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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Ten: Jesus

Chapter Ten:

Alexey has surprisingly changed for the better from the beginning of the training time — even externally. The body was filled with pure power, radiance, and a beauty of the transformed soul!

One day, Rada turned to him with the words:

“Aleksey, you said you wanted to see Jesus yourself. Here — Jesus has come! He wants to talk to you!”

… The Divine Light, elusive for the ordinary senses, began to approach, grow. Doubts could not be! Everything in Alexey trembled with happiness! He knew that what was happening was true! That was the Greatest Love and the deepest Divine Calm!

Alexey almost did not breathe, afraid to move and lose this Miracle!

Everything external seemed to disappear, as if it did not exist. Even he ceased to feel the presence of Rada.

Light, like the most gentle sunlight, filled all the space around.

Alexey had seen the radiant Appearance of Jesus.

Jesus was, although composed of Light, but — real, alive!

Alexey wanted to kneel, but he could not move his body.

So he stood, and Jesus went to him.

Jesus stretched out His Hands… He touched Alexey’s chest with the Palm of His Hand, then put both Hands on his head. The body of Alexey was filled with the Divine Light of Jesus. Like a jug, immersed in a lake, is filling with water — and the body: it became as if hollow, and the Love and Tenderness of Jesus flowed into it, filling it.

Jesus embraced Alexey, and then, opening the Embrace, stepped back a couple of steps. But the feeling that he is hugged continued to be. It was because he was embraced by the Light and Love of Jesus from all sides.

Alexey had heard the voice of Jesus:

“My son, you now perceive Me! I’m glad to see you as you are now! You’ve learned a lot and grown up — as a soul! You have become purer, both body and soul, and you have got rid of a heap of false dogmas and patterns that have been inculcated in you since childhood. They so hindered you! It will now be easier for Me to help you by teaching you!

“I was always with you. But now, finally, you can see and hear Me clearly.

“I bless the beginning of your new stage of training and Service to Me and the Heavenly Father!

“I will always come to you for this, when you call upon Me.”

… The visible Image of Jesus began to dissolve — and disappeared in the Light.

The Light remained and filled Alexey with ineffable Bliss!

Alexey still stood motionless. He was not ashamed of the tears of happiness that came from his eyes. His highest dream had become true! He had seen and heard Jesus! Jesus touched him with the Divine Hands! And the sensation of all this, the memory of this — had been imprinted in the soul forever!

Consequently, a personal direct communication with Jesus is the quite achievable Reality!

Alexey finally turned to Rada:

“How can I thank you?!”

… She was smiling happily:

“For me, the best reward is that you do it!

“To live and communicate directly in the world of the Divine Light with Those Who live and work there — I mean Divine Souls — this can soon become for you a natural skill and happiness in life!”

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