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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter One: Circus of Mr. Lurie

Fakir/Chapter One: Circus of Mr. Lurie

Chapter One:
Circus of Mr. Lurie

The director of the circus strolled leisurely along the city. Before the first performance, two days remained. He admired the colorful posters of the new program of his circus, which adorned round advertising stands: “The circus of Mr. Lurie! Acrobats and riders! Tamers of tigers and lions! Jugglers and clowns!”

His thoughts were filled with satisfaction: “The city is large, the public must be very many. The proceeds and multiplication in fame of one of the best circuses in Europe — all this is waiting for us here!” Such prospects amused the pride of the director, whose name was Etienne Lurie, and he continued his journey in high spirits.

A crowd of spectators gathered around one of these bollards with a billboard. They clapped enthusiastically.

Mr. Etienne was curious and came closer.

Before the crowd, a little blond girl of five or six years bowed and collected coins in a basket.

“Come on, again! We were late at the beginning!” — several recent spectators asked.

… The girl made a funny bow and an air kiss — as it was done on the playbill of the circus by Mademoiselle Sisi. And then the girl began to show her performance again.

The director already wanted to move on… But a few movements of the little actress intrigued him to stay.

Yes, it was a real “nugget” — this natural flexibility comes once in a hundred years! The whole ridiculous facetiousness disappeared, the girl turned into grace, she was happy because with incredible skill she performed a few flips, walked the wheel two circles without stopping, and then bent in a graceful bridge. It was clear that no one had ever taught her such a thing, the movements were not perfect. But, in fact, to perform such poses, wherein she easily twisted the body, requires years of training!

The director once again examined her from head to toe with the professional’s eye. Beautiful appearance, blond curly hair… Just an angel can happen if to wash and properly dress her!

He had already imagined the girl as a soaring angel in a white-pink dress under the dome of the circus.

When the audience dispersed and the girl looked pleased with her received pennies, Mr. Etienne Lurie approached her and asked:

“Who taught you this?”

“I did myself. I saw the circus performers on the square and how they were applauded and given a lot of money. So I, too, decided to make enough money to cure my mother.”

“Is your mother sick?”

… The girl has become sad:

“She died this winter…”

“And with whom do you live?”

“The hostess, from whom my mother and I rented a room, allowed me to stay and live there, so that I could pay her debt. My mother was ill for a long time and did not pay our rent…

“Don’t you have any more relatives?”


“Do you want to perform in a real big circus? This one?” — the director pointed his finger to the poster. — “You will have a beautiful dress with sparkles and a gold hoop in your hair. And — shoes from satin.”

“I want to… But only who will let me go there?”

“I myself am the director of this circus. I want to make you a real actress!”

The girl’s eyes expressed surprise and delight. The director himself noted the immediacy and emotionality of his new acquisition. Now it remains to complete the formalities. If the girl does not have relatives, then this is quite easy!

“What’s your name?”


“We’ll have to think up a real circus name for you. For example — little Mademoiselle Kitty!”

Katya was very surprised that she might be called Mademoiselle

And the director took Katya by the hand and went to the nearest confectioner’s shop. He fed the girl with cakes and offered tea. By this, he finally won her over to himself.

Then he talked strictly with the hostess for a long time, while Katya packed her meager belongings.

He gave the landlady a little less money than she wanted. But Mr. Etienne was not used to make the money fly, spending it on the greed of other people.

When all the preparations were completed, he stopped the cabman and, loading up all the property of Katya, stored in a small pack and suitcase, sat Katya beside him and asked to go to the circus of Mr. Lurie.

* * *

Everything that happened for a while seemed to Katya a fairy tale.

Even the fat German Franz, at whose disposal — to choreograph the circus numbers — Katya was given, at first seemed nice to her.

She liked even his funny accent. He used words from different languages \x{200b}\x{200b}in the speech, including unfamiliar for Katya circus words for body movements, as well as commands. And when he was angry, he spoke only in German.

The word “alle” was now the main in Katya’s life.

She was dressed up in a thin leotard and a very short gown for trainings. And the circus dressmaker took measurements and began to sew a special dress for Katya’s performances — with sparkles and small wings.

Katya perceived all this as… magical!

And she even could watch all the shows every day!

In the inaccessible to the public premises of the circus, where specially trained circus animals lived, she stroked — with permission of the trainers — clever dogs and cats, monkeys, and horses! With admiration, she looked at the huge elephant Tubo, the lions and tigers!

The world of the circus was special, with its own laws and rules. Katya studied them gradually.

But the feeling of a fairy tale, which suddenly turned her life, ended very soon.

Mr. Franz forced her to do more and more exercises every day from morning to evening. The body was constantly sore from overstrain and bruises.

She always heard his: “bad!”, “wrong!”, “smile!”, “alle!”, “alle!”, “alle!”, “alle!”…

And only very rarely it sounded: “good!”… But then a new exercise was invented at once, more difficult than before…

And then the trapeze was added, which was raised all the more… And the fear of falling became torturous…

“If you are not a good, I will drive you into the streets, and there you will die of hunger!” — Franz shouted at her.

Sometimes Katya even wanted to be on the street and die, so that these endless tortures would stop.

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