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Chapter Six: Leaving to Return

The Saga of Odin/Chapter Six: Leaving to Return

Chapter Six:
Leaving to Return

Odin stopped his narration for some time.

I waited for the continuation of the story for several months.

On that day we meditated amidst beautiful expanses of meadows that extended for many kilometers to the left and to the right. In our wooded lands, such places are rare.

On the gently sloped hills, angelica plants flowered whose tender fragrance saturated the air heated by the sunlight. Soon fireweed will also bloom and then there will be even more beauty around us!

Odin came!

He had never come in this way before.

The Light began to rise from the Depths, and suddenly all the fireweed flowers opened simultaneously on the non-material plane! This happened not only near my body, but also at a great distance. Everywhere, the blossoming sea of meadows became covered in resplendent pink foam! It is impossible to transmit this beauty with words!

At the same time, Odin filled all this expanse above the surface of the Earth with the Tenderness that arises and pours out from the Divine Depths, similar to a universal ocean!

I even got a little confused by this Beauty manifested so Divinely and grandiosely! Tears of happiness welled up in my eyes!

Odin maintained this beautiful painting, so intensely filled with His Love, for a long time!

Then He continued His narration.

* * *

Olav and Annika walked, holding hands, amidst the pink sea of fireweed in bloom.

“Travel with me right now, Annika! I love you and you love me! It is too long to wait for the consent of your father, and during this year, in which he waits to receive the ransom, much can change!”

Olav knew in this moment that a great obstacle lied ahead. He felt the danger, but he did know whom this danger was threatening, him or Annika. He did not have any idea how it could be prevented, but he hoped that the difficulties would only come to his path. He did not want to frighten his loved one.

Meanwhile, Annika said:

“My love for you will remain unchanged, Olav! I don’t want to risk your life! Your ship is fast, but the drekkars of my father have more rowers. And if you take me against his will, they will begin to pursue us. And if they reach us, a cruel death awaits you, and I await an even more terrible fate, which is the life without you! I ask that you fulfill what my father wants and bring the heavy ransom that he asked you for, and then I will be with you always! I will wait for you, no matter what happens! Only death can stop this!”

“Alright, let it be as you wish! I will return for you and bring as much gold and jewels as your father asked me for. Only death can stop me!”

“My love, I cannot travel with you right now, but I can become your wife without waiting an entire year for this! I love you! May all the Gods be witnesses of our love!

“For if something happens with you or with me in this year, we would not forgive ourselves for not using this time when we were together!”

* * *

That which happens in the bridal chamber between a man and a woman, called husband and wife, is sacred, and this sacred union should be hidden from the eyes of others.

And that which opens up to those who truly love each other during the union of souls and bodies is impossible to transmit with the help of words.

Olav and Annika understood the great happiness of this union. All the earth was their conjugal bed and the sky covered them with itself as if with a blanket!

The Gods rejoiced for these people in love, for this love was preparation for the Great Love that unites a soul with the Creator of the entire universe!

* * *

The week before Olav’s departure passed by like a happy dream.

And when the ship departed, having hoisted the white sail, Olav stood at the stern holding the steering wheel. He did not look back. The meeting with his beloved was waiting for him! After a year, we would return here and Annika would be his forever!

She, on the other hand, stood on the edge of the cliff and whispered: “Great Gods of all the lands and seas, protect my loved one no matter where he goes on his journey! May he return! I will wait for you, my dear!”

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