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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

God, Gods, “gods”, and the Spiritual Path

Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection
/God, Gods, “gods”, and the Spiritual Path

God, Gods, “gods”, and the Spiritual Path

On the Word God

The word God has different meanings.

The most important of them — God in the Aspect of the Primordial Consciousness, also called the Creator, God-the-Father, Ishvara, Allah, Tao etc. in different languages. When we say “God”, we mean, first of all, this meaning of the word.

But God is also the Absolute: Unified Universal Multidimensional Macro-organisms that makes up the Oneness of the Creator and His Creation. It is really multidimensional; it may be discovered directly by the developed human consciousness.

People name by the word God also an individualized incarnate Representative of the Creator — Christ, Messiah, Avatar.

As much as the previous, it is appropriate to denote by the word God every Holy Spirit — non-incarnate Representative of the Creator.

But we, at the same time, must understand that each of Them is only a Part of the One. And Everyone of the Holy Spirits is consubstantial to Him by the quality of the Consciousness.

God in the Aspect of the Absolute is universal and infinite in size. He is One and United.

Equally Great is the Creator, Who represents the most subtle Part of the Universal Consciousness. He is One and United as well.

The Holy Spirits exist in the Primordial Consciousness in Their aggregate and interpenetrational state. But They can issue from this state to perform the Will of the One.

All the above is not a hypothesis, nor a religious fantasy, but really cognizable Reality, which is cognized by us.

The Path to a full knowledge of this Reality is laid and presented by us. Everyone can try to go by this Path — by that part of it, which is enough for one’s desire and power. If you have not full success in reaching the end of this Path in this life — you will have an excellent base for further progress in the next incarnation.

... However, it happens that people begin to worship false “gods” — real or fanciful personages. It characterizes the level of intellectual development of those people. Though they have adult bodies, they continue to play children's games: in this case — “in religion”. Don’t despise and condemn them for this: they are — in their psychogenesis (development of the soul) — simply not yet mature for the adult's attitude to God.

The most striking examples of such “deification”, in my opinion, is Hindu Ganesh (a man with an elephant head) and the accepted in countries of “European culture” image of God-the-Father as an old man on a cloud, the right of which Jesus sits.

But the Primordial has no form, such as bodies of humans or animals. He is — in size — infinite Ocean of the Universal Consciousness. And sitting on the right (or on any other) side of the Infinite — no way!

As for Jesus, He is not terrible and formidable Judge, as it is believed by very many. But He is the Kind Love, Which we have to learn from Him!

He is Light-Fiery and manifests Himself in a relationships with a worthy incarnate people — as the Divine Love-Tenderness, Love-Care.

The same can be said about any of the Holy Spirits. They have become the Holy exclusively because They had mastered these qualities and developed them in Themselves.

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