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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

“All You Need Is Love!”

Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection
/“All You Need Is Love!”

“All You Need Is Love!”

(John Lennon and Paul McCartney, “The Beatles”)

Yes, God, Who is Love (1 John 4:8), invites us primarily to learn to love. This is so, because love is the foundation of righteousness before Him, and the way to approach Him by the quality of I-soul. Also it is the method of direct personal cognition of Him and Mergence with Him — in the Hugs of Love. Such love should be developed in us to the point where all of the above could be implemented.

But now I stress a fact, which very often people do not understand. Namely, we should not wait for love to come to us from the outside — but we have to master our own love-giving in respect to other good beings and for all Creation! Only such love will then permit one to embrace by I-love also the Creator — so that through this one can dissolve in Him, merge with Him!

Second fact, which should be emphasized, is the meaning of the word love. This is because very many people understand by this word only sex! In literature and in the everyday language of the masses, the phrase “to make love” means for people “to have sex”.

But sex — on condition that it conforms to the ethical principles of behavior — can be considered nothing more than just the sexual aspect of love.

It is quite legitimate before God! It is the field of our activity, which is set for us by the Creator. And it is desirable for all normal adults!

Sexual love — it’s a great opportunity for the development of true rectitude, including the ability to give myself unselfishly.

Sexual love favors the development of refinement of the consciousness.

Sexual love makes it possible not to accumulate sexual mental dominants, to be free from them. This is especially important on the spiritual Path, where the main life dominant must be love-aspiration to the Creator.

Moreover, for many men of age — recurrent ejaculations becomes necessary: accumulating products of so-called accessory sex glands causes a thickening in them of their contents; this leads to a disease called adenoma of prostate. At a young age, this problem is physiologically solved due to pollutions (involuntary ejaculation during the nigh sleep) or masturbation. But at old age pollutions are not and masturbation is not effective. (This can be read in more detail in [9,19]).

In a religious environment, an opinion exists about the appropriateness of celibacy (continuous sex continence) — as one of the highest religious “feats”. But if one were to find out the opinion on this matter of God, God will explain that celibacy is a misunderstanding, perversion, which is harmful for both one’s health in the ordinary sense of the word, and the process of spiritual development.

But... there are many people who live as “slaves” of their sexual passion — quite self-centered. It is only for them, that celibacy can be useful.

The celibacy, like the food abstention in the cases of enslavement by “uncontrollable” passion for delicacies, can allow the finding of a “middle ground”.

In the Indian spiritual tradition such abstinences are related to the theme which is called tapas — any reasonable restraints for the sake of overcoming our vices [13].

* * *

I mentioned that the sexual love can provide significant benefit in the spiritual development of normal people. Who are they? And who are those not normal?

Normal — from God’s positions — are those of both sexes who in their lives intend to give to others their own and themselves, often — at their own detriment. The clearest example of such love was shown to us by Jesus Christ in His earthly life.

Not normal people are those whose main life principle is opposite: they think and act mostly in favor of themselves, to the detriment of others. This is manifested both in the sphere of getting livelihood for themselves (and perhaps a certain circle of relatives or friends) and also in the field of sexual activity. In a broad perspective of considering, this phenomenon is called egocentrism.

Normal — in this sense — people are very few in our society (and not only ours).

Ethical perversities are not only preserved for centuries in the local traditions, but also — in the recent centuries — are spread and imposed with the help of literature, films, and especially television. It was established as a “common virtue” in “mass culture”, became revered as the “norm”, even as a sign of “religious righteousness”. I mean such manifestations as the assertion of the “right” to jealousy. Also — a negative and even hostile emotional attitude towards adultery, to the sicks with sexual deviations from “generally accepted standards” (they are now combined under the term “sexual minorities” [9]).

Also — existing in Russia and still existing in some other countries, the severe condemnation of women’s sexual relations before the “official” marriage (the “official” — that means “after the approval” of the relevant state services or religious organizations; though... why suddenly they “have a right” to dispose of someone’s private life? Neither God nor anyone else vested them a “right” in this!).

* * *

In women, sexual egocentricity often manifests according to the formula “you have to admire me and please me, anyway — out of my life, despicable!” Variations on this theme can be many, including defamation, slander of men.

But most clearly this vice is manifested in many men.

They recognize women no more than people of “second-class,” who are obliged to serve ME! In the dominant primitive religious environment, even there is and is spread by some “pastors” the opinion that a woman has no right to sexual satisfaction; her duty is only to sexually serve her husband.

There are many men-primitives who consider sex with particular women — as a means of humiliation, insult to them. This is reflected, in particular, in the prevalent and abominable slang called foul.

There is a lot of fans among men in making long sexual intercourse with virgins. Pleasure of making the pain to “beloved” — it is not only unethical, but also a psychiatric assessment called sadism.

The requirement to marry “officially” being only a virgin — this, too, deserves proper ethical evaluation in connection with the topic under consideration. (Read more in [9]).

* * *

There is a category of people, to which ideally corresponds the term “aggressive primitives”.

That is those people are called primitives, who are underdeveloped intellectually and/or ethically perverted. Some primitives are chronically sluggish. Others — hyperactive and aggressive in their activities. The primitive man, the more he or she shows their primitivism through the intolerance and aggressiveness towards all “others”.

In particular, it is instructive and at the same time disgusting — to observe them, for example, angrily screaming at the televised political show-debates. And this kind of behavior is learned from them by other co-viewers of such shows, including children and youth!

But it must be understood that the development of such soul’s qualities programs to hell and the exclusion of positive Evolution of the Universal Flow of Consciousness!

* * *

I will say a little more on the topic of violence. From the point of view of God — it is not permissible, with the exception of those extreme cases where my or our violence is done for the sake of protection, to rescue the innocent.

In this regard, the question can be raised: what is God’s attitude to military service and military art.

This could be long and hard to argue, but I will do better bringing a flawless argument, putting the point in this debate. It is: both Krishna, Duke Dmitry Pozharsky, His Friend and Comrade-in-arms Kuzma Minin (after another further embodiment in a woman’s body with the name Volhva [12]), Admiral Pavel Nakhimov, and, for sure, still very many more Those Whom I do not know, — are now, too, the Holy Spirits.

Next — I invite all you who are interested in this topic, to consider in detail how a serviceman should build relations with those with whom he or she jointly fights against aggressors, and also with representatives of the opposing side. The materials which were collected in the book [12] can help to figure this out.

I’ll give you a hint: knowing, what God expects from us, we must learn to constantly perceive His Will. We now know that He is not a flying invisible man, which, of course, would be insufficient for all people. But He is — in size — the Universal Living Ocean, Who resides directly under the atoms of the body of each of us!

And we must learn to consider our own thoughts, emotions and actions — with His position, that is, from the perspective of my personal compliance with the single Process of Evolution of the Universal Consciousness. Now we know much more about it — after reading this and our other books!

... We can, in particular, be sure that violence is unacceptable in sexual relations.

So, let’s analyze: what are the karmic consequences of the mass raping of women during wars — by “winners”. We will see that it is possible to win in the world of matter, but to suffer a defeat, the total self-destruction — on the way of personal evolution hereafter...

* * *

After all, we ascertain for ourselves that the love, which is wanted to be seen in us by God, is much wider than just the sexual aspect of love.

But sexual love can become an important part in the spiritual development.

And the perfection of our love — it is the fullness of the realization of real love for God.

But it will be possible only when God — in His different Aspects and Manifestations — becomes the cognized Reality.

And for this to happen, it makes sense to devote to spiritual perfecting all the life!

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