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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Three Steps of Centering

Three Steps of Centering
Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (in biology)

Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation
— Hiero Nani.

An early gentle May morning in the wood. After weeks of rain — at last the long-awaited warm sunny weather has come!

We are in a cozy clearing among pine forests. Campfire has been built on the old fireplace, harmoniously warms our bodies, while the sun's heat has not yet taken over this function.

Birds are singing their spring songs — black thrushes, robins… Woodpeckers — also lek, trill with their beaks, hitting them on the tops of dry pines. Male-ravens are also very nice singing over the forest, showing how they can be gentle when they need to please their females. Flocks of swans and geese fly. Gulls, also committing the spring flight, create by their voices, sounding in the sky, sense of serene spaciousness...

All they are our friends!

... Once, in the years of my unreasonable youth, I was accustomed to hunting animals to eat their bodies... Hunters see in these killings their own “heroism”... They are enthralled by the criminal “hunting passion” — lust for murder...

But how it is wicked — to kill our dear friends in our own completely selfish, cruel intentions!

And more: it is God Who has given them lives on the Earth! And it was done not for people to eat their flesh! For in those bodies, the souls develop — in the general Stream of Evolution of the Universal Consciousness!

People, killing animals, oppose our common Creator, confronting Him!

We may consider our right — to kill aggressive and dangerous creatures: ticks, mosquitoes, horseflies, sharks, crocodiles, dangerous to us snakes and mammals, even primitive people firmly committed to the path of cruelty, violence, and murders...

There are religious trends, which “legitimize” the killing of animals for eating their corpses, as “offerings to God”... God has given life to the animal — but people take those lives away...

Also people kill and cripple plants in vain: “Christmas trees”, willow branches on “Palm Sunday”... But in the bodies of plants, too, is the development of very psychogenetically young souls, who will then be animals, and then — people...

In my opinion, these pseudo-religious attitudes are, in fact, criminal — in the sight of God...

And what do namely you think on this theme?

... But we here — living for decades on the principles of purity from any religious distortions — are surrounded by Care of the Holy Spirits. They are our Advisors in all the important, also They are our Divine Friends and Teachers!

In particular, They have showed us this wonderful glade. Here — one of Their working site, They gave us lessons for meditation. And here — it is easy not only to feel the emotions of Their Divine Love towards us, but to see Them, talk with Them — as well as being “almost-equal”...

If here one lies on the back, spreading out arms not only material but the arms of the developed spiritual heart, then — with just a single stroke of these arms of consciousness — it is easy to dive into the United We of Holy Spirits.

This United We is named also — in aggregate — the Holy Spirit, or, in Sanskrit, Brahman.

Having submerged in Him — we turn for a long time to the state of “total reciprocity” (Nirodhi) which was studied by us long ago, co-dissolve with the Holy Spirits, feel ourselves, for this time, consubstantial with Them.

... Among the sluggish-believers in the existence of God, there is a belief that God is not cognizable... In reality, He is not at all cognizable for those who live according to the principles adopted in this or that sect, but not according to His Will... I say now, in particular, about assumed by many people “right” to kill kind animals and eat their bodies...

... All we have heard that God is Love. Jesus Christ clearly explained this to His closest disciples of that time and to all us (1 John 4:7-8).

From this, it follows that we, striving to become better before God, also trying to get closer to Him, to cognize Him, — should also turn into love!

And is it really compatible with the infliction of fear, pain, suffering from injuries and death — to innocent kind creatures?

Do not you understand that without the love-compassion — people cannot become friends of Holy Spirits, friends of God?

People-killers create destinies for themselves, which are filled with suffering: it is precisely so, because God is trying — through their own pain — to wean them from hurting others!

And more: it makes no sense to ask God to forgive our defects. If we persist in our errors — we simply are not interested in Him!

He is waiting for us in Himself — having lost all the imperfections and having grown perfect qualities! He is waiting for us in Himself — to be Perfect: such as Holy Spirits!

Holy Spirits are former human souls who previously committed proper personal efforts to become the Integral Parts of the Creator, having joined in Him, merged with Him, became Him!

... But, of course, only a rejection of killing kind animals and enjoying the taste of their bodies, as well as the rejection of the unnecessary killing of plants, — is not enough for achieving the status of Holy Spirit.

What more does it need?

* * *

To acknowledge the existence of God — this is not enough as well!

Much becomes clear to us if we realize that God does not exist for us. (If not, it follows, that we have the right to ask and demand from Him any benefits for ourselves).

But in reality — we live for Him!

He is waiting for us in Himself as the Perfect Consciousnesses — for we enrich Him by Ourselves! It is for this, He created the material world and started souls up to improve themselves in series of incarnations!

But this Knowledge can be realized only if we replace our self-centrism — to God-centrism. And — if we will live not only for the sake of ourselves but for Him! [17]

* * *

Almost in each of the previously published books, I have considered this issue in detail (see the list of references at the end). Now I will remind very briefly that the Divine Perfection consists of the following components:

— Love, which includes compassion, caring, forgiveness, tenderness, self-scarifying, subtlety of consciousness, lack of self-centrism, the ability to merge into One with other developed Consciousnesses,

— Wisdom, including the breadth of knowledge about the most important, the ability to operate with this knowledge, to create anew on this basis,

— Power — subtle, gentle, wise, serving to further Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, i.e. Evolution of God Who exists in the Process of continuous development.

... Once, many years ago, we considered this topic in detail in a very long video-film called “Places of Power. Three Steps of Centering. (Practice of the Modern Hesychasm)”.

But video equipment in those years was much less perfect than now. Therefore, that film, unfortunately, is now hopelessly outdated technically. This was one of the reasons to come back to this topic again today.

So, for a reasonable person, who fully accepted God's Ethics [2,11-14,17, et al.] and implemented it in oneself, — the Path of obtaining the Perfection becomes very easy! It consists of only three steps:

— centering oneself within one’s body: in the anahata chakra (the middle dantyan), from which the growth of the spiritual heart can be initiated; then the spiritual heart may gradually reach a cosmic size,

— then the centering — by the developed refined spiritual heart — within our planet, especially in its core,

— then — centering in the Abode of the Creator in Mergence with countless Holy Spirits, permanently residing there.

From the already acquired Divine status — the Holy Spirits help in the development of embodied beings. And sometimes They even incarnate again — with the same aim — in human bodies.

It is possible to get acquainted with the techniques of such self-transformation — in our books [12,16-17, et al.].

I should add that on the whole considered Path it is important to give due attention to the arms of the consciousness which originates from the spiritual heart. With their help, we can move in multidimensional space, in particular, moving from one layer (eon, loka) to another. Also — with such developed arms, we learn to embrace first our favorite embodied beings. Then — each of our Divine Teachers — Holy Spirits. Further — to embrace all Them together to join with Them forever in the United We.

Initial development of the arms of the spiritual heart may be helped with the elementary psycho-physical exercises described in the books [10,12] and shown in the films “Spiritual Heart” and “Psychical Self-Regulation”. Then — we master the methods of work on the open landscapes [12]. There — if we have become worthy — the Holy Spirits are sure to come to aid and lead us into Their Abode: the Abode of the Creator! [15]

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