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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Fifth Stage

Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection
/Fifth Stage

Fifth Stage

Holy Spirits — that is, at present non-incarnate Representatives of the Primordial Consciousness — may come from Their Abode (the highest spatial dimension), including, for the sake of providing spiritual assistance to deserving incarnate people.

Holy Spirits can move in space at any distance instantly. They also create their working sites, where They are present almost always and where communication with Them for Their embodied disciples is the most convenient. Some Holy Spirits have several such working sites in different — sometimes very distant from each other — parts of the Earth’s surface.

Such places are the main variants of positive places of power.

I note that attempts to map the location of such places and to search “laws” at their disposal in accordance with the geography of our planet — are untenable. Holy Spirits create such places in accordance with the convenience of communication with embodied people, not focusing on the geography of the Earth.

Also, let me speak to the organization of excursions for those who want “to experience places of power” which has recently become fashionable and due to which enterprising businessmen successfully earn money.

The fact is that the Holy Spirits are the most subtle Divine Consciousnesses. And They cannot be perceived by people who have not mastered the preliminary stages of their purification and refinement.

On the contrary, people with rough energy of souls easily attune with namely gross negative and harmful places of power. And such are enough. They are created by some technical devices or by spirits with demonic or diabolical properties.

Devilish places are typical, including, at cemeteries where are buried, mostly, bodies of drunkards and other degenerates. Such spirits continue to try to identify themselves with their rotting bodies and therefore remain next to them.

Individual places of power of disembodied devils also occur. (But the reason why they were posthumously settled in exactly these particular locations, I do not know: I have not studied this).

To attune to this kind of spirits and to learn from them — this, in my opinion, is wrong.

Therefore, if we are looking for useful for our development places of power, it is necessary first to expand our range of perception on a scale of subtlety-coarseness — to the subtle side.

And, more importantly, it is necessary to aim ourselves not to the contemplation of attractions, but to attunement with Divine Teachers, with God. For it to turn out — we must first master the above listed stages of development.

... Among many primitive atheists and sectarians, it was and is a common view that talking directly with God is impossible, because He... actually non-cognizable! Or — that miracles of hearing the Words of God, if there were, it was only in a few very old cases, which were described in the Hebrew Bible and in the Quran.

But God is quite real and quite cognizable, if one were to fulfill His Teachings, to learn from Him.

And with the majority of atheists and sectarians, He speaks through their failures in life and in serious illnesses.

He leads true spiritual warriors by the Path of Bliss with the communion with Him, and constantly tells them everything necessary for them not to go astray.

God is Perfect. He even knows how to speak! (Joke!) But He speaks in words — with only the worthy!

I note that the Holy Spirits are not usually involved in the predictions of future events: They are interested in other. They are ready to lead those embodied people, who approached Them on the quality of souls, — into Their Abode. That is what They discuss with Their disciples!

Creator is personally interested in replenishing Himself with new Perfect People. He Himself is the perfect wise Love. And also — absolute Strength. And there is reason in learning all this from Him!

Holy Spirits tell us not only about the practical meditative techniques and advise certain actions — for the sake of our future development and service. But many of Them are Those Who developed literary talents. They are willing to tell edifying stories of Their own earthly lives, dictate verses and even entire books [11-12,22-34,38-39].

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