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Devils in the Flesh — and Terrorism. And How Do Devils Get?

Essays on the Main/Devils in the Flesh — and Terrorism. And How Do Devils Get?

Devils in the Flesh — and Terrorism.
And How Do Devils Get?

Both God and devils are a fully recognizable reality.

But who are they — devils? And where do they come from?

If God — in the Aspects of the Creator, also Messiahs and Holy Spirits — is an extremely subtle Consciousness, then devils and demons are the opposite. They are the limit of rudeness. And they are pathogenic in relation to the bodies of incarnate people and other beings.

Both devils and demons are, first of all, those disembodied people and animals that had developed in themselves — during lifetime(s) in an incarnate state — the infernal qualities: emotional rudeness, aggressiveness, spitefulness. Their destiny is hell, that is, suffering from their own grave states and from communicating with beings like them.

Devils are big and (in terms of bioenergetics) powerful creatures. Demons are relatively small and weak. Both of them can live outside connection with the world of matter, but they can also penetrate into the bodies of people and animals.

Devils are strong and can be up to hundreds of meters and even (rarely) much more. But they are still — insignificant in comparison with the Universal Greatness of God. And God controls their activity.

These creatures can be easily mobile within their coarsest multidimensional strata. And God invisible to them can prompt them to “dirty work” in trying to convince concrete incarnate sinners.

… But it is important that these creatures of hell are formed precisely in their incarnate state.

Including, there are very rude people, who are called devils in the flesh.

These are usually rude men and (more rarely) women seeking to prevail upon other people. And the level of development of intelligence in them can be very different.

I have met such among the leading pseudo-yogis, pseudo-healers, and among various other scammers. But also — among the “pastors” of some religious trends.

They seek to dominate, command, control — for the sake of gaining and maintaining their own “glory” and acquiring material benefits.

To do this, they can quite intentionally build up the coarseness of consciousnesses, seeing how this contributes to the personal success among other embodied people.

Because they are dominated by gross emotions, they naturally attract into their bodies similar to themselves unincorporated beings. So there are obsessions, aggravating the rudeness and morbidity of these devils in the flesh.

Oncological diseases and death from them — for such moral monsters are typical.

* * *

I personally had to withstand the attacks of devils in the flesh more than once.

In particular, I was hunted by the maniac-killer, the creator of the nazi party, the complete adherent of the worldview of Adolph Hitler. He hated me for the anti-fascist statements in my books, demanded to stop publishing books, to close down the websites, threatened to maim me and my colleagues, to “cremate alive”, many times tried to lure me into personal meetings for the sake of reprisal, even for this I was called to a duel…

But this is not important in connection with the topic of this essay. The important thing is that he transferred a part of himself over kilometers up to me — and my body shook with his hatred.

Why did God create such a test for me then? It was also to test my invincibility on the Path of serving Him, and so that, having gained this life experience, I could share it with you.

How did that situation end? God told me that that nazi leader will soon fall into the pit, he was preparing for me. Then, according to fragmentary information from the media, the situation emerged that he was shot by two true heroes from the Ministry of Internal Affairs who sacrificed themselves in order to cleanse the Earth of this abomination… They — for this feat — themselves received jail terms…

… Another very memorable situation for me with a devil in the flesh took place only recently.

A man with a higher education at first very successfully mastered the spiritual Path: he developed himself as a spiritual heart, began to receive Revelations from God, became large — in volume — consciousness.

But then he was inadequately absorbed in the power aspect of development, began to exert his brutal energy on other people — that they tremble before his “strength”… On warnings from God and on my attempts to reason with him, he reacted according to the formula: “I know myself how it should be!”.

Then he fell ill with cancer with the defeat of the organs of the manipura’s part of the body…

When I expressed my opinion to him that he does not have the right to take part in spiritual lives of other people — he reacted with hatred towards me… He “swam” diabolically into my body, transferring to it, including, his cancer energy…

I did not suffer from this: I merged with the Oceanic Consciousness of God — and stayed in the Bliss of Divine Peace. But the body was dying. And I was quite ready to part with it completely and forever — if the Will of God will be for it. This lasted several days in a row.

During those days, I had my stomach and pancreas in a state of paralysis.

In particular, the food was not processed in the stomach due to the cessation of gastric juice production, its fermentation in the stomach began. I had to take tinidazole to suppress microbal growth.

And the pancreas stopped producing insulin, a diabetic coma was ready to happen at any moment, even if I was just walking in the apartment. I had to live on antidiabetic tablets, it had helped to sustain the life of the body…

Then he switched to some other of his worries, and his hatred for me gradually weakened.

… Why do I tell such details from my life experience?

I share the real mystical knowledge — for, including, people to know, why they themselves and others sometimes get sick, also to broaden the horizons of physicians about the causes of some diseases of their patients.

But the most important thing is how not to become pathogenic monsters yourself and not be in hell!

… By the mystical (that is, “clouded”, not explicit for those who can see only the material world) — the life of all beings is permeated.

The Holy Spirits and Messiahs, for example, create the Standards for the proper tuning by souls with Them. Who has cognized Them and strives to gain a foothold in Their states — that man comes out of the influence of evil, which can be done by the creatures of hell.

The devils — they show their grossest energy fields, even create powerful negative places of power

A child can be ill not because of the fact that the body got germs, but because of the gross emotional state of the mother or someone from the environment…

Adherents of some sects can fall ill because of the “blessings” of their “shepherds”. And, getting sick, those victims are looking for protection and help… from the same devils in the flesh, only aggravating their illness states…

Devils-chiefs at work or devils-teachers can paralyze with their rough energies the ability to think in their employees or students… I myself experienced this when I was studying in doctoral candidacy. That was an exam on some “soviet” political subject. I then could not clearly answer the topic, which I knew very well… That teacher-devil hated me for “freethinking”…

One of the causes of inflammation in the gynecological area may consist in the coarse energy of male partners.

Moreover, even just lust at a distance from the side of a devil in the flesh can produce the same result. I had observed such situations. For example, one of the devils — for obvious reasons — could not find a stable sexual partner-woman. And he was forced to content himself with a sexual attunement with his desired woman, but she knew nothing about it. And because of this, she was ill for a long time…

* * *

The presented material allows one to “enter the topic” about how people can be classified in, including, devils in the flesh — and their victims.

And now it’s time to return to the question formulated in the title of this essay. It will be about contemporary “Islamic” terrorism.

Why suddenly among followers of the religious Teaching about One God for all people, about the corresponding most respectful attitude towards Him, about humility, about reverence for Messiah Jesus (Jesus Christ), about the expediency of taking care not about the nearest material benefits but about the fate in the life after this earthly life, about respectful attitude of people to each other, the need for men to treat women with greater respect than to other men — there appear dominant ideas about the need to kill everyone around, who do not seem to be faithful Muslims, and — for this — “to become worthy of the paradise”?

How could such an absurdity be born? After all, in fact, all adherents of this perversion — guarantee hell for themselves!

… Who are the devils in the flesh — we discussed it in detail. But who are their victims, so easily accepting the path to hell under the influence of lie?

We will see that they are, first of all, the crowds of those illiterate ignoramuses who do not know why they are in bodies on the Earth, who know nothing about God except that He is Akbar (that is, the Great), who did not study the Teaching of the Messiah Isa (Jesus Christ), although the Quran has a recommendation to seek knowledge wherever one can find it…

And so — there appear powerful devils in the flesh, declaring that Allah (God, in Arabic) orders to kill all “unfaithful” men and turn all women into slaves… For this — Allah will take you to Himself at Heaven where there will be life for you in full contentment and without any hardship!

So in those crowds of ignoramuses there appears… the “work” and even as if the meaning of life…

But the word “Islam” means “submission to God”. Hence, the devils in the flesh broadcast, — as a sign of submission before Allah, for the sake of Allah, in the name of Islam — forward! Follow me! Allah — Akbar!…

… In my opinion, it would be correct not to kill by bombs, missiles, etc. — those unfortunate deceived, but to present, give them true spiritual knowledge. And if to isolate any from society — they are the devils in the flesh.

It is clear that this process cannot be completed within a week or a month. But it’s necessary to start at some time!…

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