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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


How God Can Be Cognized.
Book 2.
Autobiographies of the Disciples of God

Anna Zubkova, Maria Shtil,
Olga Stepanets, Larisa Vavulina,
Mikhail Nikolenko, Vladimir Antonov

ISBN 978-1-927978-43-6

Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the English translation
— Hiero Nani.

This book is one in the series of publications on the subject Methodology of spiritual development — a new branch of modern science, founded by a scientific-spiritual School of the Russian scientist-biologist Dr. Vladimir Antonov. The direction of work of this School can also be designated as a fruitful union of spiritual ecology (ecopsychology), theology, and modern developed Hesychasm.

On the pages of this book, the authors talk about how God conducted them to Himself: to the cognition of Him, to Mergence with Him, as well as about their own efforts, mistakes, and victories over their own imperfections.

These experiences can be useful for you, readers. It teaches us not to repeat the mistakes of others and allows us to emulate the things that led the authors of the book to Victory on the Path of spiritual growth.

The book is intended for all those, searching for God and aspiring to achieve one’s own Perfection.

“Evolution of the Consciousness on the Earth is moving by the Exploits of the Heroes of the Spirit!”

Huang Di (from a conversation with Him)


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