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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Who Сan Enter the Abode of the Creator?

Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection
/Who Сan Enter the Abode of the Creator?

Who Сan Enter the Abode of the Creator?

I do not remember where and how — in distant childhood — I first heard these couplets, but they are, for some reason, remembered until my current age of 70. Perhaps — in order to include them in this article?

It hurts the heart, the kidneys hurt,

Strong ache is in my chest...

Gold are my prior beauty days,

I cannot bring you back in any way!...

My thoughts and thoughts along a day!...

Pain in temples and the crown...

I ruined my youth before

The due time, prematurely!...

Thus ruin their lives so many atheists and those who believe primitively — the lives, which, however, were given us by God for perfecting!

But for masses of people who begin to move from atheism or religious primitivism — to the true religious worldview and the real spiritual efforts on self-transformation, we need to obtain a complete concept that describes God and the meaning of our existence. And this knowledge must be carried to all people through the media.

God — throughout the entire history of mankind on the planet — has repeatedly told people through His Messengers about Himself and how we are to live [2-12]. But aggressive primitives, protruding out from the crowd, quite soon distort the received Divine Knowledge — to adapt it to their own selfish purposes [6].

One of the typical methods of such distortions can be something like this:

“God will condemn you to eternal torment in hell if you are not properly praying to Him for your salvation!

“But you do not know and cannot learn to pray rightly! Man needs to have a special blessing from Him, which only I and my assistants have! Pay us — and we will pray for you!

“I repeat: your prayers — no matter how careful, will not be heard by God! Because you are weak and insignificant before His Power and Authority! Moreover, you are guilty, if only for the fact of your birth! But He is the Almighty and the Terrible Judge! Therefore, you pay us — and we will pray for you, because only we have the right to this!”

Those, who are reasonable, understand that there is not a grain of truth in the previously paraphrased.

Moreover, the suggestion to myself of my hopeless sinfulness and doom of coming posthumous sufferings — these “heavy” emotions, which become commonplace, program exclusively to hell!

But the truth is quite another! To comprehend it, one has to switch one’s own world-perception from primitive egocentrism and anthropocentrism — to God-Centrism.

In other words, a) attempts to understand the processes occurring in the universe and b) my own place in them, i.e. the formation of my own proper world-view — I must begin not from my personal “I”, but from God — the Creator of everything that exists and happens.

Existing in the multidimensional universe, the infinite in size and eternal Divine Consciousness, called the Creator, is situated in the very depth of the scale of multidimensionality, i.e. in the subtlest layer — as compared with all other energetic phenomena in the universe. The Creator is One, but is the Aggregate of All Those created by Him living units which then have developed themselves to the Divinity and merged with Him throughout the history of His existence.

This Universal Divine Consciousness lives in the everlasting Process of development. And everything that we observe in the material world is dedicated to exactly this. In other words, the world of matter is not self-existing, but was created by Him and also controlled by Him — according to His God-Centered Intention.

But He has given people the free will — in what concerns their personal development or degradation.

Another point that is very important to understand — God exists not for us, but we, people, exist for God. And He is not the Servant to us, who are asking and demanding from Him this and that, — but we should be His servants!

And He says that He is Love, not a Terrible Monster!

He invites us to approach Him by our spiritual qualities — by means of developing gentle and nurturing love and abandoning any coarse features!

As for paradise and hell, it is not that He sorts people, directing them there or here, but people themselves do determine their fates in future after bodies’ death. It is voluntary development — during their lifetime in these bodies — either hell’s or paradise’s spiritual qualities!

... In bodies of plants, animals, and humans are going on — in a series of many incarnations — the gradual processes of development of souls. Those souls, who attain in their perfecting the Divinity, flow into the Creator and thus enrich Him with themselves.

That is the meaning of our lives!

The next step in this sequence of thoughts is each one searchs and finds his or her place in this Evolutionary Process. That is — what exactly need I do to harmoniously “fit” in this Process?

And in fact, in particular, now becomes completely apparent the senselessness of crying about “my hopeless sinfulness!”

And all the forms of devotional practices and rituals — no matter by what beautiful and “mysterious” words they are called — can be useful at only the very beginning of spiritual formation of each. Their objective meaning consists simply in accustoming to the fact that there is God with Whom I have to learn how to interact in my life, and to Which I desire to devote my life.

By the way, the absurdity and harmfulness of attempts to live in the “monastic” parasitism become clear! “We” — they say — “are working, praying for you, and you are obliged for this to feed, to clothe and otherwise revere us...” But such prayers are of no utility! Every adult is personally responsible for their own destiny, forming it by own ethically significant — before God — actions. And it is not planned by God — the removal sinners from hell and — on someone’s prayers — transportation of them from hell to paradise!

The correct actions of any person are efforts to improve oneself and to help other units of life in their evolutional development. The second is the service for God.

* * *

But we see a huge variety in the depravity of certain people living on the Earth. All their troubles are rooted in the lack of the fundamental knowledge that we are now discussing!

The primitive self-centeredness is the cause of human vices — such as the desire to usurp, dominate, force others, the ability to kill and hurt other creatures, to deceive, to be envious, jealous, sarcastic, and humiliate...

So, we must reject it all out of ourselves! Although such efforts will require some time.

But... do many people want to execute it?

Unfortunately, no…

In particular, leaders of sects which have firmly established their positions in society — will be against.

It is much easier — in order to keep their “flock” in obedience — to insist on compliance for those people in the “saving” rituals!

For example — to demand believers throw stones into the air, allegedly aiming at the devil, instead of driving out the devil qualities from themselves...

Or — to suggest people indulge their most vile mental properties, hating and killing “infidels”, instead of purifying themselves from the very ability to be angry and to be violent...

Mass religious “culture” on the Earth today just maims human’s destinies! And God now points that mankind does not fulfill its — planned by Him — predestination... [12]

Life without understanding its meaning is unbearable for many people! And they — to lose at least for a time contact with “reality” (in their wrong subjective feeling) — immerse in alcoholism... Another solution — suicide... The third — to enter into courage of violence against others...

If people do not have God-Centered worldview, they can also easily be involved in different types of false “spiritual” trends like “urinotherapy” crippling to an even greater extent the already weak minds of its adherents...

Or it is known the situation when a man, been possessed by the spirit of a monkey, became the leader of the sect, which attracted very many participants. His credo became — from some time — the rejection of all norms of honesty. Plus the rudeness of consciousness appeared due to this... Why was it that a lot of followers had gathered around him? Because he built his public lectures (including placing them on the Internet) on materials from my books and films — up to verbatim citations of the texts. But he presented it, however, — on only his own behalf.

People follow the examples of their leaders. This is especially important in the spiritual realm! Therefore, the leader has to be perfect in terms of ethics! But here...

However, God has given people freedom of choice...

I do not enjoy talking about this... But I have to do this, in particular, because that primate (as he calls himself) and several of his followers call themselves… my students. I assure you that there is no base for this: my credo is opposite!

* * *

What are the post-mortal fates of people?

Most underdeveloped and degenerated — in ethical and intellectual criteria — souls often try to remain in their dead bodies. Each of them experiences the putrefaction of their flash… — like putrefaction of themselves... That is, including, — a part of their hell…

But hell — this is usually not a territory localized somewhere in the material world, but the rough layers of multidimensional space, where there is no love, but abundance of brutality, violence, malice. These are simply those souls’ qualities that have been developed by immoral people during their lives on the Earth. They remain with them after the deaths of bodies.

Those who conducted — at least in some measure — a decent way of life, after breaking up with material bodies settle in approximately the same conditions in which they lived before the death of their bodies. But this is — not a paradise.

The fact is that between paradise and hell, there are other layers of multidimensionality for post-mortem life. They are collectively called the astral or the layers of the astral plane.

The paradise is the abode for yet small in size souls, but already accustomed — while living in bodies — to the blissful paradise states. This can be achieved not otherwise than through the development of oneself as a spiritual heart, i.e. as love. These people after disembodiment live in the states including blissful love for each other.

The next stage of spiritual ascent for them becomes a quantitative growth of consciousness, implemented by methods called by Krishna as Buddhi Yoga [2,4,12]. These developmental techniques are universal. Jesus Christ taught in them His disciples-apostles. [2,12,14] The same was for the worthy students in theological schools of Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Russia, and other countries [12].

But the methods of Buddhi Yoga may be harmful if they become the property of people of vice. That is how devils are created — both non-incarnate ones and ones in the flesh. They can talk nice and right words about God... But God for them is not a Reality. Their main feature is pathogenic (for others) energy rudeness. (Paradoxically, sometimes they can “earn a living wage”, taking on themselves the function of healers. Thus they cheat and maim those people who are seeking to get rid of their diseases, but not by means of parting from their own soul-defects — that would be correct — but for money.)

... I note that to move from the state of “grey astral” to the Divinity — this way can be accomplished during one embodiment.

* * *

Divine Perfection — this is no less than the direct cognition of the Creator in His basic states: Transparent Calm (also called the Turiya state, Turiynity) and Light-Fire (Brahmanic) Manifestations, which reflect the increased activity of the Holy Spirits; it must also be mastered, the ability to merge with God in these states of Him, entering into Him, becoming — through this — Him.

A paradise state precedes taking these spiritual heights. It may be obtained most easily by mergence in harmony with the tenderness of nature, especially on quiet sunny dawns. This state should be — at this stage of the ascent — the main, dominant.

But to master them, it is possible only through the development of self-soul as a spiritual heart, far exceeding in size our material bodies.

Information on how this can be achieved — is described in our books and showed in the films.

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