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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Three: About the Laws of the Whole

Chapter Three:
About the Laws of the Whole*

The caravan was continuing on its way. They walked nearby — the healed man and the healer. The dusty road, the noise of a huge convoy of slaves, and looted treasures did not even seem to exist for them. They discussed what was really important right now.

“How were you able to do it? What kind of initiation have you received that allows you to do this? I would never have believed it if I heard about this from others! But I have experienced it myself! I saw you — huge and consisting of Shining Light! In fact — you were similar to the Powerful Gods! I thought that death had come to me! I saw what becomes open to the soul after death! But now, I am alive, and even the marks of mortal injury are not visible!

“And, despite all of this, why do you choose to remain a captive? Why are you asking these small magicians and healers about medicinal herbs and natural remedies? What do you want? What are your goals?”

“I would like to teach you what I know … And not just you — but those who are able and willing to cognize everything that I have cognized! Do you want this too?”

“What will you demand in exchange for that?”

“This Knowledge is invaluable and it may be given only as a gift and only to that person who is worthy of this!

“You only need to obey, like a disciple who is willing to study not for a few days, but for a long time — for months and maybe years. And to work on yourself as a soul, which will make the perception of what I can teach you possible.”

“How do you know the secrets that are not known even to the priests of Memphis? I studied there as well. Or did they not share everything with me?”

“I know the secrets from the One Who opens them to every worthy person when this person is ready to encompass them.

“You asked what do I want and what are my goals?

“I plan to make a stairway of clear and simple steps for the ascension of the soul: from a small human particle of the Universe — to the Unity of the Perfect Ones with the Creative Power of the United Primordial God!

“Man is capable of becoming worthy of Unity with the Creator! In order to attain this, it is necessary to become similar to the Great Gods! Immortality can be attained in this way!

“But the soul has to master a lot in order to attain it! The wisdom cannot be given to a soul that is not ready to encompass it yet! There are very few people who are ready to comprehend it!

“You could become one of those who will not only realize this Divine Intention in yourself but will also help other worthy people in this.

“I can share with you what I know. However, in order to begin to study, you have to stop considering yourself as a knowledgeable person.”

“I am ready to become your disciple and follow your instructions, Pythagoras!”

“Well, then, let's start right now!

“From now on, you can try to bring your intentions, thoughts, emotions, and the purposes of the soul into harmony with the Intention of the Whole, which has slightly opened to you already, while you were between life in your body and life out of your body. You have understood that the purpose of the whole life of the soul is to gradually approach the Divinity: Light, All-Embracing Love, Great Wisdom, and Primordial Power!

“And I will help you understand the Laws of everything existing in the Universe on its own Path to Perfection!

“While the intentions of a person are not yet pure — this person wanders around in the darkness of false attractions and desires and the destiny of such a person can be filled with suffering.

“Some things that we see as separated and isolated in the Creation, in fact, compose the Great Unity, the Great Oneness, if we look at them from the Viewpoint of the Creator! This marvellous multidimensional Organism complies with the special Laws, established by the Creator into the foundation of His Creation. And those who attained these Laws and do not break them are able to live and act in Great Harmony.

“It is so because every living creature is the creation of the Great Creator, and a particle of a consciousness lives and develops in each one of them, striving for Perfection.

“Every creature here is nothing but a small particle of the Great Whole and has its own purpose.

“The Laws that were laid down in the existence of the universe function in each creature and through each creature: through its thoughts, the state of the soul, its emotions, and its deeds.

“These Laws also shape the future destiny of each creature regardless of whether this creature knows these Laws or not, whether it consciously builds its destiny or floats down the stream of the ‘river of life’’, without making any effort or thinking about why it is here and where its life goes.

“Only a human being can consciously use these Laws by creating a new reality of life for himself or herself and the environment.

“Even unconsciously, man partially fulfills the Laws of the Whole. Nevertheless, if he creates disharmony, it affects his future and the future of other creatures, and even everything in the universe. While the soul is small and weak, its influence is insignificant. But when such small and weak souls form human communities, such communities can significantly affect the future of the Earth.

“A man has the opportunity to choose his own friends, life goals, and his path through life.

“A man can use this opportunity to get rid of his vices and passions, to enter into harmony with the Whole. Or he can go with the flow of vicious desires and passions that carry him far away from the Truth and the Light into the whirlpool of life.

“Many people tend to avoid manifesting their own evil deeds only in front of others. And when they stay alone with themselves, they believe that their thoughts and deeds are known only to themselves. But this is not true. Our lives are not a mystery for non-incarnate souls! Even our thoughts are visible to them! And they can perceive our emotions!

“Moreover, people with coarse emotions attract the souls that have a consonance with them. And then, these evil souls manipulate that weak person with pleasure.

“These evil souls are ready to be the servants for the embodied people who are strong in evil. It is in this way that black mages and sorcerers perform their evil deeds.

“But what we need is completely different!

“That’s why, it is necessary to praise the purity of the soul!

“When I studied with the priests, I was not able to comprehend for a long time why knowledge was revealed to me by the Gods, but it was inaccessible to my earthly teachers.

“Then the great principle of LOVE and PURITY OF THE SOUL was revealed to me by the Gods. Only this principle gives one access to the Great Knowledge and Primordial Power.

“In Egypt, there was tradition of laying papyrus next to the bodies of a deceased person during a funeral ceremony. On this papyrus, there was a statement that after death there are guards who stop dastardly and insincere souls from reaching the blissful afterlife. These ancient sayings were known to the priests. There is also a well-known legend about a court in the afterlife in which Osiris weighs the purity of souls: those that are burdened by lies, hatred, and criminal desires and deeds – do not receive bliss in the afterlife.

“Of course, this is only an image that is intended to remind all people about what actually has real value in life and about what moves souls into darkness after the death of their bodies, the darkness where hatred finds its victims among those who are similar to it.

“In that place, fear and cruelty teach those who were cruel and mean during their lives on the Earth!

“In fact, what you give to others always comes back to you! The fruits of human activity that have caused harm to others, carry poison in themselves which make one’s human destiny poisonous for many years, and sometimes for many incarnations!

“Those who create and give love grow in love, multiplying good deeds by this love! And the Whole — after the death of their bodies — gives them a life in a world of Harmony among souls similar to them. And in a new incarnation, their destinies are also clean.

“But the Egyptian priests have not applied those primary principles of the purity of the soul which underlie the Harmony of the Whole and conform to the Laws of Life in the Universe. They found themselves standing over everybody and everything — and … they were wrong. This error has led them — in blind pride — to their downfall.

“… Purity is initially formed through small steps:

“ — through a pure nutrition that excludes murders,

“ — through pure thoughts that don’t cause any harm to others who live in the Creation and develop themselves according to their own destinies,

“ — through pure goals, with the willingness to help all souls in finding the Path to the Light, but not with the desire to control others as one’s own will desires.

“I need to tell you about Love, Which is the main Law of the Universe!

“Love connects everything in the Creation — with its Creator!

“Love is also an Omnificent Power of the Whole!

“Whoever aligns oneself with the Harmony of the Whole develops oneself and grows as a soul in the direction of the Purity, Truth, Love, and Divinity!

“Those who do evil deeds manifest themselves only as a grindstone for faceting diamonds of virtue in other people.

“Evil also is nothing but a shadow that allows one to see the Light better!

“The person who has not accepted the ethical laws cannot develop consciously. Like an animal, he will be developing some of his qualities such as strength, agility, endurance, or other qualities that are not very useful. And only afterwards, will that person understand for what reason everything was necessary or was not necessary in his present life. He will have to be incarnated more than once in new bodies in order to grow his awareness and the ability to apply the lessons learned from all his victories and defeats.

“Those who possess magic and have accumulated a lot of power often try to use the Divine Creative Power for the sake of causing harm to others, but such people do not attain this Power. Moreover, they lose access to It forever in this incarnation, and often for many lives ahead, even though they do not realize this. Their destiny is sad!

“Those who perform evil deeds begin the process of self-destruction. This is an immutable law! This applies to individuals as well as to entire countries or nationalities, and even entire civilizations!

“Everything that acts in contradiction with the universal Law of Harmony carries in itself the seeds of its own destruction!

“It is easy to lose everything achieved on the path of self-perfection and not even notice this, if there is a growth of the personal ‘I’ in isolation from the Supreme Goal. In the same way, the Egyptian priests have lost the Main Purpose. And even before them, the priests of Atlantis had done the same thing…

“This occurs when the person loses the ability to live with the spiritual heart and begins to make his decisions based only on his individual mind of his personal ‘I’. He may think that the Gods are approving his actions… He hears obliging voices acknowledging and willingly approving his every thought…

“Reaching the false power, he looks at people without any love, but he should have been serving and helping them. He considers people to be like trash…

“Now, you have paid your debts yourself, by your own pain: for your readiness to take someone’s life and for your desire to decide the destinies of others. Now, you can begin your life in the purity — in the sight of the Divine Consciousness!”

… Hamilcar listened attentively, and a lot of things became clear to him because of his rich experience of communication with the priests of different cults in Libya, Egypt, and Phoenicia, which he had seen and known firsthand.

Those deadlocks and limitations that barred his own path in search of the Truth now found a clear explanation.

When he almost lost the connection with his body as a result of injury, he was allowed to see — as if through the sight filled with Divine Omniscience and Justice — his vices that have impeded his further advancement to the Supreme Goal. He saw himself from outside — all his motives and thoughts…

From that day on, Hamilcar accepted the need for an ethically pure nutrition, and the willingness to maintain the purity of his thoughts, emotions, and energies of his body.

And Pythagoras continued to teach him every day, providing new opportunities for perfection.

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