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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


To Understand God/Appendix


To Jesus on Christmas
(by Aleksey Dikiy)

We want to give You the gift

Of washing away all our defects and

Of filling our hearts with pure love

So that we, as souls,

rush to the Embrace of the Father!

It may be that it will not be possible

to change ourselves at once,

But we know now what we are living for!

We say happy birthday to You, Jesus!

We thank You, the Holy Spirit, and the Father!

(January 2016)

To Jesus
(by Svetlana Kravtsova)

We can love You

Only if we forget about ourselves.

By loving You, We can get to know

About the Subtle Light in the Depth!

What value does the world of the Creation have?

I do not know anything sweeter than the Embrace of Your Tenderness!

The mergence of the hearts occurs... What can be more beautiful than to dissolve in silence with You?!

(September 2015)

The Answer of Jesus

Look how beautiful the sunrise is!

This moment is for you!

The tenderness of the forest, of flowers,

and of grass

Is inside you now!

I love you with the sun, with spring,

With silent fall, with pure winter!

I caress you with hot summer

And embrace you with silence, loving you!

I am with you from the beginning of the Path!

I am always behind your back!

Let the Subtlest Light from the Depth

Enter your heart together with Me!

Where you separateness dissolves,

Only My Tenderness remains!

And My Love shines in you

When you heart is in silence!

Written down by Svetlana Kravtsova
(September 2015)

The Path — Revelation from Babaji

You are on the right way! You will traverse the Path till its end!

However, maturing in God takes years, not moments!

Only the one who works hard can overcome the entire Path!

It is not time for those who are weak and can only pray to sink in God!

Develop tender power, love, and calm!

Become the boundless soul, and then you will be with Me!

I take your hand and lead the way

To the Primordial Depth, where Love and Calm are!

Only those who are pure souls

Will overcome the entire Path,

By aspiring to become Perfect

And sink in Me!

Written down by Larisa Vavulina
(January-March 2016)

About Upbringing —
Revelation from Pythagoras

I want to speak about the upbringing of children and adults as well.

An educator can achieve success only if he or she addresses the soul directly.

It is so because it is necessary to bring up a soul — the real essence of every person — and not the body.

To bring up means, among other things, to nourish with love! This is the food that the soul primarily needs for its correct growth!

The body also should be trained so that it can serve well to the needs of the soul.

It is important for everyone to understand that emotions serve as food for the growth of the soul.

Emotions are the states of the soul with which it unconsciously reacts to the external influences of the surrounding world or which it produces itself. Emotions arise and are maintained in special energy centers called chakras.

Thus, the warmth of love is born in the anahata chakra. This chakra is the most important. (You spoke a lot about chakras, their functions, and how to work with them in your books and films, that is why there is no sense to repeat this).

To maintain the purity and development of the chakras is the duty of every incarnate person.

And one more thing: life is simple and harmonious if there is love for God in it.

Written down by Larisa Vavulina
(January-March 2016)

About the Straight Path —
Revelation from Thoth the Atlantean

“How can I hear and understand You better?”

“No words are needed for the communication between pure and developed consciousnesses! Everything is clear without them!

“If the words are to be formed, I have to enter your body and visit your brain. However, for this, your mind has to be open and directed to Me, and your individual thinking has to be temporarily switched off. Otherwise, the precision of the perception of the information will be disturbed by you.

“I want to speak with everyone about the Straight Path to the Home of the Universal God!

“May all those who have started this Path know the fundamental rules of it:

— go always only forward till the end,

— never divert the attention from the main Goal of the Path,

— learn to separate that which is external from that which is internal and keep in mind that the external is ordered by the internal,

— be open for the cognition of the Primordial One,

— be loving and tender,

— be brave and resolute,

— be attentive and careful,

— be firm and patient,

— be humble,

— accept and fulfill the Supreme Will,

— aspire for the Mergence with the Primordial One and for the service to Him within your strengths.

Written down by Larisa Vavulina
(January-March 2016)

What do we need to enter the United We?
(from Bogatyr and Sulia)

You have seen that each one of Us, the Holy Spirits, led a different life in His or Her previous incarnation. Among Us, there were athletes who developed personal power, slender girls who cheered up others through the subtle art of dance and song, faithful preachers of God, fighters against evil, doctors, healers, etc. A great variety of different qualities!

Now, We all form the United We and serve incarnate people with those qualities of Ours that can be useful for each person who develops successfully.

So, judging by many of Our qualities, We are different, but what do We have in common? What allows Us to enter into the United We?

Apart from a developed intellect, primarily it is the ethical purity. (Those who do not have this ethical purity continue living in their afflictions one incarnation after another).

The next necessary quality is the subtlety of the consciousness. The level of this subtlety must be such as to be allowed to stay in Our Abode.

We Only let Such People into Us!

So, you should urge everyone to become like this!

Written down by Vladimir Antonov

(October 2014)

Love Will Make the Path!
(from Han)

Learn to love in the way that I love you!

May all doubts go away and your arrogance dissipate!

Love will make the Path! Come Home, My Home and your Home!

The Creator is One! There is no other Truth!

Look, here is Light! Cognize It in yourself by perceiving Me!

See how I stretch My Arms and touch with tenderness

Everyone living on the surface of the Earth!

I cherish them with My Arms of Love!

I wisely help all living creatures!

I fill them with Light and Love from the Depth!

... Learn to be Me! I am guiding you!

Work together with Me! I bless you!

Written down by Alexey Grechanikov
(August 2013)

Become Tender Care For Others!
(from the Bishop Tikhon)

It is not easy to change oneself!

But to drive away evil from your life,

You need to cuddle up to the Light

And fall in love with the Heavenly Father!

May you root yourself in this Light!

Forget about your former self!

Look critically at your imperfections

And cast away from the soul

everything that is not love!

Not for some welfare or award,

Not for yourself, you have chosen the Path!

So humble your pride

And forget who you were before!

Root out evil from yourself faster

In order to peacefully live in the Light of God!

By giving yourself to Him,

you will manage to traverse the entire Path!

Become tender care for others!

Written down by Alexey Grechanikov
(September 2014)

from the Bishop Tikhon

In order to learn to hear God,

The soul has to become subtle first,

To include ethical principles in its life,

And to learn to live differently!

Try to explain this to people!

Try to explain how one can first change one’s life

So that these decisions contribute

To the desirable change of one’s destiny!

There are those who are ready

to change among people,

And you can inspire them!

When you start feeling your responsibility for this

You will change yourself rapidly as well...

Written down by Alexey Grechanikov
(October 2014)

How important it is to listen to God
(from Sulia, Lada, and Rada)

It is so important to be with You one on one

Without superficial words and thoughts,

Feeling You always in ourselves,

And to be inseparably connected with You!

You are my most important Teacher!

You are my beloved and dear Father!

I attentively listen to every rustle of You

And try to heed everything,

Understanding that You speak with me in this way!

Your voice — so tender and soft —

Raises in the depths of my heart

And sounds in me, being so moving!

I heed and see that through the words of Your poems,

You flow as Light

And lovingly touch everyone who is open for kindness!

Written down by Dmitriy Osipov
(September 2014)

Become Me!
(from Adler)

From now on, you need to love everyone as I love!

You can learn to be My Fire

After becoming subtle and huge

And dissolving in Me!

The “Sun of God” shines equally for everyone

And illuminates everything in the Creation!

So the one who can thus shine

to the world with the spiritual heart

Can verily become Me!

Go into Me! I will show you how I create

By filling with Myself all the beauty!

The Creator is My Divine Essence!

Thus I work on the entire universe!

Come into My open Arms!

I am filling you with My Bliss!

I suggest that you always live like this!

Learn to be like Me in everything!

Written down by Dmitriy Osipov
(September 2014)

In My Arms
(from Matthew the Apostle)

Only in My Arms, is there Silence and Calm!

Here the moments of Love turn into Eternity.

With the oceanic wave from the universal Depths,

I absorb you carrying you to the Infinity!

You are in My Arms and you are going deeper into Me!

I fill you with Supreme Bliss!

And in the mergence of the hearts,

you lose “yourself”

Gaining the Unity in the Universal Ocean!

Written down by Larisa Vavulina
(September 2014)

To a Traveler
(from Kair)

The destinies that were not lived,

The peaks that were not climbed,

Are like a heavy load for the soul,

Like coarse shadows that fell on a valley...

Here is the traveler who stopped walking the Path

Reaching only its half,

Sad and tired,

Being unable to overcome a steep ascent...

The songs that were not sung,

The words that were not uttered,

The love that was not given,

Are the causes of this grief...

... However, there is a different life!

And there is the Source of Power!

There is the Path with love for God!

And there is the Goal — the Only One Creator!

And you can stand up again,

rejecting your tiredness,

Illuminating the Path with love

And shining with tenderness!

You can continue the Path!

You can kindle with Pure Light

So that the songs that were not sung

Begin to sound!

You can become Love

And, overcoming all difficulties,

Walk the Path of Heart,

Of Calm and Freedom!

Written down by Anna Zubkova
(February 2014)

Oh People, My People!
(from Nikolay Nekrasov)

Oh people, My people!

If you only knew how God loves you,

how He nourishes and cherishes

The love that is maturing in your spiritual hearts!

You are God’s children!

If you only knew what it means to live in Light,

How you can aspire for Him,

And how you can merge with Him in Bliss!

With the sunlight, God awakes love

And with beauty, He fills souls!

Under the canopy of forests

and in the vastness of fields,

He caresses all lives with His Tenderness!

Oh people, My people!

Get to know how the heart loves!

Inside it, there is love that gives itself,

Inside it, there is love that glorifies God!

May love be born in hearts!

May kindness become stronger in souls!

May the arms of souls grow by embracing vastness,

Forests, seas, valleys, and mountains!

You do live on this planet for a purpose!

So, may souls grow in Light

And may love lead you by the Straight Path

To the Home of the Father!

Written down by Anna Zubkova
(September 2014)

About Missed Time
(from the Bishop Tikhon)

You must not postpone

Work on the purification of yourself as a soul!

The life of a person is always before God

So may it pass in the silence of the heart!

If the time for good deeds was missed,

It is painful for the soul to recall this...

Everything good that was not done in the past

Will echo as a load in one’s destiny!

Having abandoned this earthly world,

The soul will look with bitterness

At those possibilities to become better

That it missed living an empty life...

Written down by Anna Zubkova
(September 2014)

Life with God
(from Adler)

Today I will reveal to you

The mysteries of your “earthly chains”!

You will see the traces of causes and effects

In each one of your “misfortunes”!

Do not be afraid

When the winds of destinies begin to blow stronger,

For I am always with you

In everything that has happened and will happen!

I will help you understand all this!

I will teach you how to forgive any offense!

It is so easy to do when you know

How to comprehend and love everyone as I do!

Get accustomed to feeling Me always,

In every moment, hour, day, and night!

My care surrounds you

And I am always ready to explain and help you!

You can keep at distance

Bad emotions and idle thoughts!

You can see the Road with the flaming heart

And overcome difficulties!

In your longing to give My Love

To all people of the Earth,

You are a participant in My Work.

Thus you are learning to be Me!

By changing yourself in everything,

You are learning to be the Purity!

By dissolving in My Depths,

You are cognizing My Great Calm!

Everything will be as it has to be

If you follow My Will!

Endeavor to live in My depths all the time,

In the Mergence of My Love and yours!

You can give My Light

By rising as the Sun of God for people!

This is indeed the birth, the daybreak,

The dawn of your new life!

Written down by Anna Zubkova
(October 2014)

Recommendation from Rada

God is always here,

Next to you!

So, turn your hearts

Into the Flame of God

So that your hearts

Can shine like the Sun,

So that love

Can warm everything around you!

Written down by Anna Zubkova
(October 2014)

In the Arms of Eagle

The soul thrills with delight again,

The heart can fly and soar!

The life with You is so beautiful

When You allow me to be You,

To spread my strong arms-wings,

To live, like You, in the Creative Fire,

To merge with You,

And to completely dissolve in You!

Written down by Anna Zubkova
(October 2014)

You Must Tell This to People!
(from Adler)

You again enter My Ocean —

The Primordial Ocean of Living Fire!

You again and again submerge as love

Deeper and deeper into the Infinity of Me!

To completely merge in the Unity of Love —

My Love and your love —

To fill the entire Earth with yourself

And then rise as the Sun of God over it,

May your heart open the Door!

By coming from My Universal Depths,

Show the entrance to My Abode

For all those who are worthy of this!

Reveal the science of the development of each soul

For those who want to know!

You must tell people

What you have learned living with Me!

Written down by Anna Zubkova
(October 2014)

Squad of Bogatyrs
(from Dmitry Pozharsky)

The soul should embrace

The entire Earth with great Love!

We gave Our lives

To be able to tell this to people!

We, those who love the Earth,

Were not rulers or noblemen!

But the Great Power,

The Arm of the Creator, guided Us!

Now We keep the Earth

With the Flame of Our Hearts!

One Universal Creator

Manifests His Will through Us!

We guard the Earth

With the strength of Our Arms!

Everyone in the Squad of God

Is a brother, sister, or friend to everyone else!

And may you now be with Us

in this Squad of Bogatyrs side by side!

And may you perform new deeds

of Justice and Kindness!

Written down by Anna Zubkova
(October 2014)

I Want to Be with You!
(from Emil)

Call Me in the silence of the forests!

With the arms of the spiritual heart,

The arms of love,

Embrace Me tenderly!

I am your God!

I want to be with you!

I need you as I need

Anyone else

Who accepts Me,

Who understands Me,

Loves Me, serves Me,

And disappears in Me...

I am the Infinite, Universal,

And Gentlest Calm!

I am Love! I am Tenderness!

And I want to be with you!

Written down by Anton Teplyy
(April 2014)

Tender Dawn
(from Lao)

It is early morning. Tender dawn begins.

The sunlight is streaming...

I am in the depth of the Light-Fire...

The Infinity and Eternity surround me...

I can hear the sound of breaking waves,

One wave after another...

But inside me, in the Depth,

There is only silent and tender Calm...

Here, in the Depth,

There is only Silence

Filled with Love and

Boundlessness of God!

Written down by Anton Teplyy
(April 2014)

Learn to Love My Small Children!
(from Yasin)

Learn to love My small children,

Meadow grass, reeds,

The sea of flowers in the fields!

Learn to love My small children!

Learn to take them on your arms of love,

To embrace and caress them with love!

In every pistil,

In every stamen of a flower,

There is a drop of tenderness,

a drop of love and of Me!

Caress them all,

Embrace them with yourself!

And love them, as I love them!

This is the Path to Me!

Written down by Anton Teplyy
(October 2014)

Serve Him!
(by Anton Teplyy)

We need to serve Him

In every moment of our lives,

Day after day!

We need to be in Him,

And be Him,

The Divine Tender Subtlest Fire!

We need to fill with His Light those

who are ready to love,

Give them His Silence,

And teach them how to live in It!

We need to come out of the Depths

of the Primordial “I”

And embrace everything,

Serving, giving, and forgetting about ourselves!

Written down by Anton Teplyy
(October 2014)

Wind of Freedom!
(by Anton Teplyy)

I feel the Wind of Freedom

And I spread my arm-wings of the soul!

I fly up!

In the infinite, boundless Quietness,

I am soaring, embracing everything with myself...

Then I melt in His Love...

By dissolving myself in the limitless Depths,

I am discovering another World, the Heavenly One,

the World of the Father and Creator...

I have found the answer to all questions:

You need to become Him

And disappear!

(October 2014)

There Is Only the Ocean of the Absolute!
(by Anton Teplyy)

There is only the Ocean,

The Calm of Its Depths...

There is only the Ocean,

The Unique and Universal One!

There is only the Ocean,

In which there is no “me”!

There is only the Ocean

Of Blissful Calm and Light-Fire!

I cannot force myself to leave It!

And if I have to, I return to the Mergence

again and again,

I return to the Ocean of Blissful Calm

and Light-Fire,

Where Joy, Supreme Happiness, Peace,

and Love eternally reign!

(October 2014)

About the Path to the Creator

The Path to the Creator is not a path that is traversed in company!

This is the Path where there is only you and Me, Me and you!

If everything goes well, only I remain!

And this state — when there is only I in everything and everywhere — should become stronger with every passing day!

Written down by Anton Teplyy
(October 2014)

About Sincere Repentance

It is difficult for people to really repent,

In a way that they stop sinning from that moment on,

In a way that they stop suffering,

Trying to earn the love of others...

But it is possible to be disinterested!

It is possible to learn to give instead of taking,

To live in a way that thoughts will be pure,

To multiply kindness on the Earth,

So that everyone, carrying out his or her mission,

The burden within one’s powers,

Can correct his or her destiny

By intently studying committed mistakes!

Even to the worst sinner,

God gives a chance to change

So that, having sincerely and completely repented,

This person can achieve Liberation!

Written down by Oksana Skaraeva
(August 2014)

What is the Understanding?
(from Symeon the New Theologian)

The understanding is not just a product of the activity of the mind. By using only the mind, we can merely evaluate received information.

The understanding is something much more profound than what people are accustomed to thinking! The true understanding is the mergence of souls and perceiving others as yourself!

In order to comprehend the essence of processes and phenomena, one, as a consciousness, needs to penetrate into the Depths of the Absolute and embrace everything that is there. For this, one needs to have a sufficiently developed intellect and a spiritual heart with strong arms.

To understand another person, it is necessary to become this person for some time; this is the work of the consciousness.

And, in order to understand God, one must become God!

Written down by Larisa Vavulina

(September 2014)

Listen to the Truth!
(from Matthew the Apostle)

Listen to the Truth!

Open the doors of your heart widely and live in this way! Live being a spiritual heart that is completely open!

I am in the Depth below the material world!

I am nourishing this world in order to help souls grow!

So, love My Creation as I love it, for love is the only beneficial food for souls!

Written down by Larisa Vavulina

(September 2014)

About the Understanding
(from Mary Magdalene)

For each person, it is important to be understood by the people around him or her. Everyone has the need for such understanding and longs for it, even though most people themselves rarely make the effort to deeply understand their neighbors.

Each person has the power to understand and should develop this ability more and more! A soul can understand another soul and, in the same way, a soul can learn to understand God!

Additionally, it is important for each person to know that God also understands us. God sees all our thoughts, emotions, and desires, all our fears and aspirations, all the causes that make us act in this or that way! God knows absolutely everything about everyone! Nothing is hidden from Him!

For those who long to know the Divine Will and try to love God, it is fundamental to know that God understands us, loves us, and is willing to help us in our development and in the understanding of His Will!

With tenderness and care, God is willing to participate in the life of every soul who directs its love to Him!

To realize that God always understands you and that you can also understand God — understand what He wants from people in general and from you in particular now, tomorrow, each month, each year, and throughout all of your life on Earth — can become a great insight for an incarnate person!

To discover for oneself the reality of the Love-Understanding of God is enough to initiate the catharsis or purification of the soul!

It is quite real to establish a mutual understanding with God!

The main key for this is the development of heart love!

Love unites souls!

Love allows one to eliminate one’s egocentrism and, instead of seeing oneself in the center of a small world where everything is “mine” and “for me”, see the infinite universe, the Creation of God, in which everything is created by Him for the development and self-perfection of His small and big children!

* * *

Developing the ability to understand another person is a big step towards gaining the ability to understand God.

We can begin to master the mutual understanding with an interlocutor by maintaining our own inner silence, by listening to and feeling this person without interrupting him or her with the hustle of our thoughts.

We can love and care for other people while avoiding both violentness and the imposition of our own will on them.

We can learn to communicate in this way with our relatives, children, co-workers, or strangers with whom we only came in contact with for just a moment.

However, if we encounter those who, due to their blindness of the soul, are filled only with hatred, then we must, if possible, distance ourselves from these people and have no business with them (unless it becomes necessary to protect someone from these people).

* * *

The Divine Love pours onto everyone, but it manifests itself in different ways. For example, sometimes God will caress people. Other times, God will help people understand by applying strict measures on them. And other times, He does not do anything, waiting for the right time to exert His influence.

So, when helping another person, you should also sense and evaluate whether the quantity of your help is adequate and whether your help is timely! Overeating even a beneficial food can cause harm, provoking, for example, indigestion. This is even more true when it is comes to spiritual knowledge and initiations!

In addition, each person to whom spiritual help is provided should, from a certain point, start walking by himself or herself and learn to lean on God rather than on other people.

Nevertheless, developing heart love and observing the laws of kindness is appropriate for everyone, regardless if this person is a big or a small soul. This cannot cause any harm.

* * *

Unfortunately, so far only a few people were able to understand what Jesus taught, even though everything is so simple, namely:

— God is Love and one can understand Him only by transforming oneself (as a soul) into Love!

— Understand what God wants from you and do it! Then the Way to Heaven will open up for you!

— Fulfill in your life all that God wants from you and you will be with Jesus in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the Abode for All Those Who have fulfilled the Teachings of God in their totality!

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(October 2014)

Self-perfection is the Task
for an Incarnate Soul
(from Andrew the Apostle)

One does not live on the Earth to drink, eat, have fun, make money, spend it, satisfy some desires, and later generate new ones. No, this is not the purpose of human life! (Even though on the early stages of the development of the soul, desires and needs stimulate the growth and development of some positive and negative qualities).

At some point, the soul parts with its body, which is what people are accustomed to calling “death”. Next will come the “harvest time”, the time to recapitulate on what was done in the body, and it will be sad if what was done is less than what could have been done.

It is very important to understand that a person, as a soul, is not really separated from God or from other souls that live and evolve on this planet. The feeling of separation is generated by the limited perception of the small human mind. However, during the development of the soul, these limitations are easily eliminated by the correct understanding of the purpose of the life in a material body.

And self-development or self-perfection is the task of the life of the soul!

By loving others that live nearby and by helping them in all that is good, one finds for oneself the best opportunities for one’s own development. A person who lives for others and experiences the joy and satisfaction for both the help provided to others and for the happiness given to others, gradually develops the Divine qualities within himself or herself!

Such a person can also learn to embrace with his or her love a bigger and bigger volume of space in which there are those whom he or she loves and whom he or she helps. They do not necessarily need to be people. One can also give one’s caring-love to souls that live in bodies of plants and animals.

Thanks to this, a person begins to experience that he or she is needed by others and that he or she participates in the life and development of everything that is around . It is a pleasant and correct feeling!

Later on, one can include God, the Creator and Main Teacher, in one’s understanding of the meaning of life.

It is essential, because the meaning of self-perfection consists in flowing into the Creator, in becoming One with Him within the Great Divine Ocean of Love! In this Mergence, there is the highest happiness that a soul can experience! This can be called Nirvana, life in the Kingdom of Heaven, Self-realization, transformation into the Higher “I”, or by other words. However, the essence is not in the words! The important thing is that only the Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness gives final Liberation and the Highest Bliss!

Those Who have achieved the Perfection live in this Blissful Unity without interruption.

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(October 2014)

The Open Door to the Divine World
(from Mark the Apostle)

“I am the door; whoever enters through Me
will be saved (...)” (John 10:9).

The Door to the Divine world, opened by Jesus two thousand years ago, is open right now as well.

However, are there many people who have entered and are there many who are trying to enter?

Those who could have entered are much more numerous than those who have actually done so.

For this reason, We are here and We try once again to bring the true knowledge about God to people.

We wish to help those who are ready to walk towards God-the-Father!

This Path is the Path of the transformation of oneself as a soul!

We are keeping this Door open and We shine with Our Light, the Light of the Divine Souls, inviting you in this way to start the Path!

Without any doubt, before and after Jesus, there have been Great Divine Teachers on the Earth Who taught to humanity and Who explained this Path to people.

Nevertheless, We, the Disciples of Jesus, observe now a great number of people who call themselves Christians but do not see this wide open Entrance to the Abode of Love, to the Abode of the Heavenly Father! For this reason, We repeat again and again:

— Simple and clear is the Path of Love!

— But it requires renunciation of one’s own egocentrism, the life only for oneself, and learning to live for God!

For one who has learned to understand God and has learned to live for Him, it is very easy to carry life on the Earth!

And it should be mentioned that to live for God does not mean performing certain rituals and following certain “rules”!

To live for God means perfecting oneself as a soul* and doing those things that can help other souls in their evolution.

That person is happy who knows how to be happy by making others happy!

If such a person feels joy and God’s approval as a response to what he or she does, then his or her life becomes filled with real meaning and brings the greatest happiness!

God directs this person, helps him or her to correct committed errors, and gives the Bliss of His Presence thus rewarding this person for the correctly directed efforts!

Living in this way, this spiritual practitioner easily climbs the steps of the development of the soul that lead to the open Door of the Abode of the Creator!

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(October 2014)

Recommendation from Matthew the Apostle

Live without agitation and feel Me all the time!

Yes, it is necessary to take care of earthly matters! But soon worldly affairs will go away, and then what?

Look, My open Arms and My open Heart are always with you! They are like an Entrance to the Creator, to the Great World of the Heavenly Father!

We are always waiting here for you! This is, from now on, your Universal Home, yours and Ours, whereas in the earthly world everything is transitory!

Look at, for example, this dry leaf that the light wind is carrying along the surface of the water…

This leaf opened, became green, and grew, but later it became yellow and fell from the tree thus making its final flight… And now it is swimming on the smooth surface of the water…

You, on the other hand, should transform yourself into a Divine Soul so that you can be with Us always after leaving the earthly world and so that you can obtain the Great Divine Calm!

And later, having dissolved yourself in the Infinity of the Creator, you can rise from there being the Divine Fire and manifesting the Will of the Heavenly Father!

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(October 2014)

The Giants of the Spirit
(from Odin)

In the shallows of life, just like in the breaking waves of the ocean, souls are shaken and are moving to and fro in endless worries and agitations.

These are small souls, who eat, sleep, reproduce, and grow almost without being aware of themselves.

In the high and low waves of existence, exposed and influenced by the winds and bad weather of their destinies, these beings live.

In tiny fluctuations, in little falls and flights of low height, they spend their short lives inside of the swirls of the ordinary things in which they still cannot see the Great Path to the Depths…

But there also exists a different life.

Here are the mountains! Staying in the middle of the sea, they easily resist the pressure of the elements! They are unshakeable before the blows of winds and severe storms!

And they are also beautiful and magnificent in the calm of a tender sunrise or sunset!

The mountains are united with the whole Earth and their deep foundation is indestructible!

The Giants of the Spirit are similar to the mountains! Their foundation is in the Abode of the Creator!

This is how the Great Ones live, the Ones Who, knowing God, are unshakeable and indestructible before the blows of events that happen in worldly life!

They manifest Their Wisdom, Power, and Love to people!

And those who are still subject to the futile agitations from the changeability of life can understand Their Calm, Their Love, and Their Wisdom.

The Greatness of the Giants of the Spirit can serve as an example and give hope to the traveler who wants to overcome the setbacks of destiny in the maelstrom of life and continue his or her Path towards the Great Goal! The Giants of the Spirit really serve as beacons for those who yearn to grow in the love and purity of the soul and who perseveringly search for the life in Unity with God!

It is necessary for one to reach the understanding of the meaning of existence and of the Goal of incarnate life! The Giants of the Spirit illuminate with Themselves the Path that leads to the cognition of the Creator of everything, to the Unity with both the Creative Power and the Eternal Lord, Who is One and Infinite in the universe, Who contains within Himself, in the indissoluble Unity, all Those Who have achieved Him!

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(October 2014)

About the Beauty of the Earth
and about Love
(from Volhva)

I will tell you about the beauty of the Earth and about love.

The dome of the sky above the earth is filled with silence and is transparent! Below this, dwell the beautiful creatures of God!

This is the temple of nature and beauty, built by the Love of the Creator for us!

Always and in all places His Love and Joy are with you!

See the miracle that the sky unfolds for you at sunrise, when dawn is born over the forest in the luminous and bright amber!

See the sunset that turns pink over a steppe!

Experience the transparent calm with which the vastness is filled with!

Spring greets you with its cheerful verdure and tinkling of streams! The songs of flocks of migrating birds ring over My beloved Earth and gladden the heart with heavenly joy!

Behold the summer that crowns the fertile land with golden fields! Behold a loaf of bread that carries within itself the fruits of human labor, the gifts of the Earth!

And autumn that makes golden foliage dance and washes the land with its transparent rains!

With the glitter of snow, winter delights the eye!

And once again the tranquility of winter is changed by the awakening of the beautiful spring!

This is how the beauty of nature teaches us to love and to open our spiritual hearts!

The world of the pristine purity of nature, the paradisiacal world that was created by the Creator, is now before us!

Get to know it! Look from the heart, and you will see everything that is so beautiful and in tune with the Love, Bliss, Tenderness, and Caress of God!

When you feel the heart love, it will open in the soul a spring of transparent water!

Happy are those who see the presence of the Creator in all the beauty that is around them, in the grass that began to turn green on a mound, in newly opened and tender little leaves of a birch tree, or in the transparent waters that come from snow that has melted!

Like a spring day that wakes and warms everything and everyone, so lives the person who carries the heart light inside him or her!

And later only one steps remains to be made towards the cognition of the Creator of all this beauty!

* * *

The purification of the soul implies — as a prerequisite — the understanding of what is good and what is bad according to the opinion of God.

After this, not causing harm and consciously doing good is the change that allows one to advance on the Straight Path!

Living in the spiritual heart makes one unable to think in a negative way, with condemnation, and also prevents one from reacting offensively or angrily. Such a person extinguishes the disharmonies with his or her soft calm and embraces everything with his or her love and care.

This can and should be learned!

Each person transforms by himself or herself! The Teachers only explain the possibilities!

And it is not possible to force someone to be good, but it is possible to talk about this in such a way that one wants to be good!

The Light of Love and the Great Bliss arise when the human soul touches the Divine Soul!

The Divine Fire and the Higher “I” lights up where the individual “I” burns and dissolves in God!

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(October 2014)

Divine Grace
(from Manuel*)

Mist is floating over a river...

There is silence, beauty, and bliss everywhere!

The spiritual heart is filled with calm,

And one can embrace the entire Earth

with one’s care!

The soul merges with the soul in tenderness!

Thus, by living in love, it is easy to understand

The importance of this simple truth:

Happiness consists in giving good to all!

This is a Sacred Law of a righteous life:

To fill everything with love!

One who follows this Path

Obtains the Divine Grace of life with God!

The soul can cognize God

In the Purity, in the Silence, and in the Depth!

And then it is easy to live on the Earth

In order to give His Love to everyone

and everything!

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(January 2016)

Conversation with God
(from Manuel)

“My universal Father,

“How can I live for You?

“How can I improve myself

“Through my repentance?

“How can I overcome sadness?

“How can I revive joy?

“How can I love everything

“Around me as You love?”

“The answer is simple and clear:

“Each soul has the heart!

“The Light of the Truth

“Is cognized there in silence!

“There Love

“And heavenly Calm are born!

“There We can be always

“In Unity with you!”

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(January 2016)

Final Glory
(from Admiral Nakhimov)

I let go of everything that held me here!

“Cast off! Anchors aweigh!”

The city is in siege, the fleet is sunk,

But I do not participate in this anymore...

I let go of everything that I loved and kept,

My ships, my faithful friends...

The battle is raging and people are dying

But I am not in command of it anymore...

The boat with my body is drifting on the waves...

The sailors and officers

Are saluting me...

Sebastopol is in flames...

But my earthly battle is over...

Only Shining Light is ahead!

Here the results of different battles are important

And the fruits of other victories are valuable!

Here the Arms of Those Who shine with Light

Receive you inside Love and Calm!

And I understand what I lived for

And I am happy that I came Home!

The other shore is far away...

Somewhere in the distance is the planet Earth...

But here — inside the United We of the Holy Spirits

There is a Pure Haven for me!

I have submerged in the Tenderness of Love,

Which I grew and kept in my heart!

And the Shining Light embraces me!

And God accepts me into Himself!

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(March 2016)

The Call
(from Khem)

Merge with Me completely as soon as you can,

And we will write the words of Love!

May the Fire fill these words!

They will sound through you!

I am revealing to you now

The mysteries of My Pyramids!

Cognize the Power of Fire!

Grow the Power of God inside you!

Become the Power of My Love!

Become the Fire That creates this world!

Learn to live from the Depths

Where My calm always reigns!

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(April 2016)

Forget about Everything Worldly!

Forget about everything worldly,

Reject it as soon as you can!

The Path to God is blazed!

It waits for you! Hurry up!

Do not find comfort in the hope

That “some other day, in the future...”

Only one who itches to get to God

Will overcome this Path!

“I can’t! Nothing comes out well!”

You say!

“It’s impossible! I don’t have enough strength!”

You whimper!

Do not whimper or cry, feeling sorry for yourself!

Do not hope that someone will help you!

Only in your hands is your destiny!

God is omnipotent, but He will not help you in this

If your love is not strong enough,

The love that moves us forward,

The love that opens the Path,

The love that fills us with courage

and kindles our hearts!

Written down by Anton Teplyy

(June 2016)

Your Love!

I melt in Your Tenderness...

The entire Earth is full of it!

The whole universe

Is filled with Your Love!

In endless Ecstasy,

I am in Mergence with You!

Everything mundane has disappeared,

And only Your Light is everywhere!

Written down by Anton Teplyy

(June 2016)

Some Advice from Divine Teachers
to a Beginner Spiritual Seeker

Flying Horse (Native American name):

“Don’t let the clouds of dark thoughts cover your inner firmament!

“Be a shining and radiating Heart!”


“Don’t think of ‘Enlightenment’! Think of God, and only then you will achieve Him!

“This is a very important thought!

“And one more thing that I want to tell you: you are not attached to material boons, and this is good! But you are attached to the feeling of your own misery and inability, and this is bad!”

Elisabeth Haich:

“I want you to love Me!

“To love and to be Love is the Path to Mergence!”

Jesus Christ:

“You need to become the Ocean of Love and embrace with this Ocean every living being in the way that you embrace the most beloved people!

“Be love! This is the answer to all your questions!

“I will help you to become Love if you do not forget about Me, for I am Love!”

Divine Sufi Poet:

“Go deeper! Now you are just on the very surface of Me!

“Don’t be distracted by the calamities of this world!

“I invite you to My Depths! I invite you to become One with Me!

“... But love blossoms in the silence of the mind!

“Your mind should become like the surface of a morning lake when there is no wind. In this case, your will be perceiving God without any effort.

“When this becomes your natural state, I will totally become One with you!

“Don’t look for the ‘miracle pill’! There isn’t one!

“The spiritual Path is hard work from beginning till end!

“Those who work hard on themselves finish this Path victoriously!

“Those who refuse will have their next incarnations to understand this fact. If you don’t want to be one of them (and I know that you don’t want to), work hard!”

Written down by Keenan Murphy

(December 2015-January 2016)

Phillip the Apostle

In the desert of this world,

I beheld the Source of Life!

In the abyss of calamities,

I found the Road to Light,

And, in spite of cruelty around me,

I cognized the Bliss of Those

Who have merciful hearts!

Cognize, through a righteous and wise life,

The Truth that Jesus the Teacher brought to us!

The one who finds Love in one’s spiritual heart

Will not lose the Straight Path

and the Help of the Wise!

Those Who attained Immortality

Are not afraid of death of their bodies!

They are in the Abode in which Life is total Bliss!

What a pity that only few now look for this Path

and for Perfection!

Written down by Anna Zubkova

(June 2016)

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