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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Where Should One Seek God?

To Understand God/Where Should One Seek God?

Where Should One Seek God?

God in the Aspect of the Primordial Consciousness (or the Creator) and in the Aspect of the Holy Spirits does not live in “some distant place”. Therefore, you do not have to say prayers to Him as loud as possible so that He may hear and come flying to listen. No. The infinite Ocean of the One Universal God can be found beneath every cell of the body of every one of us. He is always very close and, at every moment, sees and hears everything that we do, say, and think! He perceives our emotions.

Nevertheless, He is in a different layer of the multidimensional space, and this layer is located at the subtlest end of the subtlety-coarseness scale.

It is impossible to see this layer from the denser layers of the multidimensional space. God, on the contrary, by looking from His Subtlety to the denser layers, sees everything.

There exists the opinion that God is incognizable. He is indeed incognizable for the people that have not refined themselves as souls.

In reality, in order to be able to cognize Him, it is necessary to enter His Abode, which is the “basic”, subtlest, infinite, and eternal layer of the Absolute.

The Path to there is traversed through refinement of the consciousness.

He lets those who have progressed along this Path not only become closer to Him, but also enter into Him and merge with Him forever.

Has it become clear now why He has created the Earth with all of us and what He expects from human beings?

So, from this stage of personal theoretical knowledge, everyone can outline a plan of his or her further development and then live according to it, correcting it and supplementing it constantly.

Another important element of the spiritual work is to make reports about what has been done. These reports have to be made for oneself and for God, Who is the permanent Witness of all our mental processes.

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