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A Few Words about Sex

To Understand God/A Few Words about Sex

A Few Words about Sex

What is the most important thing for us in sexual relations? It is tenderness, which originates from the gratitude to our beloved!

The subtlest sexually tinged tenderness-gratitude is what refines the consciousness very effectively. This is one of the factors that contribute to spiritual progress! These emotions of subtle tenderness are fully in tune with the state of the Holy Spirits!

A common urge of inexperienced partners, especially of men, during sexual interactions is to join the genitals as fast as possible. This is wrong. To create emotions of tenderness, a man should first caress the erogenous zones of his beloved for a long time. These could be nipples of mammary glands, skin of the back at the level of the shoulder-blades (the area of the anahata chakra), sacrum, and buttocks (the area of the svadhisthana chakra). (However, there are women in whom these zones are not erogenous). Then one can switch to caressing the clitoris, one of the most important erogenous zones of a female body.

While doing this, both partners start feeling emotional resonance, and their mutual tenderness flames up more and more.

(Nevertheless, it is necessary to distinguish between tenderness and coarse sexual passion. On the other hand, possibly, only those who have developed their spiritual hearts are capable of doing this).

Many women can reach an orgasm if a man merely caresses their clitoris with his hand. (There are different types of orgasms among women. The most common ones are clitoral, vaginal or g spot, and cervical).

A typical variant of a sexual interaction can be the following: after the long caressing of the clitoris with his hand (necessarily clean), a man starts stimulating the vaginal erogenous zone (g spot), which results in a fast orgasm of his beloved. After that, they can join their genitals and continue to enjoy the beauty of the bright emotions of the subtlest tenderness, rooting themselves in these states and accustoming themselves to them.

This variant of sexual interactions allows men with weak erection and premature ejaculation to participate in them, because, when female genitals are quite wet, a vaginal penetration is possible even with weak erection or even without it.

After both partners have reached an orgasm, the time comes for new caresses on the background of deep calm; that is why it is not right to abandon the bed immediately after an orgasm.

We have examined the ethical aspect of sexuality in detail in the book [9] and in some other books.

In the last edition of this book, I, for the first time in history, proposed, among other rules, a rule for sexual relationships according to which the man should not ejaculate inside the genitals of the women without her clearly expressed consent.

Nor should we forget that there exist venereal and other diseases, which one can contract during sexual contacts. We must be cautious with this as well!

It is ethically correct to participate in sexual contacts only to give love to the other and to obtain mutual harmony, and not with a purpose of finding pleasure for oneself!

It is clear that any form of violence during a sexual interaction contradicts this rule and is a sin that has negative karmic consequences.

It is also necessary to understand that absolute sexual permissiveness cannot be considered as “a method of spiritual work”, because the “mixture of the gunas” is not approved by God [4,9,12]! In this case, this is about sexual contacts between people who significantly differ by their level of energetic purity, first and foremost.

Apart from this, it should be mentioned that interest in sex must not distract, not even to the smallest degree, our attention from the main Goal, which is God.

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