakra manipura, which also tends to produce gross emotional states that approach to hell. Therefore, it should be given special attention to the purification and refinement of the energy of ajna.

But an inadequate understanding of Krishna’s words sometimes leads to the fact that this chakra is exalted to the “title” of the main chakra of a body. And its front window was even called tricutta — the “third eye”…

But the name “the third eye” is appropriate to use for the “windows” of the chakra anahata, from which we really must learn to look — both into the world of matter, and into the world of the Creator and the Holy Spirits.

Concentration in the ajna chakra leads to the energy rudeness of a person, his or her sight becomes “prickly”, hard, unpleasant for others. And the victim of this mistake can start using such own qualities as the means of “pressure” on other people, subordinating them to oneself… Here is one of the options of devilizing oneself!

— There is a tendency to admonish the adepts of sects of their hopeless sinfulness, which plunges into chronic depressive states that are not at all conducive to approaching the paradise.

If we know of our sins, we must only seriously consider them and repent. And — never again to repeat those mistakes!

The task of repentance is not praying God for forgiveness for all the life, but learning not to sin!

— For sectarianism, it is peculiar to pay the main attention not to the desire to cognize God against the background of love for Him, and not to study His Will towards us — but to condemn other people for their alleged “immorality”. This can be expressed in irritated thoughts and words — that they do not dress the way we do, they do not perform prayer movements like us… And, in general, they are not of the right nationality!… And even their sex is not like mine!

The sectarianism is characterized by, including, the hatred for those women who are forced to get an abortion, although it is not usually their fault, but the fault of really immoral egocentric men who are to be blamed…

Another sign of the ugly thinking of sectarians is intolerance towards sicks with violations of sexual orientation… (More in my book “Sexology”).

… Let’s try to look at all such situations from the position of God, rather than a personal sinful malice.

What does God need from us?

He needs us to improve ourselves in the intellectual direction of development, cultivate in ourselves the emotions of love-giving, love-caring, work on mastering the subtle soul power.

God is interested in us not directing to hell (the “dump of the Evolution”) in our incarnate lives, but developing ourselves in the direction of acquiring the likeness to Him in the qualities just listed.

Rough in their quality emotions of condemnation, anger — this is what pulls us to hell.

That’s why God teaches us to love — not to condemn, not to hate!

We should understand that for Him there is no difference in what clothes on our bodies we love the constituent parts of His Creation and Him — the Creator!

And He also does not condemn the sicks with a disorder of sexual orientation: it’s He Himself Who embodied those people in the bodies where the manifestation of these disorders was known to Him — according to the karma of those souls.

Let’s try to review different human mistakes — from the Creator’s point of view: what He, but not people, consider good or evil, what can be attributed to not very gross mistakes, but what — to the sectarian destructiveness and even, more so, to satanism submerging in hell.

* * *

In conclusion, I will give a vivid example of the satanic sect, which here, in Russia, for decades waged war against me. (I have already touched on this situation in a number of my books, beginning with “How God Cognizes. Autobiography of a Scientist Who Studied God”).

In this sect, which found shelter and protection in one of the state organizations, representatives of several satanic directions have united.

One of those people was a complete adherent of the worldview of Adolph Hitler, including efforts to increase his evil diabolical personal power.

He published his own nazi literature, created a fascist political party…

He could even during hours in a very convincing (for the fools) form scream sets of meaningless phrases, which always ended in one conclusion: it needs to save Russia from the Jews and the Americans who support them!

Because I repeatedly objected in my books against the nazi ideology, I also have become his personal enemy. In this, he showed himself as a maniac-killer: he threatened through phone-calls and the Internet with massacre, many times tried to entice me for a meeting under different fraudulent pretexts — to kill. Also — in every possible way, he tried to defile my name, inventing different stories about me, managed with my email address and on my behalf to send out massively virus-infected emails…

There were also other black magicians in that sect, who attracted the creatures of hell and surrounded by those beings their bodies — for the sake of “protecting” them… This was called among them the “Buddhist practices”, although it had nothing with true Buddhism. (False information on such methods could be obtained from the book of J.E.Blofeld “The Tantric Mysticism of Tibet”. (“Dutton”, N.Y., 1970)).

But the essence of true Buddhism, as well as the Teachings of Krishna, is the same kind of love that Jesus Christ later preached to people. (See “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present” and our other books).

Among that group of Satanists, there was a physician by education. He, besides said, also actively developed the devil’s energy power in himself by means of radiating it from the ajna chakra. He conducted mass classes, preaching mystical fear, and indulged in hypnosis, immersing students in coma-like states. And those pupils… then looked for the salvation at him — as a physician! — trying to protect themselves from the mystical threats…

Also — he lectured on the evolution of consciousness… I, of course, did not listen to them and did not read them. But I can assume that under the evolution of the consciousness he understood the replenishment of hell…

All these and other members of that satanic sect have filled their lives with the gambling hunt for me and harming me and my service. The same they, apparently, arranged for other people who were chosen by them as hunting game.

… So those who rejected God and His Teachings, who chose the path of hatred and harm to others, mutilate their destinies and rush into the “outer darkness”, as Jesus said (Matt 8:12)…

… But God is so close: He is right inside our bodies!…

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