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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Olga Stepanets

How God Can Be Cognized/Olga Stepanets

Olga Stepanets

Life Before the Beginning of Real Life

What do I live for? What do I waste my life on? How can I make my life full of value and use for myself and for others? Here I will try to relate, how I gradually found the exhaustive answers to these questions...

... I grew up in a village and spent all my time in nature. I observed everything around me, knew where and which flowers appear first, which herbs and fruits one can eat. I was very active and loved to climb everywhere and everything, including trees...

... My main characteristics included being responsible and orderly as far as I remember myself. I was also very stubborn and always held my ground. However, I was humble enough to recognize when I had made a mistake as well.

... I read avidly and eagerly. I especially liked fantasy, in which I loved to read about a bright future, where all people love each other and live in harmony with surrounding nature.

... I always wanted to care about someone.

... I grew in an atheistic family and did not believe in the existence of God.

... I graduated from university, got married, and gave birth to two children. I got to know earthly love, but... it extended to everything! I loved everything around me! At this time, I formulated for myself that the meaning of my life consisted in love!

... I always keenly experienced any injustice. I even became the deputy of a city council in order to protect the interests of simple people.

... I had a family, children, an interesting job, and a stable income. What else does an ordinary person need for happiness? However, the dissatisfaction about the life I lived grew little by little in the depth of the soul...

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