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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Sects, Heresies and the Straight Path

Vladimir Antonov

Sects, Heresies and the Straight Path

Translated from Russian by Anton Teplyy

Corrector of an English translation:
Keenan Murphy and Hiero Nani

Article from the book "Life for God"

Vladimir Antonov

In order to really cognize God, not only understand this topic by the mind, which, of course, is also necessary, — one must develop oneself along two main lines of psychoenergetical improvement. This is a) refinement and b) the quantitative growth of the soul.


The masses of people of different faiths spend so valuable time, given to us by God for self-improvement, on various nonsenses — sometimes very malicious, sometimes just meaningless. In this way, they try to satisfy their “spiritual hunger”. Some of them drink urine, considering it as “a method of spiritual perfecting”, others torture their bodies, others jump through camp-fires and participate in other similar rites… This and much more can be combined into a group of exoteric absurdities.

But there are also esoteric absurdities. For example, the “smearing” throughout the whole body of energy mud — from the untreated chakras of the lower dantyan by means of “orbit” motions. Or training oneself to concentrate one’s own consciousness at the point between eyebrows. Or the search for God “at the point above the head”. Or attempts to master “astral flights” with the help of psychedelics, called drugs…

We met pathogenic “healers” and “yogis”, only staying next to which caused diseases, and ignorant people in these situations fell into fainting… Those “healers” learned black magic under the guise of “Buddhist practices”… The essence of those methods was to surround and fill their bodies with “angry deities”*, i.e., in fact, with devilish non-embodied beings… So they not only harmed other people, but turned themselves into devils…

Many such distortions could still be listed. As an example, some of the techniques of “modern psychology”, where it is necessary, for the sake of supposedly spiritual help to other people, to humiliate, insult them, scoff at them in every way… Sense? — this supposedly should lead to the destruction of their “lower I”… And this is done for the money, collected from the victims themselves…

What motivates such actions of those who introduce all this dirt? Usually — a combination of ignorance with an aggressive desire for leadership, plus a thirst for fame and money…

… Although there are also sincere and unselfish spiritual leaders who devote their lives to trying to help others. Turning to them, I ask them to consider the following:

Esoteric techniques should not be taught to everyone! They must be dosed in accordance with the ability of each adept to assimilate the intellectual and ethical components of spiritual work!

All people differ, including by age not only ontogenetic, but also psychogenetic. And the longest time — among all functions of the soul — the intellectual function requires for its development.

And without a properly developed intellect — the ethical principles, offered to us by God, cannot be understood and mastered.

Moreover, to put on a young as yet soul a burden of complex knowledge and responsibilities before God — may become an unbearable burden for such a soul. And then such a person can, for example, start “fooling”, yielding to vanity. Or, when such one ceases to understand the essence of the program, this one begins to hate the teacher, accusing him or her in lack of love and that everything he or she says is a lie.

Let us understand that such situations are detrimental to the fate of those who were “overfed” with information: for example, their hatred is programming them to hell.

It turns out that such a teacher — in inexperience — does not benefit others, but harms them, introducing them into temptation.

In any healthy spiritual school, an incomparably larger number of people start to learn than get to the top. The majority should receive only those portions of skills and knowledge, to which they have grown in their personal evolution. And let them grow up, accustoming themselves to life at that stage of the “ladder” of spiritual ascent, on which they have already climbed.

Mastering the initial methods of working with the spiritual heart is not contra-indicated to almost anyone, including children of any age. These methods are detailed in our book [14]. As for the higher levels, it is with them one must display high caution.

Spiritual knowledge and methods can be transmitted in the form of practical trainings — or, for example, through books.

I already spoke that it is erroneous to impose information on someone, who has not yet matured enough for this.

If people just read books about the same — they will not read what they do not understand, they will just postpone such a book for later. In this case, harm will not be done to them.

My personal experience in teaching psychic self-regulation and practical ecopsychology has allowed me to understand all this and draw these conclusions. That is why I do not conduct any practical classes for many years, but I only talk about this knowledge, as well as in this book.

Attempts by followers to find independent solutions, based on the existing at their disposal descriptions of the entire Path, — develops them more than if they received practical experience without applying serious personal efforts.

* * *

God constantly spoke and tells people about the need to develop love in oneself — as a function of the spiritual heart! This is what all the Divine Teachers of the past and of the present taught!

Why do people not wish to fulfill these Guidelines of our Creator? Instead, a lot of people are ready to strive to become pupils of any monsters offering their services!

Working on the books and articles of recent years, I saw my task in trying to build the totality of accessible spiritual knowledge, received by mankind from God, in the form most convenient for learning and mastering.

Was it successful? I think, yes. But, if someone does not agree with this, I will not be offended. I do not know how to be offended.

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