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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Six: Freedom from the body

Chapter Six:
Freedom from the body

When Rada and Alexey were already returning, one more significant event had happened.

They walked along the river bank, as only along the riverbed was a slightly noticeable path.

Alexey asked:

“Why cannot I remain in that Oneness with God, which a few hours ago seemed unshakable, forever achieved?”

“Do not be upset, it’s natural! The soul is gradually overcoming its path to Divinity! For you — it turns out very fast, you do not realize at all, how quickly it is!”

… Suddenly, around the turn, three strangers appeared.

These three men, it seemed, were frightened that they were noticed, and this set them very aggressive.

Alexey thought that encountering these people does not bode well. For a few seconds, he tensed internally, searching for a way how he could protect Rada in the event of an attack of these people.

But Rada, on the contrary, seemed to start filling the space with a soft, gentle, dense calm.

She took Alexey by the hand. Her calm filled Alexey with confidence that everything would end in peace.

Rada bowed to strangers with an earthly bow.

Alexey followed suit.

She continued to envelop the space with caress and calm.

She said a greeting:

“Peace to you, good people! Health to you and the light way!”

… Strangers stopped in hesitation.

“And to you, then — peace too! We are miners, lost a little,” — one of them answered for the three.

Alexey examined these people more attentively. They looked like runaway convicts: unwashed, in tattered clothes, with traces of beatings. Said on their part was clearly not true…

But Rada listened calmly and benevolently to those words. Then she drew a map by the twig on the sand: how the river flows, where the paths and the roads are, where the outposts — everything had been told in detail. She also told how they should have landmarks, if they want to keep a quiet way.

“If you go here, three more days to go — the hunting lodge will be. People, who are there, always leave a small supply of food and clothing. And further to the north — places untrodden and wild.

“Maybe you’ll meet there the ores…”

… Then she tore off the leaves of the meadowsweet and gave it to the one who listened most confidently and spoke:

“These leaves — treat wounds, remove inflammations. Brew — and drink three days. They can also be applied to wounds: wounds will heal faster!”

“But in what to make the decoction?”

… Rada took out of the canvas bag and gave the clay pot, in which she cooked with Alexey food.

“If you put it on hot coals, but not in a hot flame, — then it will serve long, it will not burst!”

… Parted…

Strangers disappeared from sight…

* * *

After a while, Rada said, as if apologizing:

“I was in disarray: I did not notice their approach…

“They are not robbers! They are miners! They have run from the mine. From the Demidovs’ or from a government factory… The labor there is worse than the hard labor of servitude. Did you notice that an ore was absorbed into their skin — and it cannot be washed out forever? They hide themselves from all…

“They could kill us, of course. These people are waiting for only evil and misfortune from everything and all around!

“And they are almost ready to pour the power of souls — into hatred!…

“But they still did not dare to stand up for themselves on the road of evil.

“So I tried — by the peace… It seems, it has happened.”

“Yes… You are great in this! You can understand everything about every person at first sight!”

“It’s because I’m looking with the soul together with God. Then — another person is seen as if entirely, with all the bad and good that is in him or her.”

“But I get it only sometimes: when I perceive clearly God in myself.

“But today…

“I have never had fear for my life.

“But now — I’m afraid for you! Not that I’m afraid, but for a few moments, it was when the fear began to arise that I could not protect you. How to deal with this?”

“It’s not easy! That is why, probably, people had invented monasticism, so as not to be bound by bonds with other people. And many of the Magi in earlier times in Russia did not form families, so that the personal could not interfere with the Divine in them.

“But I would not like to give up everything that I have with you now… How long we will be together with bodies on the Earth — only God knows! But this our love — it is for the good! I know it! I feel it in the heart!

“And we should not be afraid for our bodies! We will do everything that depends on us to protect beloved ones. But, if we cannot, then we must be able to accept the death of bodies: both our own and of those whom we love with our hearts.

“It is not simple! I thought about this a lot. I looked at my grandfather and saw, how sad he was about my father’s departure…, although he knew that papa was now in the world of God!

“I thought much on you and myself: how to behave, if not me, but you, that is, your body, will be threatened by death, and I cannot take it away…

“For it, apparently, these people met us: so that we’ll talk about this…

“Yes, the freedom of the soul from a living body is possible! This is the great Freedom in the Mergence of the human soul — with God! You’ve experienced it more than once, you know this the Great Glory! But it’s possible to learn living in this Unity always and not lose it, even if danger to the body threatens!

“If it is necessary, you can simply leave the body…, of course, if God will allow it, and — to enter the Unity with the Divine world forever!”

… Rada was for a long time silent, then continued:

“Now I’ll show you one exercise that my grandfather already taught me. It allows to gradually change the state of that part of the soul, which is firmly connected with the body from the birth. So you can gradually remove the ‘lower human nature’, for which the fear of the body’s safety, hunger, thirst, and much more — are necessary for the body to survive in this world.

“In order not to lose the Unity with God in different situations, a person, who has already learned the Unification with the Divine world, can learn to completely subordinate the body and mind — to the unified will of the soul and the Will of God, which are in indissoluble Mergence.”

… They went out into the open space, from which the river, meadows, and the forest were seen far away…

“You see now these beautiful expanses. Choose something noticeable in the distance.

“Now see how the power of attention directs the awareness of you-soul — through the eyes of the body. It’s like an invisible transparent part of you rushes to where you intentionally have fixed your eyes.

“And now do the opposite — send the look of the soul into those Depths of Light, which have been cognized by you in recent days…

“Feel: how little the body is, and how, on the other hand, the Divine world is great, unlimited, and filled with the feeling of Love and Unity! Feel the complete dissolution, the disappearance of the isolation of self-soul in the Creator of everything! Let be only Oneness with Him, only He!

“In Him is the eternal life! In Him is the Freedom, Joy, Bliss! In Him — it becomes clear that the soul and God are One!

“And now many times follow the path that the soul makes when the attention is shifted back and forth between the dense world and the Divine world. In the body, a clear passage is revealed — from one world to another. Spill over through it, not connecting with the body, but passing through!

“Then you can learn to ‘flow’ through all the important energy centers in the body, and in any direction in relation to the body. It not immediately will turn out, but gradually…

“The vast expanse of Divine Love — It is everywhere: up from the body, and down, and in all other directions!”

… It was very interesting for the perception of Alexey! He — as the soul — “floated” through the body, remaining free from it…

… Rada continued:

“Yes, you do it right! It’s necessary to rise from the Depths, not ‘condensing’, without leaving the subtlety of the Divine Love!

“Feel that, when there is no ‘you the former’ in the body, then God can look through your eyes, shed His Divine Love-Tenderness through the realm of your spiritual heart — into this visible world, also — to pass the Light-Power through your material hands…

“It needs to be mastered! Then — it will be possible to have a body, through which God can manifest Himself in all fullness, when it is necessary to Him.

“Grandfather told me that, if to manage to learn all this, one — as the soul — can leave the body, so that the body, for example, does not feel the pain… And if the body needs to die: that is, the time has come — then you can without pain, without fear leave it, like unnecessary clothes, and no longer return to it…

“You must know that if it is necessary, I will be able to do so, and no torturers on the Earth can prevent it!

“So my father left the body — and entered the Divine Unity.

“Now, I also have to teach you that! Then it will be easier to pass those tests, without which — in the life on the Earth — usually one does not live.

“Yes…, now it seems easy to me… But as in the prison’s cell or before the executioners… — I do not know that… It would be nice if neither you nor I have to go through this…

“But something else is important! Behind all the hardships and sufferings of this world, there is — on the other side of the world of matter — the Great Rest, Calm of God, His Eternal Bliss, Unity with the Creative Power!

“And you and I already know that!

“And yet — from such a Mergence, the Divine Co-creation is possible. So —you will write the book, so that God in it would say what people need to know now!

“So — in this Great Mergence — we — as souls — can always be together, even if the bodies are separated…”

… Rada stopped suddenly, as if she saw something in the distance.

Alexey embraced her caringly and gently, as if trying to protect from any misfortune by that new state of the self-soul he had cognized.

“Did you see something?”

“No, it has seemed… I talked about a separation — and have scared myself…”

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