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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

From the Editor

Gold Tablets of Atlanteans/From the Editor

From the Editor

Our ancestors, when paper was not yet invented, led in recording significant information on various other materials, including plates (tablets) of gold. Thus, for us, modern humans, the texts of the highest spiritual significance have been preserved.

Now we can make an interesting comparison. What is more valuable: gold, of which the tables were made, — or the information that was written on it from the words of the Divine Teachers?

It is clear that the answer will be predetermined by the intellectual level of those who think on this matter. It is clear that any person, who gave special attention to the recommendations to us by God, will make a choice in favor of His Teachings about the meaning of our lives on the Earth and our ability to implement it.

Yes, some people hoard wealth, drown in drunkenness, profane everyone and everything around, do violence, killing, stealing, or devote their lives to worldly amusements… And that is — before the approaching each day for each of us death of the body…

But others who have known the Truth about God and about the meaning of our lives, devote every day of their lives to the efforts on transforming ourselves in accordance with His Recommendations (Commandments).

Wishing to emphasize the spiritual significance for modern people of the texts, cited in this book, its Authors — the non-incarnate now Divine Teachers of Atlantis — have proposed to call it by the words given in the title.

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