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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Thoth-the-Atlantean Guide to Help Marching to the Light

Gold Tablets of Atlanteans/Thoth-the-Atlantean Guide to Help Marching to the Light

Guide to Help Marching
to the Light

I — Thoth-the-Atlantean — am ready to become a Guide for all who aspire to the Divine Light!

I am ready to help both those who only begin the Path, and those who already have approached the highest achievements!

Take My Guidance — and I will be with you at every hour day or night!

* * *

There is a Silence that prevails everywhere. You can learn — even in the noise of the external material world — to come into this space of Silence.

Calm the mind! Bring up the habit of living in such peace of mind, when is actually perceived the space of the Transparent Silence, in which it is possible to perceive God.

I am One of the Representatives of the Divine United We. I can effectively help you, if My Guidance is accepted by you in your inner Silence.

This Silence is mastered in the developed spiritual heart.

* * *

Both outside of you and inside — God is always present. It is He Who gives both to the “manifested” world and to every creature — the ability and the power to be, to live!

Embodied soul is initially a detached individual bundle of consciousness, which is intended to develop in the material world.

It has free will in order, in particular, to admit or not admit God into its “small world”.

To accomplish this, it is necessary to remove the “blinkers” of the individual mind and understand, take in your life that God — really exists!

Then you need to open the gates of the spiritual heart — and then there is the prospect to feel the presence of God as the Reality.

Only “disclosure” and the further development of the spiritual heart allows you to cognize what love is!

Only the soul that has become love, can fully cognize God, Who is Love!

* * *

If love in the soul grows and becomes stronger, the person may develop true wisdom and power. Because they are the wisdom and the power of exclusively love!

And then it takes time to gain experience in life with God — to come to the knowledge that the person and God can become One.

To do this, the soul must evolve up to the Divinity!

* * *

Get used to taking responsibility for your decisions — before God!

Acquire a habit to seek and do the best that is possible in each of the existing situations! Then sadness and indecision will leave you forever, and the ability to understand the Divine Will, as well as the force required to withstand the pressure of adverse circumstances, — will increase many times!

When thou have established in the true knowledge of My Will, then you will have nothing and no one to frighten you! You will forget then, that there is pride and fear, you will not be afraid of any shame before the unreasonable crowd or death of your material shell!

Everything that comes to you from the outside — the actions and words of others, success or failure, and other problems and circumstances — are My tools by which I, the most accurately and timely, work on your improvement!

You — with your acceptance, understanding, humility, and love — can cooperate with Me in this work of your self-transformation.

Your choice might be as follows:

— To upset — or to remain in a steady and gentle radiantly-transparent state of consciousness.

— To accept the challenge of difficulties — or to surrender.

— To forget about God in everyday bustle — or to seek to preserve and multiply the interactions with God.

— To find the wisdom of the “golden mean” in your actions — or to “break forehead” against insurmountable obstacles that would be better to get around.

— To wait with patience the moment to carry out the actions and do them together with Me in an accurately aligned moment — or being ahead of or late so that it does necessitate to repeat such training situations in your destiny.

Such solutions — more or less significant — you take all the time.

And you can always learn to look at the events — as God does it.

So — using the full awareness of your studies from Me — one is gradually approaching the Unity of you and Me: man and God.

So is acquired the Greatest Happiness!

It may become your achievement!

On the Path to that, you will gradually less and less depend on the circumstances and increasingly become Me — the One Who creates everything and controls everything!

* * *

To learn to live in the Divine Light, a person needs cleansing.

It is incredibly difficult to feel God having sick or polluted (in the terms of energy) body!

Cleansing and healing the soul and the flesh can be started as follows:

— To take the true ethical principles suggested by God, and fulfill them in life.

— To exclude from the soul all bad emotions and thoughts.

— To eliminate from the nutrition food of flesh of dead animals.

— To learn to live in the spiritual heart.

* * *

To start working with the energies of Light — it is easy!

Every morning, you can perform a simple cleansing exercise:

The flow of light, similar to fine white-golden light of the Sun, washes your body inside and outside. Let this flow of light be strong and steady. Let it flow into and through the body, as if there are no barriers of the flesh.

As the development of this exercise, you will increasingly feel yourself as this flowing light.

Then you need to realize the movement of you-consciousness. Let it be a giving away of love from the spiritual heart to all sides.

God always includes Himself in these movements of love!

You can open the spiritual heart wide from the chest like a window — and let the light from it pour stronger and stronger to all the living!

The brighter your emotions of love, the more you will feel God’s Help!

Next — feel that the soul has its hands. And learn to operate with these hands of the spiritual heart.

Let the light stream through the body’s hands merged with the hands of the spiritual heart.

So you gradually learn to act with hands connected with the Hands of God consisting of the Divine Light.

Your freedom from bodily matter due to this will increase.

* * *

Then you will be able to accept God’s Guidance in all areas of your life.

The key to the Unity with the Creator — to give Love together with Him!

You start to learn it from the giving of love away from the bodily spiritual heart.

But then — there is an opportunity to learn more: to carry out the same from the Living Source of the Divine Fire-Love on the universal scale!

* * *

Every soul, radiating love, merges at this moment with God, at first — for a short time. But such co-operation with God may become permanent.

So, constantly striving and working so hard, you can set the connectedness, coalescence of the spiritual heart with Divine Consciousness.

So, with time, you will find the center of yourself in Depths: in the Divine Center, called the “Great Sun”.

* * *

There are worlds of sorrow for the souls which have turned away from the Light… So, have the intention not to enter them and turn away from vices! Because the vices of the soul are “anchors”, which bind the soul in tight worlds and do not let to the Light.

Learn to notice that bad thoughts and emotions immerse you into dark and rough universal energies.

But the joy of giving away good states to all around — allow you to live in the states, referred to as paradise!

Typically, the majority of embodied people very freely fluctuate like pendulum between these states. Such people call these states of theirs as happiness — and suffering, grief.

But you can also cognize the Greatest Happiness — Heavenly Bliss in the Great Light — in the Unity with God!

* * *

Anyone, who does not aspire to Knowledge, — will not find it.

Anyone, who does not aspire to the Light, — lives by instincts and mundane worldly desires.

One, who seeks the Light and persistently makes the necessary efforts on self-transformation, — surely will find the Light!

What attracts souls to the creation of evil, to lie, to laziness, violence, and anger? Think about it and remove it all in yourself!

“But how?” — someone can ask.

To understand how to learn to manage your own states, know:

There are energy centers in a body, called chakras. They are seven.

They allow you to regulate the emotions of the soul and life energies in the body.

For a start, bring these structures into harmony. Fill each chakra as a bowl — with the Heavenly Light, pouring from above. Wash in these bowls all the organs of the body that are located on the appropriate for every chakra region.

Then feel the Fountain of Light from the Depths and let that Flow rise up from the bottom through the body, connecting the chakras into a single system. This will allow for the light healing energies to more efficiently fill your body.

Next — set your mind in harmony with the creative thoughts of the Messengers of Divine We, Who are always ready to help you. Attune your thinking with Their Thinking!

Connect your power and will with the Calm of the Divine Power. And then We will be able to work together to produce and direct any kind of complex intention — to its implementation!

With the growth of your wisdom and strength, the action of the Divine Force through you — through the body and soul — will increase.

You can combine love, thinking and the will of the soul — with Love, Wisdom, and Power of God. The body of such Divine Man will be the tool for realization of the Plans of God.

So God-Realization can be achieved and be manifested in all strata of universal space!

One who has completely cleansed oneself-soul from darkness and has been born in the Light — becomes the Brother or Sister to Me.

* * *

Your goals should be clean, oh man!

And your thoughts must be clean!

Then it will be easy — to see the Lords of the universe, because Their Abode is not far!

Open, oh man, the door of your spiritual heart!

And do not close this door ever!

Expand the space of the spiritual heart, the space of love, — up to the cognition that Love is the state of God, of the Infinite and Eternal Creative Universal Power! Consolidate in the Mergence with Him!

Then you will be able to combine the Light of Heaven, Which is above the Earth, with the Light of Heaven, Which is lower than the planet. And then you will cognize the Creative Divine Fire!

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