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Love is Mergence!

To Understand God/Love is Mergence!

Love is Mergence!

Let each one of us ask himself or herself: can I sincerely love a person to whom I feel emotions of aversion or of irritation because I have this typical emotional reaction to almost all people?

Of course not. Such emotions do not unite but separate and repel.

The emotions of love, on the contrary, bring us closer.

For this reason, harmony is easily established when souls who know how to love meet each other. They literally interpenetrate and continue to exist in this mergence.

Those who have learned all of this in their relationships with other people and with other objects of the world of the Creation can easily use this ability in their relationships with individual Holy Spirits and later with Their United We.

Let us remember that mergence is the culmination of love.

Those who do not want to learn this will remain as separate souls that flounder about in samsara according to the law of karma.

So, how can we learn the mergence of souls?

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