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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Chapter Three: Healing of Rodion

Chapter Three:
Healing of Rodion

Soon Alexey was accepted into the community by the common consent of all.

He was now trying to help — in what he could — each of his newly acquired brothers and sisters.

One day, one of the people living in the community, Rodion, became deeply troubled.

He had come to the community only three years ago.

In the past, he was an Old Believer, a “schismatic”, managed to escape from his executioners. He, dying in the forest from exhaustion and wounds, had been found by community members who were patrolling the surrounding area.

He was saved from death, but only partially healed. Rodion was allowed to stay in the community, because he had nowhere to go. But he still had not become a community member for real. And his health was severely impaired and did not recover.

Alexey decided to try to help him.

This was not his first attempt in healing other people.

Already before, when he spent part of his time in his hermitage and sometimes visited people living in the village, he tried to apply those new healing skills, which by that time had already been taught to him by Rada.

Although it was a little experience, yet it was successful and inspired Alexey.

So, Alexey decided to try to help. He saw in Rodion suffering, both spiritual and physical. By this — Alexey could not pass indifferently!

That day, Rodion was particularly bad. He was sitting on a rock near the spring, gathering strength to rise.

Alexey brought water to his house… He went inside, helped groaning Rodion to lie down.

Alexey asked him: can he be useful in anything else?

And there was so much sadness and pain in Rodion’s eyes that Alexey sat next to him on the edge of the bed and began to listen to the bitter words:

“But how it’s possible to help?… It seems that I do not have long to live in this world! The body after those tortures will not be able to be healed… I’ll exhaust myself soon…

“God does not give me a happy life in this community, although I dreamed, I hoped that I would accept a new life with a new faith, and will see and understand God…

“Maybe I’m sinning because I left my old faith, what do you think?

“Don’t you doubt that maybe you made a mistake, too, that you rejected the faith in which you were baptized?”

"But I did not renounce my faith! I believed in Jesus — and now I believe! And now, I do not just believe, but I see Him, I hear Him, I try to learn the great Wisdom and Love from Him! The Advices how to live, how to behave — I can ask from Him now. Is this a renunciation? On the contrary, much of my knowledge has now been added to my old belief. And my faith has been strengthened! My understanding has expanded!”

“And what? Is there no doubt in you at all?”

“Of course, there are… Only I do not doubt in my faith, but only in the correctness of my understanding I can doubt. Or — in the fact whether the knowledge is learned and applied correctly… Such doubts are needed to make fewer mistakes!”

“But I have no rest in the soul! Sometimes, I remember my wife, the children killed… My Pauline — decided to keep my old faith! The children that we had born — were called ‘illegitimate’… And I remember their killers — up to this day!… And our ‘friends’… Out of their fear for their own lives and lives of their families, I was given by them to the trial ‘as an instigator to mutiny’… I cannot forgive them!… There was not even a thought in me about the ‘mutiny’!

“I understand by mind that all of them should be forgiven… To forgive, forget!… But it does not work!…

“Perhaps it would have been better for me to accept the death then too? What now is my such life to me?!”

“And do you often have such thoughts, Rodion?”

“Often… How can I not think this way? Here everyone in the community is healthy and happy… And I — sort of like out of mercy live here… I’m a stranger here! Although all of them have accepted me with kindness, they are trying to help…”

“And did not you think that the cause is in you yourself?”

“That’s what I’m telling you about…”

“But you do not say rightly, you do not think correctly!…

“Rada taught me how to correctly guide thoughts and emotions when I want to heal my or another’s body. Or — when you plan your new life and build it.

“Understand: for the sake of approaching God and serving Him — it is worthwhile to live, if God continues prolonging your life!

“Can you imagine if Rada hates her father’s killers every day and remembers them every day?

“Contact of her father with her often happens, although without a body. He is happy! And she is too! From love, what is between them, — always is a joy! And not sadness!”

“… But I do not know how to see my beloved, I can only mourn for them… And I can not see Jesus… And I cannot heal my body… Though your Rada taught me that, and others taught…”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you about!

“I used to say prayers when healing someone, but at the very bottom of my heart I did not believe that it would happen…

“And Rada taught me that during healing one needs to see and feel the bodies of oneself and of the one who is healed as completely healthy, as it will turn out. And then — it needs to unite the strength of the soul with the Power of God — and send it to the body, so that the recovery can become a reality!

“In this case, a faith, knowledge, strength of the soul and God’s Providence — must unite into one! Only then the transformation, healing happen! If in your mind your thoughts about the impossibility of this and about the vainness of your efforts remain, then they stand up, like a stone wall on the way. How do you want to heal the body, if you yourself often think that it cannot happen, and it would be better for you to die? You only for a short time are trying sometimes to light the body with a healing Light, to get rid yourself of infirmity and suffering…”

“But how else? I myself cannot even imagine myself healthy… There they all are able to heal, but could not cure me until the end… How can I do it myself?”

“Do you want me to try? Right now!”

“Do you want my body, which was crippled by torture, suddenly to be free from pain and infirmity? Even Blagoslav could not, and you — can?”

“God endows the person, who is ready to serve Him, with the Great Power! If you accept God’s help now without a doubt — you will be well! If His Will for that will be.”

… A clear confidence and a certain radiant joy came from Alexey. Therefore, Rodion — with surprise and trembling — had agreed.

* * *

It turned out!

At some point, it seemed to Alexey that there was not enough strength, and the Stream of Divine Power had weakened… But Alexey put all his faith, all his love, as if sweeping away obstacles to healing…

It was a miracle for Alexey himself, and for the healed…

… Alexey left the house of Rodion, staggering from the sudden fatigue… He hardly reached his hut.

Rada had seen him and asked worriedly:

“Are you all right? What has happened to you?”

Alexey wanted to answer that everything was fine, but suddenly his eyes had darkened and he got faint.

… He woke up in bed.

Rada sat next to him and her gentle fingers touched Alexey’s face.

“How did you manage?!… Do you think that here, in the community, everyone is so indifferent? Or that no one can heal, except you?

“Shut up, lie still! I see that you did not think so!…

“Every disease has a reason. For any healing — its time should come…

“Do you understand that you on yourself, on your body, have taken everything that Rodion should have undergone for understanding and full recovering?”

“You do not treat me yourself now, please! I’ll manage… If I’m to blame myself, then answer me…”

From the words of Alexey, Rada even had tears…

She hugged him, pressed her gently, kissing…

“Don’t be afraid for me, my dear, my beloved! Forgive me for scolding! I was very scared for you!

“Now I will teach you how you will need to be treated. And I will help very slightly… And about me — do not worry: it does not hurt me!

“Do you remember how I showed you the Atmic Force, Which is perceived, as if in a deep well, filled with shining Whiteness? And I showed you then how to awaken this Light and let it into the body.

“Then I explained how this Atmic Force helps in the meditations of Mergence with God — for It is the Reserve, Which is accumulated in man precisely for the mastery of life in the Divine world.

“This Divine Power can be used for healing: for your own healing, and for healing others. See: I now help you a little to awaken It and to let It into the body.”

Alexey saw by the soul all that was happening and was aware of everything very clearly.

The blissful state of dissolution in Transparency… Then — the Strong Stream of the shining Light from the special Repository began to rise up…

As if through a thick glow of transparent light — Alexey heard Rada’s voice:

“You now fill with this fluid Light every corner in your body, including the hands and feet. And everything in the head is necessary to be washed with this Stream, so that through the body — as through an empty shell — this Light would be poured through and would pour out behind the head.

“You now think by the soul, and therefore the Divine understanding about many things can come to you. You — just let it all happen…

“Feel how much God loves you! Let it be the complete dissolution and merging of everything, first separate from God, which exists in you-the soul, — and the Divine Light…

“If, suddenly something will be needed — then I’m here, you call me…

* * *

The next day, Blagoslav went to see the recovering Alexey.

Alexey tried to stand up to meet the guest.

Blagoslav stopped him:

“Lie still! You need to restore forces!…”

“I’m almost healthy!… Rada gives healing broths and behaves as with a small child!”

“Well, fine!”

Blagoslav involuntarily smiled affectionately, then tried to take a severe look, as if trying to hide a smile in his snow-white mustache and beard. But such formidable look did not turn out on that day, although he came as if to instruct Alexey to be more careful when he heals people.

Blagoslav was filled with some special trembling tenderness for this man, who — by the Will of God — so surprisingly had entered both his life and the life of their entire community.

Afterwards, Blagoslav looked at Alexey in a special way: not with the eyes of the body, but with clairvoyance checking the state of energies in the body:

“All right, everything is fine already,” — he summed up the result.

After a pause, he added:

“You scared Rada!… And I, must be said, was surprised!

“Understand, Alexey: you must not heal people without asking God, without analyzing their fates! You already heard about this more than once, understood it when listening! And now — what have you done?!

“The fact that you take the pain on yourself — it’s not so bad… And the second half — you can damage that soul if you do this without the necessary transformation of the soul!

“It is wrong to interfere into the fates of people without God’s blessing! And when you undertake this work, then it is necessary to do it together with God and with deep understanding and responsibility, but not just because of desire to help the sufferer at any cost!

“The souls, which live in bodies, are very different! Some still only begin to learn thinking and understanding, others — even fully unreasonable and even the most simple knowledge is not feasible for them yet, and it even is not necessary for them! There are only a few souls who have already accumulated strength and wisdom.”

“So, was it not for Rodion’s benefit that was done?”

“No: for the good! You have managed to heal both the body and the soul!

“God turns for good everything around you, He transforms wonders through you! This is what I am now amazed by! But just do not think that it will be always this way again, if wisdom is not added to you through these events!

“And with Rodion — it’s all right! He was asking about you more than once: worried that because of him you’re sick!…

“Yes… The power in you is no longer little!… And God helps you like not everyone has experienced!

“Diseases — are not given in vain! And not always that is a punishment!

“And now you have understood a lot, I hope.

“Often people, who became great healers, came to that through the diseases of their own bodies, from which they sought salvation. And sometimes — it is through illness — God explains to man what is now to be realized.

“Sometimes it happens that in order to help a person, one needs to see the past lives of this soul, to understand: why is fate so constituted?”

“Rada told me about the fact that souls are incarnated many times in bodies and live more than one earthly life. Only I do not know how to see this…

“And why is it not mentioned in the Bible, in the Gospels? Why it is?”

“In different earthly religions, there is usually only a partial reflection of the Truth. In some — the souls are mentioned in the new bodies, in others — there are some right words about the Divine Consciousness, but there is no other important words. Usually present in specific religions also that what people brought themselves — in rites and beliefs from their own understanding, and often — from self-interest. There is also that, the priests removed from their religious books — according to their understanding: as incomprehensible or unhelpful for establishing a cult.”

“And why people do not remember that they lived on the Earth before? It would be easier to repent, heal — if you know what was sinning before…”

“Only an adult and a wise soul is able to understand and repent!

“People can recall their past lives only when they are ready for this kind of memories. When anything from this memory is necessary to the soul, God can show fragments of those earthly lives.

“But children or young and weak still souls — cannot bear such knowledge!

“Imagine how life would become a nightmare for a person who is not enough strong in soul, who rushed to the good — but would suddenly remember that he or she committed grave crimes in the past life… This is not endurable for the soul which has not become stronger in the good! Such memories can damage the mind!

“But everything in the universe is organized by God wisely and for the good…

“Difficulties in the fate of a soul are often a remedy for the evil committed in the past. They can be manifested, for example, in diseases of the body as early as the moment of the birth…

“And the memory of great achievements in the past lives can also not be useful to the soul, for it can provoke both the pride and vanity.

“See also that those qualities, which the person has already cultivated before in oneself, — they are always in him or her!

“There is some kind of special repository for all the most valuable that the soul has accumulated for many lives in bodies. This shining Stream, by Which you have now healed your body, is the Treasure that God saved for you in your many incarnations. This is the Secret Divine-Subtle in man. In India, this Energy is called Kundalini. This Force was accumulated for you — just so that you could feel yourself as One with the Divine Primordial Consciousness. You have experienced it many times in the past in brief moments — and so the soul gradually learned to be Divine! Now you can do it completely consciously! The time has come!”

And then Blagoslav told Alexey much about the possibilities of interaction with this Divine Force, which can be learned in the future. They also talked about how to ask God concerning the causes of illnesses and look into the past of each soul — to help intelligently, wisely, effectively.

* * *

Rodion, once again came to ask about Alexey’s health — and met Blagoslav, who was leaving the hut.

Rodion said embarrassedly and guilty:

“How is he? I did not want that… He himself suggested…”

“Do not worry, Rodion! No one blames you!….”

“But how is it? I am — well, but Alexey…”

“It’s okay, he will get better! He is already almost healed!”

“I did not see before people like him… I did not even know that there are such people…”

“And I, Rodion, learn from Alexey now… I thought a lot how to help you, and I could not understand it! But he has seen — and helped!… I say not about bodily healing! But he has brought you back to the positive life!”

“Yes… I understand this… For me, Blagoslav, maybe, is not fated to grow up to your wisdom and skills… But I know now what I should live for! I will try to become like Alexey! Then, maybe, not in vain he has cured me!”

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