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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Ten: About the Growth of the Soul

Chapter Ten:
About the Growth of the Soul

The convoy with the prisoners now continued its way along the seacoast.

The soft smooth sound of waves from the light surf and the freshness of the sea breeze were filling with joy. The cries of the seagulls seemed to emphasize the vastness of the sea! The sunsets and sunrises, the greatness and the beauty of all nature, all were fascinating!

In the early morning hours, when almost everybody was still sleeping, Pythagoras used to show his disciple new meditative techniques.

Now Hamilcar, as a soul, could always clearly hear Pythagoras explaining the exercises, even when he was motionless and did not say a word aloud when it was preferable to do so. Pythagoras' lips did not move, his face expressed the calm bliss — but the voice clearly sounded for Hamilcar. For example:

“Such a vastness contributes to the growth of the soul! And it is very important!

“Spread with your spiritual heart over the sea surface!…

“Realize how huge the soul can be! Now you are not just bigger than your physical body. But you are enormous!

“And strive to really feel yourself over the entire surface of our planet! And feel the huge arms of the soul!…

“Move by the soul into the space, where the sky merges with the sea surface. Descend there as if you are diving behind the edge of the Earth, behind the horizon! There, one can conceive one of the entrances into the Immensity of the Sacred Fire Which is similar to the Sun, but is infinite in size!

“Through the mergences with the Divine Consciousness in the Aspects of the Light and then in the Aspects of the Divine Fire — we learn to become Divine ourselves!”

… Some time later, when Hamilcar had strengthened and adapted to the new states, Pythagoras continued:

“During many years of living in the body, a person usually gets used to identifying oneself with the body. But we are the souls, not the bodies! We are alive — even without the bodies! And we can live without being 'attached' to our physical shells!

“The ‘postmortal’ life without a body, however, can be very different for various souls… Those who lived with hatred or fear and were captives of their own selfish desires have a very sad fate! They become victims of more powerful villains…

“A completely different fate awaits those who have accustomed themselves to live in love and light in the subtlest worlds! How joyful it is for these souls to perceive their Freedom from matter in the eon of the Divine Light and Fire!

“Imagine that you no longer have a body. You have nowhere to go back to…And now you have no other home for the soul than the House of Light-Fire. Learn this!

“Also, once breaking the identification with the body, in order not to lose the capability to act, you should now learn how to use the arms of the soul. Then later on, they will bring the Power of the Whole towards where It is needed. The palms and fingers of such hands are all-seeing!

“And the form of consciousness which is similar to a body, but giant in size, is familiar to us and that is why it is convenient in the subtlest worlds as well.

“Specifically, from the Light of oneself-soul, we can shape our new giant Divine Appearance! Give it a try!

“Likewise, a mountain consisting of the Light, and rising above a vast sea, you can rise from the Ocean of the Divine Light. And then shape your face, arms and torso!

“Often, the Divine Souls use the Appearances of Light which are huge in size to communicate with incarnate people who have the ability to see with the eyes of the soul.

“Such an Appearance which is capable of acting without possessing a material body has a perspective for future assistance to incarnate people and for your current efforts of mastering the Divine Beingness.

“Such a Body of the Light will subsequently become your eternal Body. Its size can be changed and its luminosity can be thickened slightly when there is a need to communicate with incarnate people.

“And now, the energies consisting of your material body, will transfigure into the divine, while at the time, you will have the center of perception of Creation in the Body of the Light.

“It is realistic to live and perceive the subtlest worlds inside of the Body of the Light.

“For the relationships with the dense world, you will manifest everything that is necessary through your material body.

“But even you, who have already experienced these states in the past lives, will not master everything that I just told you in one day. But if you will not practise, the skills you have already gained can be easily lost. That is why it is necessary to work hard, mastering new skills until they become the natural qualities of the soul.”

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