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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection


“Seek ye the Kingdom of God!” (Lk 12:22-34). These are the words of Jesus Christ that have been read by so many people who are familiar with the New Testament. But are there many, who were inspired by this Commandment of God to real spiritual accomplishments? No. Why?

Only few people even understand that the Kingdom of God — in this context — is the Abode of the Creator (the Primordial Consciousness, God-the-Father, Tao, Ishvara, Allah). And what is He — the Creator? And where to find Him?

Such naive and false conceptions about the Creator, as, for example, that He is an old man on a cloud, negate the very possibility of real cognition of God!

But He — on the contrary — is Universal, Infinite in size! He truly is Akbar, i.e., Infinitely Huge! And Jesus Christ taught about namely this perception of God [16]! But the leaders of some religious sects, who were found to be unable to accommodate their small minds to the Universal Greatness of God, degraded the view of Him to \x{200b}\x{200b}primitivism on the level of fairy tales for children [6,19].

But to look for the Creator is necessarily in the depths of the multidimensional Absolute — through a) the development of oneself as a spiritual heart and b) by cognition of these depths inside the opening spaces in the developed spiritual heart. Other features of the direct cognition of God do not exist!

Why, by the way, is the monotheistic concept methodologically important? It is because God should be explored precisely as the One Universal in size Multidimensional Organism (Absolute) Which includes the Creator and His Creation. And it is not only a hypothesis, intellectual imagination! It is the empirically cognizable and cognized reality!

This is the approach which favors the study of His multidimensional anatomy [13,16], including practical search of the Primordial Consciousness in the subtlest depths of the multidimensional space.

I note — for a better understanding of what will be said further — that most often when the word God is spoken or written, not the Absolute is meant, but the Creator or His concrete Representative — the Messiah, Christ, Avatar (these three words have come to us from different human languages, but are identical in value).

I had the opportunity — under the guidance of the Holy Spirits, Who are our Divine Teachers, — to create many books and video lectures, talking about God, the meaning of our lives, and the optimal realization of it [2-20 etc.]. I undertook this book — at the request of God — to describe the same in laconic form and summarize all the previously said.

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