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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Six: Chariot or how to control the emotions

Chapter Six:
Chariot or how to control
the emotions

One day when the Persians had rest, they arranged a contest based on captured chariots. Shouting, hooting, whistling, storm of emotions…

Pythagoras offered Hamilcar the chance to observe those people who were competing, and those who won or lost, just betting money on a winner…

“See, how easily people get overwhelmed with passions! Easily they start exulting over a prize or they become angry and depressed with grief from loss! The stormy sea of their uncontrollable emotions makes their lives as fragile shells in the stormy ocean of passions and sufferings!

“Ups and downs in their lives follow each other, like a boat takes off on the crest of a wave and then falls down again into the abyss between the stormy waves. At any moment, the destruction of this boat may come…”

… And then Pythagoras told Hamilcar calmly that the energies of the consciousness-soul’s emotions must be kept under volitional control. Just as a chariot is controlled by a charioteer, in the same way, every person must keep under control their states of consciousness. And then this person will not be similar to a fragile boat on the ocean, but will be able to direct one’s life to the Goal.

“In order to manage the emotions, it is not enough just to have a desire to control them. For mastering the emotions, it is necessary to learn certain centers inside your body. As if a flute that sounds in harmony with the person who plays on it, or the lyre’s tuned strings which are subject to the will of a player; in the same way, those centers should become obedient tools, managed by the human will.

“Look here: now the revelry of the crowd’s passions is almost uncontrollable! These people are subject to their emotions and they have lost control over themselves! Now they became the prisoners of their emotions! They are entirely overtaken with the jubilation from the winnings or disappointment from loss! Even those who do not participate in the contest, but are only placing the bets and win or lose gold and jewels, they are exposed to these emotions and became their slaves!

“But man is capable of learning how to control his own emotional states!

“These centres which I am talking about are called by the Indians, chakras. Let you and I use this word to designate these centers in the human body.

“Chakras are similar to cavities where energy is concentrated and shifting.

“Moreover, it occurs uncontrolledly and spontaneously in the majority of people.

“Those chakras are seven. Anahata is one of them and located just in the middle, where the development of the spiritual heart should begin. This is a true abode of the soul at the primary stages of spiritual growth!”

… At this time the horses from one of the chariots got out of control of the charioteer who was unfamiliar to them. The horses, frightened by the roar of the crowd, jerked away! A sharp turn with a jerk dumped from the chariot the one who did not feel those horses and consequently could not control them.

Six frenzied animals along with the chariot raced towards the prisoners who were sitting apart on the ground. Among them there were women, children… It seemed like in a moment many people might be hurt and injured!…

Hamilcar saw and assessed the situation in the blink of an eye, measured the distance…

Pythagoras said confidently:

“You can do this! Stop them!”

… The body of the giant seemed to catch the wave of Great Power. He rushed across to the racing chariot, accurately calculating the place where he could intercept it.

Both the prisoners and the warriors were frozen to the spot and observed what was happening.

Hamilcar was able to catch it! He grasped the reins and was able to stop the horses! The incredible force of the Phoenician shocked everyone. He confidently reined in the horses, leading them from running to a trot. Then he stroked each horse quietly and gently, restoring their confidence in the man who would be ruling them. He climbed on the chariot and rode slowly along the crowd of prisoners, along the Persian camp. He was escorted by rapt stares and cheers!

He drove to the competitors, stopped the horses and came down from the chariot.

No one had any doubt who was the winner of that day!

Hamilcar stopped the chariot and gave the reins to one of the warriors and headed to that part of the camp where Pythagoras was waiting for him.

They continued their conversation.

“Perfect, Hamilcar! In exactly this way can one live, without exulting in victories and without disappointment of loss!

“You are the winner today! Although you will not receive the material prize in these competitions, the reward from the Great Ones is waiting for you!

“You correctly moved yourself-consciousness into the appropriate chakras, and the force in your body has increased many times. So you did something that even for you seemed impossible before! And this happened because the Universal Power has added Its Energy into your action!

“It is necessary to master the knowledge of self-control through the use of chakras in order for the soul to always perceive and manifest the Divine Will through the body.

“In order to master this, the space inside the chakras must be cleaned, expanded and connected to that Subtlest Light Which you already can see with the eyes of the soul!

“You should also learn how to shift yourself, like through the multi-storey tower on the ‘floors’ of these energy centers.

“And it is necessary to fill each chakra with a pure white light.

“Also it is necessary to expand the borders of the chakras, as if pushing the walls of the rooms to infinity!

“Feel how every chakra, if you entered into it by your concentration, brings all the consciousness to a certain state.

“As a result of this work, you will be able to freely move through these centers and make more active these or other necessary states of yourself-soul, and cause undesirable states to be extinguished completely.

“May only the Divine States henceforth fill out the space inside your chakras and your entire body!”

… Hamilcar began to push aside the borders of the chakras and started to move on the “levels” formed.

After a while, the space inside of all chakras had been connected by the vertical ascending Flow of transparent Living Light. The borders of the chakras were swept away by this Flow, pouring out bliss and power. The fountain of Light and Power spouted through the body and filled the space around it. It was as if Hamilcar’s body soared in the Flow!

“Oh well! Not bad! You immediately mastered the connection of all chakras by the middle meridian! And you have easily accomplished this at a very high level of subtlety!

“But we should pay special attention to this method while teaching others. Not everyone can do it just as easily as you could!”

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