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Psychical Self-Regulation

To Understand God/Psychical Self-Regulation

Psychical Self-Regulation

I will once again mention that there currently exists an efficient and scientifically grounded system of psychical self-regulation developed by us that enables one to rapidly learn to control one’s own emotions [9 and others]. This system is based on learning to use the functions of the chakras and principal meridians of our organisms. In this learning process, the emphasis is on the development of the anahata, the pectoral chakra, in which and from which the spiritual heart can begin to grow.

The anahata is the principal chakra of the soul that grows properly. Only after establishing oneself in this chakra, can one learn to fully experience the emotions of love and free oneself with ease from negative emotions such as anger, irritation, jealousy, arrogance, conceit, the feeling of being oppressed by other people or circumstances, etc., as well as from the egoistic desire to appropriate things that belong to others.

An anahatic person transforms himself or herself gradually into a fountain of the emotions of goodwill and love, radiating these states to the surrounding space. Such a person literally converts himself or herself into love thus resembling God, Who is Love (1 John 4:16).

In this way and in no other way can a person become closer to God. In other words, it is possible to become closer to Him only by the quality of the consciousness. Only then does God become cognizable for such a person!

(More details about how to develop the spiritual heart can be found in [11,13] and in all the other books by us).

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