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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
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On the Quality of Souls

Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection
/On the Quality of Souls

On the Quality of Souls

Our main quality that effectively lets us advance on the spiritual Path is a developed intellect.

Those, who have not it yet, are not able to distinguish the lie — and the truth, the evil — and the good.

Such grotesque religious perversions as the “holy inquisition” or “external jihad”, which so massively sent and send their adepts to hell, were consolidating and are consolidating less-developed intellectually and ethically people.

Their “religion” often involves hatred towards those who are not of my nationality, speak in other languages, have different from mine color of skin, adhere to other religious beliefs. Such people do not show diligence in mastering the art of psychic self-regulation, do not want to abandon their primitive egocentrism, their own coarse emotional states and other customary for them evil manifestations. They consider as the norm and true religious virtue — their self-affirmation in the violence against others, self-admiration...

They also will not cultivate refinement of consciousness, humility, will not develop themselves as the spiritual hearts and do everything possible to bring together — in love — with the Primordial...

On the contrary, these villains will, in particular, hate and persecute the true spiritual zealots... Due to such existence, they find hell for themselves.

But the true spiritual seekers, who sustain with honor those tests, become worthy for the greatest support from the Creator. Their bliss of communion with Him will grow as far as they are closer to Him in quality of consciousnesses.

... Only those who already have outgrown the intellectual and ethical primitivism, are able to accommodate the truth that it is a crime — before God — to hurt and kill peaceful people and animals, even to harm plants in vain. And those, who did not accept this principle in their lives, will not be able to achieve success on the spiritual Path.

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