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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Seek for the Treasure Under the Pyramid!

God-Centrism/Seek for the Treasure Under the Pyramid!

Seek for the Treasure
Under the Pyramid!

“Hear and understand: the Flame is the Source of all things; everything existing is Its manifestation!

“… Hold your thoughts on uniting the Light with your human body!

“Light is the Source of all life; nothing can ever exist without the Great Light!

“Know that Light is the essence of any material object.

“Know that all space is filled with worlds within worlds.

“Deep under the image of the Pyramid, My secret lies. Seek and find it in the Pyramid that I have created.

“Follow this key that I left for you! Seek — and the doorway to the True Life will be yours! Seek it in My Pyramid, deep under it, and in the Wall*.

“I repeat that it is through the Pyramid, which I have created, you will find the secret way into the true Life!”

Thus, among other ways, Thoth-the-Atlantean [8] depicted in ancient times the spiritual Path offered to incarnate people by God.

After reading these lines, atheists suggested excavating the sand under the stone pyramids of Egypt…

However, Thoth-the-Atlantean — the Representative of the Primordial — spoke about something completely different; namely, He spoke about God in the Aspect of the Creator Who is the real Treasure for people.

I have already explained many times about the structure of the Absolute [3,8,13-16,18-25, et al.], but now I will try to expound this knowledge from another point of view, that is, from the beginning of the process of the creation of our planet.

There are two basic states, in which God in the Aspect of the Creator resides: they are calm and activity. The first one of them is characterized by the tenderest Transparency (such Divine Teachers as Huang Di, Lao Tse, Elisabeth Haich, Apostle Philip, Bartholomew, Emil, and some Others prefer to be in this state, and They teach how to master it). The second state is characterized by an active glow, which can have different manifestations and vary from Light — to Divine Fire. The latter is very tender, caressing, and does not burn righteous people.

I hope that my readers understand that God in the Aspect of the Creator (the Primordial Consciousness) is not a personality, but the United We of All Those Who have attained the Perfection throughout the entire history of God’s existence. They live being dissolved and merged with Themselves.

That is why it is correct to say that God in the Aspect of the Absolute and in the Aspect of the Primordial Consciousness is One for the entire universe.

Nevertheless, there are also personal Manifestations of God. They are the Holy Spirits, Who can proceed from the United We for some time. Perfect Divine incarnate Teachers are also personal Manifestations of God. They can be called Messiahs, Avatars, or Christs in different human languages.

Naturally, the creation of our planet did not occur in a few calendar days but in grandiose epochs (if we look at them from our human position).

It began from the Fiery — that is, Creative — state of God. To be more precise, the process of the creation was entrusted to a Holy Spirit Who calls Himself — Adler. Apart from the accounts of events of Adler about this process, we can find references to this in Tao Te Ching and Bhagavad Gita [8,10,17].

In order to comprehend the mechanism of the creation of the Earth, it is necessary to accept the knowledge about the real multidimensionality of space. These are not material universes inserted one into another, as some people dream up, but energy macro volumes or spatial strata, which differ by their levels of subtlety — density and subtlety — coarseness.

In relation to this, we can speak about the vectors that transpierce these strata: one of them goes from the Creator — up to the dense matter, and another from the Creator — up to hell.

Adler showed us (and everyone, who learns to merge with Him, may be able to see the same) how He — from His Fiery Infinity — moved out some sort of “bud”, which was composed of a slightly denser energy state. This “bud” then started becoming covered with denser layers with the help of the substance from the eon of protoprakriti [3,13,19-24, et al.].

After this, thermonuclear reactions happened for a long time inside the terrestrial globe that was formed. Thus, all known elements of matter were created. Later, continents and oceans appeared, as well as organic bodies, which gradually evolved — under the supervision of God — and which were necessary for the incarnation of souls in them.

It becomes clear that the described multidimensional conglomeration is one single structure, a Part of the One Macro Being called the Absolute. (See the statements of Pythagoras on this topic in [8,52,61]. His basis is the Divine Fire.

One more thing: it is enough for the Creator to “extinguish” His Fire under some small or big part of the Creation — and this part of the material world disappears, its dematerialization takes place.

… What is a human being and what is the totality of all incarnate organisms? What is the meaning of our common existence? Why did the Creator start all this?

The answer is quite simple: the evolution of the units of consciousness or souls takes place in the bodies of all beings, including our bodies. Its meaning is that those Humans Who attained the Perfection after numerous successful incarnations in the bodies of plants, animals, and humans, — flow into the Creator, enriching Him with Themselves.

It is also important to understand that the process of evolutionary development can occur only in the incarnate state, because a material body is a sort of “factory” that converts energy coming out from usual material food — into energy for the growing souls.

Now the evolutionary path, which every soul has to traverse to attain the Perfection, — becomes quite evident. If we “compress” this information to a significant degree, we can say that this is the path of a person up to his or her personal transformation into the Divine Fire and the Mergence with It.

How is it possible to achieve this?

Everyone should understand that his or her development is observed — in every moment! — by the Holy Spirits. If one is ethically or intellectually not ready to approach this Goal, the Holy Spirits deprive him or her of such possibility. If this person is ready, They give hints about how to develop oneself according to the psycho-energy line of the development [15-16,18-20].

… So, the creation of our planet began from its center, from its core. That is why one of the possibilities of practically cognizing the Creator is to “dive”, as a consciousness, into Him through the Earth’s core. (Let me mention that the prophecies, received by Helena Roerich, speak about the same [8,15]).

Obviously, we do not speak here about the material component of the core, but about the core in its subtlest components of multidimensionality.

It is very hard to learn this and it takes a long time.

In particular, one has to become a powerful consciousness, but this power depends on the size of the consciousness, first of all.

In order to obtain the power of the consciousness, it is necessary that all main energy structures, located inside the body, be in a good state. These structures are chakras, dantians, and principal meridians [13,21]. We were taught this by Babaji from Haidakhan, Jesus, Yogananda, Sathya Sai Baba, Yamamuto, Lao, Han, Danish Lady Gott, Lady-Sufi, Yasin, Vasilyok, Ushastik, Borovik and His Divine Mother, Assyris, Radek Volynsky, and Rada.

The most effective technique for growing the consciousness is its expansion over open spaces like seas, steppes, and deserts, as well as from the tops of mountains.

We learned this, primarily, from such Divine Teachers as Adler, Pythagoras, Konstantinos, Larisa, Thoth-the-Atlantean, Ngomo, Ódin, Sathya Sai Baba, Babaji from Haidakhan, Krishna, Eagle, Yamamuto, Kayr, Helena Sabashnikova, Kurgan-Bashi, Sacral, Ptahhotep, Juanito, Lada, Boris, Maenuel, Eremey, Yasin, Bogatyr, Giant, Wrestler, Sophia, Thya, Hajji Bei Murat, Kim, Lorenz Byron, Konrad Lorenz, Sufi Grand Master of Sufism, Sulia [8,25,46,51,53-56,59-62]. Ask Them for help — and They joyously will help everyone who deserves this.

It is very important to stress that an individual consciousness can grow successfully only on the background of his or her progressive refinement, aligning towards similarity with the Divine Teachers. The attempts to grow oneself as a consciousness on the background of opposite states means to program oneself to move further away from the Creator. This is one of the typical serious mistakes committed by spiritual seekers who lost their way.

One of the meditative methods that contribute to the advancement on this stage of development is “jumps into a Fiery abyss”.

Another method, which one needs to master simultaneously, is the transformation of oneself as a consciousness into Light and Fire through the meditation called “Divine Sun” or “Sun of God” [8]. Adler, Jesus, Surya, Kayr, Sarkar, Assyris, Nikifor, Yamamata, and Ódin [8,51,53,62] helped us a lot in mastering this.

It is possible to master these meditations only if the practitioner has already learned to be a developed spiritual heart. Additionally, he or she needs to carry out the bioenergy purification of his or her body to such a degree that the body looks completely transparent inside, if one looks at it with the help of clairvoyance from the sides of all the segments. Such purity is achieved through the methods presented in [13,21] and in our other books and films.

The meditations with the “jumps into an abyss” and with the “Divine Sun” are practiced and mastered on special places of power: working sites of Divine Teachers — Holy Spirits.

It should be noted that Carlos Castaneda inadequately described “jumps into an abyss” in his famous books. It happened because he did not manage, despite all his efforts, to transform himself into a developed spiritual heart. What he described in relation to such “jumps” — was nothing but his mystic fantasies.

This method was taught to us on different places of power by Kayr, Yamamata, Yogashira, Sathya Sai Baba, Nikifor, Adler, Thoth-the-Atlantean, Eagle, Eaglestform, Emil, Radomir, Yasin, Volhva, Sulia, Juan Matus, and Genaro [8].

I hope that my readers did not come to conclusion that such “jumps” are performed with a material body or that the “abyss” is filled with material fire. No, this is not so! The practitioner, himself or herself, as namely a consciousness (without body) “jumps into an abyss”. The main part of such a consciousness is the developed spiritual heart. The Divine Fire and the material fire have only visual similarity.

The next stage of the work in this direction are the meditations that can be altogether called “Pyramid”. They are “Pyramid” itself, “Volcano”, “Cone”, and “Temple”.

In contrast to the “Abyss”, these meditative structures have a closed horizontal space inside them (which, however, can be expanded by the practitioner). That is why such “pyramidal” meditations effectively help the practitioner (as a consciousness) to stabilize himself or herself in a certain amount of space. This, in turn, ensures the consecutive growth of the size of the consciousness.

The basis, from which the “Pyramid” comes out, is the Ocean of the Divine Fire, and the “Pyramid” creates an easy-to-use entrance into this Fire.

Thus, this Ocean becomes approachable. And the only thing that one needs to do is to learn to live in the Mergence with the Divine Ocean and then act from Him.

Adler, Thoth-the-Atlantean, Pythagoras, Cairo, Rossi, Eagle, and Khem taught us these methods most brilliantly.

* * *

This is a short exposition of the entire Path from the state of a human being — up to the Creator. You can find more details about this in our other books and films.

All people are quite different from the viewpoint of the processes of their evolutionary development. Not everyone, who desires this, will be able to traverse the whole Path in the foreseeable years. Only few will be successful. That is why, if someone has doubts or if he or she is not making any progress, it is better not to be in a hurry. For this person — for now — it is not necessary to strive to “jump into an abyss”! It is better to choose for yourself in this case a way of serving God that will be adequate to your wishes and possibilities [6-8,11,13-14,18,20,23-24,61]. You can also purify yourself ethically and in terms of bioenergy, grow yourself as a spiritual heart, and develop the arms of such a heart, so that they will become huge, loving, and tender! Then it will be much easier to advance further — from the stages that you have already mastered!

I wish success to all of you!

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