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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


How God Can Be Cognized/Conclusion



Confined in the prison of the body…

Call for help getting stifled in my chest…

Unable to flap my strong wings…

“Oh, my Savior! Set me free!”

He appears and looks at me gently

Saying: “You are already saved!

“This is not a prison or a closed cage!

“Look, there is neither lock nor key!

“You are a free bird, remember that!

“You fly high — and sublime is your flight!

“A flap of wings — and you are free

“Far away from all sorrow and grief!”

My eyes light up with hope from these words:

I will fly away in a flash!

… But I am getting stuck, like before…

Unable to move in the least…

“You must be laughing at me, my Teacher!

“Help me, please: I can’t bear that pain!

“How can I reach the Abode of Freedom?”

“It is closer than the edge of your wing…”

“How can You…?!” — “You are a free bird,

“But you hold yourself back by your tail…

“The one who cannot fall in love with Freedom

“Is unworthy of Freedom today!”

Stunned by His words of truth,

I understood Him at last:

Permission to get the Freedom

Can be given me only by mine…

(November 1997)*

I wrote this “poem of despair” at the very beginning of my participation in the work of Vladimir. And recently — after some years — Vladimir suddenly reminded me about it, saying:

“Maria, do you remember how God once said to you that you can seek and find Freedom ‘closer than the edge of your wing’? Take note that this became true! The Abode of the Creator completely fills now your body!”

... The body of each of us, humans, is like a tiny islet in the Infinite Ocean of the Universal Absolute. However, almost all of us live without noticing the Greatness of this Infinity That surrounds us from all sides. It happens because the material world is too bright and entertaining, and it completely absorbs us, and we dissolve in our jobs, families, amusements, and attachments.

We live in this way until we reach a certain maturity of the soul — and then the Truth becomes open before us. This Truth is that there is a human being and there is the Creator, the Mergence with Whom is the greatest meaning of the life of every soul.

From this moment, the spiritual Path of every one of us begins, and we gradually turn our eyes of the soul towards the Creator.

Then we wash away our vices and make free our “islets” from useless and unnecessary stuff.

Then we grow ourselves as consciousnesses — that have been cleansed and washed.

After this process of growth reaches a sufficient degree of completeness, we obtain the possibility to slide off the “islets” and to begin submerging into the Ocean of Divine Love and Infinite Freedom deeper and deeper!

At the beginning, it seems to us that the Path to Freedom is endless. However, when you finally merge with Freedom, you understand that It has always been with you... And the boundary that separated you from It for your entire life was “no thicker than a sheet of thin paper” [8]. This Freedom was indeed “closer than the edge of your wing”…

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