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What is Sin?

Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection
/What is Sin?

What is Sin?

Our sins are ethically significant mistakes.

Sins are the manifestations of mental properties named vices.

People sin by means of bodily actions, words, thoughts, and negative emotions.

Do we know, by the way, that our emotions create energy fields influencing other beings?

The emotions of tender love, being born in the spiritual heart, not only are able to stabilize oneself in the correct state, but can really help those beings to which they are directed.

But emotions of the opposite kind — anger, hatred, sadness, melancholy, despair — can cause destructive effects not only on oneself but also on other people, animals, and even plants.

Therefore, one should learn to live in a light state of soul — even under adverse conditions — not to harm others and not to spoil one’s own destiny (karma).

There are many excellent Commandments of God intended to help us in our ethical cleansing. Especially vividly Jesus Christ and Sathya Sai Baba talked about this [12-14].

The most comprehensive and understandable, in my opinion, the main Precept Sathya Sai Baba outlined: Try even not to grieve anyone! (But do not apply this, of course, to attacking of aggressive primitives of different species).

But a lot of people, though they proud of their “righteousness” but behave in the opposite way.

For example, I remember the aggressive Orthodox old woman who screamed every day under the windows of the city-house where I lived — at drivers of cars, who stopped at the crossroads in front of a red traffic light: “Why are you fuming here?! Breathing is impossible because of you! Is it impossible to go on other streets?!”. She flooded the space around with hatred and, at the same time, was sure that she is doing a good deed...

She attended on Sundays the Orthodox temple — to relax after that, her “righteous work”...

One day, I asked her, did she read the New Testament? It turned out, no. Then I told her about the essence of the Teachings of Jesus Christ, that God is Love — and we, too, are commanded by God to learn to be love, also — that people of hatred go to hell, but to be worthy of the paradise, it is necessary to develop the emotional love. To do this — learn to be the spiritual heart and perceive the world from it! The essence of the Teachings of Jesus is in this!

A few days later, I met her radically transformed: no longer hatred, a happy smile beamed on her face! In response to my greeting — she began to thank me, embraced, and even kissed!

It would be wonderful, if in all the temples on our planet this so simple and meaningful Teaching of God be preached!

Soon that old lady (she was already more than 80) disembodied. On hearing this, I was happy, assessing the situation as a whole: I was in time to help her to get rid of hell!

... In the early years, I conducted popular trainings for physicians and all others, who wanted to learn to cleanse bioenergy structures of organisms and to develop the spiritual heart. Successful students not only acquired the true happiness for the first time in their lives, received the first experience of the touch of Holy Spirits, but also cured many diseases, against which medicine was powerless. [7]

... One more example: another Orthodox old woman complained to me: “I’m sinning the whole of my life! And now — as well!”. But it turned out that under “sin” she knew only sexuality... But of theft — she did not refuse... She did not consider this ability to steal — as a vice...

She also often “went to church”, but there no one explained to her about sins and repentance...

... Let's look at the topic of sexuality in more details.

God has put sexuality in us — as a way to not only reproduce, but also for socialization, for growth of emotions of tender love, care, self-giving to loved ones. These are those properties that He wants to see in us — developed to the highest degree!

But... aggressive primitives, being themselves incapable of such an attitude to others, seeing in sexuality only (as in themselves) vicious passionate egocentricity, began to demand restrictions of it and announced it as sinful.

Desecration of the sexual aspect of love was carried out by well-known religious organizations, but it was taken from them also by the secular morality of many societies.

... I am convinced that the fight should not be against sexuality in general, but let the battle be against the ethical perversions attenuating it.

One example — the attitude to “adultery”. They are, according to the “current opinion”, the manifestations of lust (egocentric sexual passion). But I never heard from anyone that these sexual “treasons” may be for the opposite reason: because of the altruistic desire to help another person in need of sexual aid. Who in such situations “sins”: one who is “unfaithful” — or the jealous-spouse? (For more details on the topic of jealousy — see [19]).

... Decades ago, when there were no modern highly effective contraceptives in pharmacies, almost exclusively lutenurinum — vaginal foaming tablets were sold. (Meaning was that the spermatozoids get lost in a variety of foam bubbles and does not get to the egg cell). So, the wife of a young couple complained to me: my husband threw the pills, he said that he “needs a wife, not a fire extinguisher!”

But what was the reason to become married with such a man?

... There is much talk about the dangers of abortions, even the feasibility of a comprehensive ban. And there are countries where this ban already exists.

Yes, there is no doubt that abortions are harmful and undesirable. But who is guilty of the occurrence of unwanted pregnancies? Those unfortunate women? Or those immoral men, who inseminated them — against their will?

I am convinced that not those women who are in trouble must be penalized, but those really guilty men. And an even greater extent — those who oppose the teaching of sexological knowledge in schools.

I also believe that only very wicked people are able to demand the ban of abortion in cases of ectopic pregnancies, or, for example, schoolgirls who were raped by peers. Pregnancy and birth of a child in school age can cripple the rest of the woman’s life!

Is abortion a murder? Yes. But this is not the murder of a human being, but (in early stages of pregnancy) of a material germ of a future human body.

I'm not advocating abortion by these words. But let’s understand that God will find, by all means, another opportunity to bring every soul into another body!

... I had a chance to watch the “post-mortem” life of Seraphim of Sarov. He spent it in his self-made intangible chapel in the woods, praying on knees in front of the also immaterial icons of the Virgin Mary. Badgers lived in their “badger town” near this place. The chapel was located inside the large — about two hundred meters in diameter — soul of Mary-the Mother of Jesus, in her favorite spot in the pine forest, on the former Finnish lands.

But — the time for Seraphim to incarnate again has come. Such attempts were in the Russian cities Torzhok, then Tver. But those women had abortions!

At first, I was interested to observe the dynamics of this situation, but then, after about two years, it was erased from my perception: he, finally, had success to incarnate!

Why do I inform about this? To illustrate that God is not shocked by abortions! God has all the opportunities needed for the adequate embodiment of every soul!

And I have not seen any grief from Seraphim as well.

... In actuality, an honorable man can easily prevent unwanted pregnancies of his beloved woman. This is — the way “for all occasions”. It is necessary, just, to make ejaculation out of the vagina! And then — not to start a new sexual intercourse without washing the urethra with urine and having washed his penis of the remaining spermatozoids.

And man has the right to perform the natural insemination only after clearly expressed consent to do so from the woman. I believe that it is — an important criterion for evaluating the ethic state of every concrete man.

It is elementary, simple!

But selfish sex passion overshadows the minds... And such sex exposes a serious ethical flaw that creates karmic consequences! Actual sins — here they are! But not abortions!

... In Russia, after 1917, Ulyanov-Lenin and his associates began to create a youth organization — the Young Communist League (in Russian — Komsomol). Its basis was proclaimed as the total sexual freedom. In particular, girls were not allowed to refuse the guys in cases of sexual suggestions from them. The punishment for such “offenses” was expulsion from the Komsomol!

The organization has grown rapidly... But... suddenly… pregnancies began to appear… and children began to birth... Adult organizers did not think about this in advance...

About one million children were born in the country during the wave of this campaign... The government did not wish to feed them and educate... Therefore, it was decided to urgently reorientate Komsomol: from total sex — into the political struggle.

... Unwanted pregnancies, venereal diseases — it always accompanies a “sexual emancipation”, which is devoided of a spiritual component.

What is the correct decision? It is in widely informing people about the knowledge which we now speak: knowledge both of sexology and spirituality.

As for the fighters against contraception and abortions, it would be better if they spent their energy on their own ethical cleaning! As evident from the violent forcibility, typical for many of them, their existence in hell is well guaranteed!

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