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Jesus Heals Now As Well

God-Centrism/Jesus Heals Now As Well

Jesus Heals Now As Well

Jesus Christ healed incarnate people during His life in the body and He personally does the same right now.

For this, one needs, first of all, to become worthy of His help and, secondly, to know the methods of healing suggested by Jesus.

To become worthy, means to really fulfill the Teachings that God gave us through Jesus.

One can acquaint oneself with these Teachings — in their most exhaustive form, in my opinion, — with a help from the book [18].

We can see the opposite approach by observing the example of endless parasitic panhandling to Jesus by many people. They repeat: “Lord, have mercy on us! Lord, have mercy on us! Lord, have mercy on us!” and “Give us, Lord! Give!…”. Not only incarnate people, but also the Representatives of the Creator suffer from such humdrum. People, who live like this, separate themselves from God and move themselves away from Him by their own attitude and acts. Therefore, they should not expect to receive His Gifts!

In other words, my suggestion is to study the Teachings of Jesus as thoroughly as possible and change the life so that it will turn into a service to God within one’s powers. Only then one can expect to become worthy of direct communication with Him and of receiving His healing help.

While doing this, we must remember that there is nothing impossible for God! That is why, if we do not see real improvement in the situation with our diseases, we then have to look for the cause in ourselves. It means that we should again search for our imperfections, analyze them, and correct them.

… There are different possibilities of direct communication with Jesus. For example, one can do this inside His Mahadoubles. However, there is another method for beginners, the simplest one.

You need to print a real portrait of Jesus that is created on the basis of His Shroud and that is improved and blessed to be spread among people by Sathya Sai Baba in order to help them.

Yes, Jesus is like this now as well. He embodies Divine Love, caresses and gives Bliss to those who deserve this, shows the next stages of the spiritual Path, and teaches how to merge with Him and with the Universal and Only One God!

The size of the portrait should not be less than A4. You can get it from a calendar or from the cover of the book about His Teachings from our website: http://spiritual-art.info.

It is convenient to glue the picture, for example, to a piece of cardboard so that you can put it on the wall or hold it in your hands close to your body.

Then, first of all, you need to establish — through the Face of Jesus — personal relations with Him based on the emotions of love. These emotions are born in the spiritual heart. If you never worked with your own spiritual heart, I advise you to eliminate this defect immediately: this could make it possible to really come closer to God, Who is Love (1 John 4:7-8).

If you are worthy of real relations with Jesus, you will necessarily feel the established “communication channel” between Him and the anahata chakra in your chest.

Let us try to make the stream of the emotions of love from me — to Jesus, and from Him — into my body.

Let us kindle more and more my love for Him! Let us learn to love Him!

This emotional love should become stable, and then it will be possible to cautiously ask Jesus about healing, promising Him not to stray from the spiritual Path ever again.

If I see the positive attitude of Jesus towards me during the sequence of such meditations, I can start bringing His portrait to other parts of the body, not only to the chest, specifically to my chakras and dantians.

I wish all of you the success!

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