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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Five: The Earth

Chapter Five:
The Earth

One day, Rada told Alexey:

“Now I must show you the Earth!”

“What does it mean ‘to show the Earth’? Explain!…”

Rada has laughed:

“But not these pieces of soil that we are accustomed to feel under our feet and call ‘earth’ — but the Mother-the-Earth!… I must show you the beauty and greatness of this our Earth!

“My father taught me this when I was a girl. It is very important not only to understand this with the mind, but to see with the soul!

“Get ready! We will have to climb a little higher in the mountains — and live there.”

… It was a special trip!

They walked lightly. Rada easily provided their need for food. And it was delicious, nutritious, and always plenty! She deftly, like a little boy, could climb a cedar and pick up cones full of nuts. Or she collected plants with edible leaves or roots. And also — mushrooms, which as if ‘ran out to meet her’!…

“How do you find all this? You as if are not looking for it, but you know where everything has grown!”

“Of course, I know a little: in which place what grows better. But, more than that, God knows: what is better for us today for a meal. So I’m collecting these His little gifts!”

… Rada smiled tenderly and continued:

“But more important are His Higher Spiritual Gifts: what He reveals before us today!”

* * *

By many approaches, gradually expanding the horizons of Alexey, Rada explained and showed him the new levels of cognition, new layers of knowledge about the universe, in which they were walking as bodies and living as souls.

They gradually walked up in the mountains, stopping at the places, which were chosen by Rada as particularly convenient for the perception of Alexey of what she told.

They again and again admired the beauty of the majestic scopes that were opening before them. And every time Alexey was filled with the feeling that his love for all this beauty and for the greatness of nature — becomes even more extensive!

… That morning, they got up before dawn and were walking in a light predawn fog. The forest around had passed — and they came to a gentle ledge, which, like an island, rose over the white sea of fog.

The fog covered everything below — like a fluffy white blanket. Only some of the tops of the trees came out of it — like little islands…

And then… — the sun began to rise, coloring everything in golden-pink shades! Marvelous was the beauty of the Divine Creation!

“Try to feel and then fill with yourself-soul all the space which is seen by the eyes!

“And further — that which is not visible for the eyes!

“It is important now to see with the vision of the soul how large our Earth is, although only a small part of its surface is opened before the sight of the body!

“Look: the immensity of these spaces — is now filled with our love: the love of us-souls!

“And a loving soul can easily cross the boundaries of the material world — and sail into the expanse of the Divine Light!

“Now — with a loving spiritual heart — cognize that our Earth-the-Mother is alive! Every person is its son or daughter. And not only people, but all beings, living on its surface, are the children of both Mother-the-Earth and God-the-Father! They — gave us the opportunity to be born and to develop here: in this wonderful and beautiful created world!

“And we are connected with the Earth in much the same way as, for example, trees.

“But trees feel this always, because their roots do not let them forget about it.

“People also have their ‘roots’. But these ‘roots’, which connect us with the Earth, can be seen only by the soul, not by the bodily eyes.

“And a person can learn to feel both them, and also — the Heart of the Earth, which consists, of course, of the subtlest Divine Fire!

“So, we are connected to the Earth!

“At present, only very few people understand how tightly we, here living, are connected to our Earth-the-Mother itself — the living, feeling, great Soul!

“It only seems that every person exists by oneself… No: people influence on the Earth — and the Earth responds accordingly.

“Before — very many peoples worshiped Mother-the-Earth. Perhaps, that worship was naive… But its essence was true: it is love-gratitude to the Earth!

“And now — the same is very important to realize for you!”

… The rising sun warmed the air, the fog gradually dissipated, the dew evaporated.

They had breakfast, and then Rada suggested:

“Lie down here now! Here the place is very good! Here it is easy to feel that we are lying on the surface of the Earth only by bodies, and these our bodies are only tiny particles of the whole Creation… And — the love of the Mother-the-Earth is in the Depths!”

… Alexey lay down — and easily sank into that Light. It was so amazing: to be in the Sea of Light, Which was under their bodies and seemed to have no borders! And it was easy to merge with this Light!

Rada continued:

“Moreover: the Earth has, as it were, its own spiritual heart. This heart consists of the Divine Fire! It is in the center.

“You can connect with this Heart of the Earth! You can immerse yourself in that Shining Love of the Heart of the Earth by the ‘root’ that leaves the spiritual heart inside the body — into the Depths!

“This is a special center, the Fire Core of the Earth!

“It is through this Center, including, one can easily penetrate into the Sea of Divine Fire of our Creator — far away in the Earth.

“And then — to ascend into the world of human bodies, being in Unity with this Divine Fire.

“This is exactly what our Divine Teachers do. They can manifest Themselves to people, living on the Earth, for example, in the form of not high shining Appearances, Which appear to be visible for the worshipers… And They can also be much larger — as if huge Mountains of the Light rise over above the Earth.

“Feel that the human soul, filled with love for God, is like a little temple. But the Earth is the great temple. And the Unwitting Fire in the Heart of the Earth-the-Mother burns in the altar of this temple!

“The Heart of the Earth belongs to everyone who has cognized it…

“Feel the Heart of the Earth — as your own heart!

“So the Love of God for everything in the Creation — gradually becomes also your Love!”

… Rada for a long time let Alexey experience all this.

When everything personal, the “individual” disappeared in this Dissolution, she continued:

“And now try to rise — from those Depths — by the Fiery Love of God!”

… Alexey had realized that he was now allowed — from the boundlessness of the Creator’s Love — to bring the Light and Love into the world of Creation, like the Ray from the Great Sun.

A huge shining Appearance with Alexey’s Face and Hands, caressing all the living, has risen to the sky. At the same time, His continuity with the Great Source of the Light-Fire was preserved. This was Its Ray, Which never breaks.

This Source is the Creator!

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