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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

“Root in Me!”

How God Can Be Cognized/“Root in Me!”

“Root in Me!”

When you realize how rich and colorful life becomes with God, a very strong desire appears to give the same joy in the lives of people around you. Just as I tried to familiarize all my acquaintances with the books of Carlos Castaneda some time ago, I began to familiarize them with the books of Vladimir by giving them to those people.

Thus, I gave one of his books to one of my old friends. I expected that quite soon I would receive a phone call from her full of delight, but instead... I only heard her comment expressed in a lazy and slow manner:

“Well... you know... This is too much…”.

What exactly turned out to be “too much” for her in this case? It was the truth that the Path to the Perfection requires from us the complete remelting of ourselves, the reconsideration of all our priorities, and the colossal work on self-correction. All this truth turned out to be “too much” and too unbearable for her.

It is much easier to bake on Easter a cake and then to stand in a long line so that a priest “consecrates” it. It is much easier to play with spiritualism or astrology... This does not require any special effort but creates a pleasant illusion of one’s involvement in the spiritual world...

However, no rituals or esoteric games can really bring one closer to God! Only all-consuming love for Him does this!

“Root in Me!” — God told us one day a long time ago.

Nevertheless, in order to carry out these aspirations, we first have to understand what God wants us to be.

He wants us to be similar to Him!

Vladimir repeated many times that the three main qualities of God are Love, Wisdom, and Power. Hence, if we aspire to the Mergence with Him, we have to develop these qualities in ourselves — up to the Divine level, because only when two things are similar one to another, they can merge in one!

It is possible to describe the essence of the spiritual Path in the following way: the individual “i”, which has been cleansed of vices, brought to the perfect purity and subtlety, and which has developed wisdom, grown itself to the size that is many millions times larger than the size of a human body — this one flows into the “I” of the Creator at the end of the spiritual Path and becomes His integral Part.

In other words, the lower “i” has to be substituted with the Higher “I” in the course of long and hard work on oneself.

And we should take into account that this never happens spontaneously, by itself. No, the Kingdom of Heaven is taken by effort, as Jesus taught.*

... Our work always included many different aspects, but the priority in it was always set on growing love. Love is the key to everything! It is love that opens the Gate! And then, by gaining wisdom and power, love becomes stronger and capable of achieving the most unimaginable things…

At the beginning, we master love by taking care of people who are dear to us, we learn to love all kind beings and everything created by God. Then, as we transform ourselves into love, the Creator allows us to approach Himself, because only love can merge with Love.

God once said to me:

“Learn to submerge all your indriyas of the consciousness into My Depths. This is how you root in Me!

“I am Love and I accept only love into Myself!

“As for people, learn to love them as I love them and hold them on My Palms of Love.

“In this case, wrong reactions to external events and false attachments will disappear, and in its place true love for everyone and everything will be born!”

... Indeed, the practitioners, who are rooting themselves in the Creator, become unattached to material objects and concrete people; external events cease to captivate them. This does not mean that their lives become cold and empty. On the contrary, their love for everyone and everything becomes deeper, filling their lives with happiness of the spiritual creation and with Bliss from the communication and Mergence with the Beloved!

... Simultaneously with the development of love, one should develop one’s intellect.

From the very beginning, when we were still learning the fundamentals of the School by reading books, we already had to make a revision of all aspects of our existence.

In my former life, like in the lives of a vast majority of people, there were certain rules and principles that I followed. However, I never pondered whether they were true or false. I simply followed them just because they were customary.

When, on the contrary, I did the serious work on revising all my actions, I realized that only a small percentage of them had an objective importance and were ethically correct. How much freedom and energy came into my life when I threw out this pile of old and unnecessary stuff! And I should mention that it was not some sort of volitional decision. Simply, by becoming more mature, we easily and happily free ourselves from the “toys” that attracted us so much before.

After this, by submerging ourselves further and further into the Depths of the Absolute, — we learn to look at the events of the material plane from these Depths and evaluate those events by looking at them through the Eyes of God...

The acquisition of wisdom is a very gradual process. It is so because it is impossible to simply cast away one’s own insufficiently developed intellect and replace it with the Intellect of God! “I help you at your every step, but I am not going to make those steps instead of you,” — God once said to us.

... Finally, love has to become not only wise but also strong. It is necessary, because, in order to traverse the entire Path, we need to have sufficient power of the consciousness and a passionate aspiration for the Goal.

Vladimir gave us numerous methods that contribute to the growth of the consciousness and he showed us a great number of places of power, working on which allowed us to have excellent possibilities of growing ourselves as consciousnesses quantitatively.

At the same time, he always emphasized that we have to cultivate “power in subtlety”, because the cultivation of coarse personal power does not lead us to the Creator but to the opposite direction.

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