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First Trip to a Place of Power

How God Can Be Cognized/First Trip to a Place of Power

First Trip to a Place of Power

Our first trip to a place of power took place on the 8th of March. I cannot say that this holiday ever meant something to me; nevertheless, it was significant. Ironically, exactly on that day the shaking of my prominent women’s “human form” happened. This event as if drew a line that separated my old life from the new one.

I was brought up in “the best traditions” of our society. Having the diploma of a fashion designer, I could not even leave my flat if the length of my coat was not in tune with my heel height, if the shade of my gloves did not match with the shade of my scarf, if my lips were without lipstick or my face without powder…

So, on Sunday at 7 a.m., I left my flat wearing a vatnik!…, tarpaulin pants! (I unsuccessfully tried to smooth them with an iron all morning)…, rubber boots!…, and a worn backpack over my shoulders! I crept under the windows of my flat trying to be unnoticed by my neighbors…

I had a feeling that I was wearing… a masquerade costume!

On my way to the bus, I had only one thought: “not to meet any of my acquaintances!” However, I should not have been so worried, because even if they had met me, they would just not have recognized me.

As soon as I came to the bus stop and joined the entire group there — everything fell into place immediately, because they all were dressed in the same way as I was… I attuned to them and “fell” into my anahata, and all my problems vanished by themselves…

… I will never forget this first trip! It was to a favorite place of the Divine Teacher Assyris.

We have never seen His Face, because He always appeared before us as a huge ball of Light, as a Divine Anahata. Assyris told us through Vladimir that He was known and revered by ancient Assyrians and had Schools on the territory of the ancient, pre-Christian Russia for a long time.

I was amazed by the fact that this place of power was not somewhere in the impenetrable depths of a forest but in the middle of a fairly wide forest road. Sometimes people walked along such a road, but all of them, like me before, were focused on their own thoughts, endlessly and tensely pondering over something, recalling their past or dreaming about their future… However, God lives “here and now” and to feel Him, we just need to “float” above the surface of the Earth as the pure and free consciousnesses.

Of course, I did not gain clairvoyance or hear any Revelation that day. I just huffed and puffed and tried to do my best to somehow feel the borders of the place of power and feel and see Assyris at least “out of the corner of my eye”.

… After our work at that place of power, we had lunch near a campfire and then slowly walked along the road towards a bus stop.

I was walking and could not understand, what was happening to me. Never before I could imagine that a usual walk in a forest could bring so much happiness! I was looking around without recognizing my once familiar world! Everything was… different: the forest was completely different, the Sun was different, the Earth was different, loving, living, beautiful… Everything was new and unfamiliar, wrapped in an extraordinary attractiveness! I did not know before this — that we could just walk over the Earth without rushing or running, but rather walk, walk “along the paths of our love”.

I found out that day what is the inner joy — joy that has no other reason to appear than out of its own love, love for everything and everyone! My heart was overfilled with happiness because of my love for everything and everyone: for all these people who took me with them, for this snow sparkling in the rays of the Sun, for this forest sounding with the joy of spring birds…

The emotions that flooded me in the forest did not disappear at home. I had come there, talked with family members, had supper, and put my child to sleep, but all this time I felt that I — the real — was continuing to float in the same space of joy and love… Being so happy, I fell asleep.

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